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Greenwald on "The most transparent administration ever!"

New York Times, Editorial, November 1, 2004:

[O]ne of the more worrisome domestic policy developments of the past four years [is] the Bush administration’s drastic expansion of needless government secrecy.

John Dean, Worse than Watergate, 2007:

In fact, the Bush-Cheney presidency is strikingly Nixonian, only with regard to secrecy far worse.

New York Times Editorial, June 24, 2007:

President Bush has turned the executive branch into a two-way mirror. They get to see everything Americans do: our telephone calls, e-mail, and all manner of personal information. And we get to see nothing about what they do. Everyone knows this administration has disdained openness and accountability since its first days. That is about the only thing it does not hide.

And then...

The ACLU, yesterday, quoting New York Times Editorial Page Editor Andrew Rosenthal on the Obama administration’s refusal to confirm or deny even the existence of its CIA drone program in order to evade FOIA disclosure, even as it boasts about drone attacks in the media:

The Bush administration kept secrets largely for bad reasons: It covered up its torture memos, the kidnapping of innocent foreign citizens, illegal wiretapping and other misdeeds. Barack Obama promised to bring more transparency to Washington in the 2008 campaign, but he has failed to do that. In some ways, his administration is even worse than the Bush team when it comes to abusing the privilege of secrecy.


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