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What would you do if YOU won the 640 million ?

I have thought as some of you have...what if one of us ( a Paul supporter ) won the lotto tonight.

So...what would you do with the fed notes?

How much would you give and and what other ways would you give to promote and help our cause.

How creative can we get here, a PAC, form a new charity, create a new industry...

for me, I would give so R.P. could compete everywhere.
perhaps form a bank of gold and silver ( and risk jail time for "counterfeiting" lol)
and yes, take care of those close to me...maybe one or two trips...

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I'd spend it on all the

I'd spend it on all the things that really matter: spending my time travelling around, grilling, swimming, drinking, fishing, making music, making love, maybe invest in some projects I like here and there.

And there'd be a more than generous donation to the RP campaign, if we can work that out, offshore-holding account-wise ;)

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First actions?

In order:

1. would put 10 millions of it in a credit union, for me/my family's immediate cash for the next 3 years
2. would inject 130 millions in Ron Paul campaign
3. would convert the remaining 500 millions in buying gold and silver

Hmm, yeah. Something like that I suppose.

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Dead 1 year tops

It would be one hell of a year though.

Or two chicks at the same time.

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I´d buy

more gold and silver.

I'd start an advertising

I'd start an advertising campaign on how evil the state monopoly Lottery is. People working more, saving less, because the government is stealing the value from their money with inflation, then those same people thinking they can strike it big by wasting what's left on useless pieces of paper. The media totally pushing this huge jackpot, saying "hey it only takes one ticket!" People think I'm crazy for not playing. I don't care. I won't feed the state.

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I wouldnt

I refuse to pay extra taxes.

Id have a hay day

If i Win i will hand over a fifty million dollar check to Ron Paul. then i would throw a project x style ron paul party this summer and everyone is invited. id blow like three million on that invite famous celebs to donate too. then i would start a comedy school. either high school or college that focuses on honing people's sense of humor but also a revamped curriculum. profs have to be funny

id hand out honorary doctorates to vince vaughn jon stewart. colbert. louis ck. matt stone and trey parker. and ron paul cuz he is hilarious too. we would take back the white house through humor.

I'd donate a few bucks to Ron

I'd donate a few bucks to Ron Paul, ok a healthy amount and i'd probably go for a high efficient private educational system, on the cheap that competes with the public school system head on.

No football stadium, no basketball courts no high cost extras for people that just want high education.( There is always pop warner and little league don't get me wrong, sports is key for a healthy life style ) Online schooling maybe comes to mind, testing and exams at the facility, teachers prerecord homework and assignments to students online help at a click of a button that type of thing...a good library walk on type of campus...no classrooms. No cafeteria, bag lunches i see all around. Campus would be more of a go to place for personalized help on subjects, since homework and classes are prerecorded. You'll always need the teachers, those that directly give the class and faculty just that the day will be spent in personalized tutoring.


I would get myself off the grid, buy property build a fully self sustaining home with armory.

Then I would do some much needed advertising for the good doctor.

Then I would do my best to get the necessary funding for some of the larger minds in alternative energy. Nothing would break the death grip the elite have faster than free or near free energy.

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Buy the White House for Ron

Buy the White House for Ron Paul. After all, that's how all the others get there.

Blessings )o(

The way things are going you

The way things are going you might be able to pick it up in a fire sale!!