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understanding the free market society - podcasts for

those who may have trouble imagining how anyone could possibly take Ron Paul's messages seriously -

These are short podcasts (great to download to i-phone/-pod or such and listen during kitchen work, train rides, walks in the park, etc ... ) from the mises institute on all those topics that raise the typical questions, such as how would anything that government takes care of now, function in a free market society :
- police force
- road maintenance
- community security
- housing
- rent and landlords and tenant's agreements
- food supply
- law and the courts
- environment and conservation
- protection of the 'nation/country'
- commerce between people and states without fraud and excessive fees etc

and many more

find them at

and do some more browsing there under the tab for Audio/Media/Video

almost endless great listening to point people to for some exposure to abating some of their vague fears and to how life could be ...

from the North

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