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Ultimate Tea Party Truth Bomb!

Hey guys,

I was in the process of making a list of useful political links for personal use, when I ended up talking to a family friend who was a "Tea Partier". As in, listens to Glenn Beck, supported Michelle Bachmann, believes the government is lying to us about everything except Iran, etc. So I ended up making my list in a way that would take what Tea Partiers already believe, and then add to so they can "come around" for Dr. Paul. Feel free to copy/paste into an email of your own and send to any Tea Partiers that you know. :)


Intro! Here are some predictions Ron Paul made in 2002 on the House floor, which are now unfortunately coming true.

Since there are so many links here, I thought I'd divide them into five basic sections, based on some (mistaken) beliefs of well-meaning Tea Party folks like Palin and Bachmann. Prepare to be truth-bombed! XD

1) Israel is not all good
2) Iran is not all bad
3) Neoconservatives: Communists in the Republican Party
4) Alternate News Sources
5) Good documentaries

1) **Israel is not all good**

A lot of people seem to think that criticizing Israeli policies is anti-Semetic. Likewise, most Americans believe that Israel is united in its fight against the Palistinians, but in reality there is a sizable portion of Israelis who also criticize their own government's policies. Here is an Israeli comedy show that comically depicts Israeli children being indoctrinated into a nationalistic, racist, pro-war, Israel-first ideology.

Thousands of Israelis protest against the war in Gaza

Israelis Soldiers refuse to serve in Gaza

Here are some former Israeli soldiers who talk about how the Israeli media is lying to the public.

Most Israelis live in predominantely Israeli communities. They are generally well-meaning, but just like Americans, are lied to by their media. Some Israelis, however, choose to live in Palestinian areas, in land that has been confiscated from the Palestinians by the Israeli government. THESE Israelis, like the original Israelis, who chose to live in a desert instead of just moving to America, are VERY religious, and a little bit psychopathic. Here are some who invoke divine right to take Palestinian land by force.

Even most Israelis aren't very fond of Orthodox Jews.

Orthodox Jewish woman harasses Palestinian mother

Israeli settlers stone Palestinian children as they walk to school, Israeli soldiers allow stoning to continue but prevent Palestinians from retaliating.

Learning to Hate: Israel's Colonial Settler Children

Israelis celebrating massacre of humanitarian aid workers.

British MP Speaks out about Israeli atrocities in the House of Parliament

The Daily Grind for a Palestinian (Security Checkpoints)

HOLY F***! This scared the crap out of me! Israeli cop just grabbing random kids off the street and taking them away!

Israeli soldiers shoot tear gas at Al-Jazeera correspondant.

U.S. Presidential Hopefuls ALL Visit Israel for Campaign Contributions

2) **Iran is not all bad**

Ron Paul's foreign policy is dangerous? Former Chief of CIA Bin Laden Unit Endorses Ron Paul.

Some "disturbing" images out of Iran, that you won't see in the news.

A brief history of US/Iran relations.

Rick Stevies documentary about modern Iran. He's a little irritating and awkward, but the documentary is a good introduction to Iranian society.
http://youtu.be/rtELk8S3dhU (lecture & slideshow)
http://youtu.be/D61uriEGsIM (video documentary)

Here are some interviews with Ahmedinejad. Of course he could be lying, but it's important to at least let him make his case. :)
On Jewish People
CNN Interview
Fox News Interview

3) **Neoconservatives: Communists in the Republican Party**

Did you know a lot of Ron Paul supporters used to be Glenn Beck fans? What's hard to understand is how Beck knows so much about globalists, but for some reason could never connect the last dot, and see that Neoconservatives are globalists too. It's also kind of ironic that the Tea Party, which is ostensibly for smaller government and more liberty, has been sold on this war on terrorism, which requires bigger government and less liberty.

An article that goes into greater detail about Neoconservative philosophy.

Here is a (*95 MINUTE*) documentary about the Neoconservative organization, Project for a New American Century (PNAC). Some of it's pretty unbelievable, yet it's consistant with the greater narrative.

***BONUS!*** Creepy video of George H.W. Bush promoting the "New World Order"! :O

The very convenient underwear bomber, and how clueless people in our Department of Homeland Security are.

If you 12th Imam thing is scary, check out these Christian Zionists. The preacher here is encouraging preemptive war against Iran, in which Americans will die, in order to protect Israel, a foreign country. The congregation, which include powerful American politicians, applauds this. Even more interesting are interviews with people from the congregation, including a guy who actually believes that the Antichrist will be whoever tries to bring peace to the Middle East! So now promoting peace makes you the Antichrist!?

4) **Alternate News Sources**

Tea Partiers know about Communists use media to promote their ideas, but few understand that Communists believe in permanent, violent revolution, also known as "creative destruction." In other words, Communism is an inherently PRO-WAR movement, even when the war is supposedly to STOP Communism!

Since we get most of our news on the internet, it's really important to know that IP laws are being used to try to control free speech on the internet.

Have you ever heard of Ben Swann? He's an anchor for Fox 19 out of Cincinnatti. He has a nightly segment called "Reality Check" where he brings up issues you don't see on the MSM (mainstream media). Here are some of my favorites.
Troops march on Washington (I was there, btw.)
The REAL delegate numbers
Caucus hijacked in Missouri (this just happened a few days ago)

Also good is Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox News. He used to have a show on Fox Business, but it got cancelled suddenly despite high ratings. I have a guess why. ;)
What if "they" are lying to you about Ron Paul?

Here are some more of my favorite Ron Paul clips.
Debate question about electability.
Racist Newsletters
Legalizing Drugs
Ron Paul answers "impossible question" about health care.
Ron Paul "What If" speech.
So, you like Ron Paul except for his foreign policy?

5) **Documentaries**

There are a LOT of good documentaries out there on globalism. I highly recommend:
America: Freedom to Fascism (Did you know the IRS is illegal?)
Money As Debt (An explanation of how all our money is created from debt, and how banks are allowed to lend more than they have.)
The Secret of Oz (How bankers have taken control of our monetary system, and how we can take it back. Great US History lesson!)
Fathead (A very FUNNY documentary that actually proves saturated fat is good for you, and the FDA is owned by junk food and pharma companies.)
(check Blockbuster/NetFlix)
Food Inc. (Not as funny as Fathead, but it's THE definitive documentary on the corruption of our food industry.)
(also check Blockbuster/NetFlix)
The Zionist Story (History of the (inherently racist) Zionist movement.)
The Other Israel (Provides balance to the belief that Islam is evil. Anti-Judaism, but not anti-Jew.)
Here's the archive page of past Ben Swann "Reality Checks". They're all pretty interesting.
John Stossel also has a show on Fox Business that's pretty good. Here's a documentary called "Illegal Everything".
The Money Masters (An older version of The Secret of Oz, by the same guy. 3.5 hours long.)
http://youtu.be/PKmqAX0Fqw0 (part 1)
http://youtu.be/KX8FLh61iVw (part 2)

These days, I get most of my news from the Daily Paul (dailypaul.com), a grassroots campaign website, which has discussion and links to relevant news stories across the web.


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This is great work, great idea!


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When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!