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Shocking! NDAA On Trial!

Journalist Chris Hedges takes the NDAA to court. Obama Attorneys cannot explain many provisions in law.


Judge Forrest referred to Obama’s signing statement, noting it referred to ‘trial’ for US citizens but not what kind: “I want to clarify that US citizens wouldn’t be detained without trail. It is unclear what kind of trial they get. Tell me [to government lawyers] what it means to give ‘substantial support.’ I just want one example.”Government lawyer: “I’m not in a position to give an example.”Judge Forrest: “Give me one.”

Obama lawyer: “I can only give you context.”


Judge Forrest was pushing to determine the boundaries of the NDAA law.

Obama’s lawyer said that it would take a case of someone being detained under the NDAA, to find the parameters of the law.

Judge Forrest: “Is it really adequate to say you have to go to a DC court, in detention, to figure this out? Are you going to have to wait for courts other than this one to decide who ‘associated forces’ are? Is this the only way we can figure this out?”

She asked the government lawyer for an example of a boundary around “associated forces.”

Judge Forrest: “I don’t want precision. I want a boundary.”

Obama lawyer: “I don’t have specifics.”

Judge Forrest: “Associated forces”? What are they?”


Judge Forrest: “If you can’t stand here and say, “1021 won’t touch Ms O’Brien …unless, if you did, we would be done — if you can’t do that, you leave us in a tough spot here.”

Read the rest: http://naomiwolf.org/2012/03/ndaa-hearing-notes/

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Obamacaust has been stalled hopefully stopped

i guess there are some folks who finally learned from history

There was only one catch.

It is a law worthy of Joseph Heller.

Yossarian: I challenge this law. It says you could put me in prison.

Col. Cathcart: You cannot challenge the law unless you are already in prison. Before that you lack standing.

Yossarian: So when I am in prison, I take it to court?

Col. Cathcart: No, when you are in prison, you cannot take it to court.

Yossarian: Why?

Col. Cathcart: Because the law says you can't.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

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