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Common Denominator

Anti-War Power Increase

Refusing the see the common denominator is a common denominator.

Math helps:

Total Number of People (as in The People)
Dictators (refuse to see anything other than their Dictates)

X/D = You join this number by your thoughts and actions

X/D = You
X/D = Not You

X = Total Number of People
Anti-War (actual, not false)

I think that it may qualify as being truly Anti-War to publicly name War Criminals as such, by name, especially when those same War Criminals have made torture legal, and mass murder legal, and if asked, as if reading from the script, they may provide the answer:

Anti-War Voice:
"You, George Bush, I or II, and you Barack Husein Obama or Barry Soetero or whoever you really are, and you Gordon Brown, etc., Dictators All, are War Criminals, and here is the evidence, they are still screaming under your ordered torture now, and they are now rotting in massive graves."

Dictators Voice:
"What we do is legal, because I say so."

Anti-War Voice:
"You and what army?"

Anti-War has a voice, but it is, as yet, not as powerful as the competition.

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MONOPOLY = Blind Obedience


"For over two centuries, believers in political centralization have used a bait-and-switch strategy that has worked repeatedly.

First, they extol the benefits of free trade, meaning the elimination of sales taxes on imported goods. Their model: Adam Smith's book, The Wealth of Nations (1776).

Second, they call for the creation of a joint free trade zone. They never recommend unilateral reductions of tariffs by one government on one side of a border. Always, there must be a negotiated free trade zone: joint sovereignty.

Third, they call for joint regulations making the judicial rules of production fair.

Fourth, they call for a common currency. This always turns into a call for a national central bank, then a common international central bank.

Fifth, they call for regional military defense.

Sixth, they call for political integration: the United States of Whatever.

This strategy was designed by James Madison. He attempted to get it passed at the Annapolis Convention of 1786. When that failed, he called for a closed-door convention in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787.

Delegates from several states were authorized to attend, but only on this basis: to lower tariffs, not to replace the Articles of Confederation. As soon as the closed-door session opened, four separate plans were submitted to replace the Articles of Confederation. (I wrote a book on this: Conspiracy in Philadelphia. It's free.)

The Constitution denied the right of the states to issue currency. The federal government alone had this right,

Three years after ratification, Hamilton succeeded in getting Congress to adopt a central bank, privately owed.

In 1861, the Confederacy decided to set up its own free trade zone. The North invaded."

Two vital questions having accurate answers

1. How can the criminals make crime legal?

2. How can the criminals perpetuate that usurpation?