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A way to help Dr. Paul get the senior and religion vote

If you enjoy debating and/or convincing/waking up others, you may like this:

I was wondering how we could spread Dr. Paul's message and clearing up the misconceptions that the MSM has spread, without seeming preachy/pushy, or without them comparing us to the Jehova's Witnesses that come to their door when they don't want to be bothered ("Oh no, here come the Paulbots!").

What if they came to us instead? What if we, as individuals and groups, took out ads in the weekly church newsletters, which obviously target the religious and senior groups - the same groups that ONLY get ALL of their information from the MSM.

These ads would read something like: "Tell me why you DON'T like Ron Paul and/or feel his ideas are dangerous", or "Tell me why you are voting for Obama/Romney/Santorum", or "I'm undecided, can you convince me on Obama/Romney/Santorum?"

Many people like to push their views, and many will want to "help" you not make a mistake by possibly voting for Dr. Paul. You'll hear he's a crazy, a racist, and his foreign policy is dangerous. You'll also get, "Ron who? Never heard of him." I'd also like to point out that many, many, many seniors are extremely lonely and crave for someone to talk to. Why not use this to our advantage? Aside from making Ron Paul the topic of your discussions, you will also be doing a kind deed to your fellow man/woman by spending time with them, and may even strike up some friendships along the way.

This works in the same way that the "Who is Ron Paul" stickers work. The problem with that is that they tend to target only the internet audience. What about all the seniors and baby boomers who don't know how to surf the net or much less own a computer? That's where this comes in, plus it will be a more personable experience that the seniors will appreciate.

These ads can be placed in the weekly church newsletters (hit the various churches in your area and leave your contact information), posted in weekly neighborhood circulars, bulletin boards in senior homes and "55 or over" residencies, and if you have the funds, take out an ad in the newspaper - same goes for AARP magazine. You can also write a letter to these publications where replies are received.

The point is to hit these demographics by letting THEM come to US. If you've got it, I think it will be time well spent.

Member "sovereignjanice" has made these brochures available as well: