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Important Message From Congressman Ron Paul

Important Message From Congressman Ron Paul

Tomorrow marks the end for the first fundraising quarter for 2012.

The national media and their pals in the Washington, D.C. political establishment can hardly wait.

They want more than anything to crown Mitt Romney the nominee - so they're preparing to scour these reports and declare all other campaigns dead in the water!

But with states just beginning to select their delegates to the Republican National Convention, now is our chance to show them this race is anything but over!

So won't you please agree to an IMMEDIATE contribution to my campaign before the end of quarter deadline?

The great news is, we raised over $1 million during my "Give Me Liberty" Money Bomb, but with the 1st quarter deadline fast approaching, now is the time for a final push!

Even if all you can give right now is $10 or $25, your contribution will make a tremendous difference.

Right now, my campaign's delegate strategy is being put to the full test.

Tomorrow, Minnesota and North Dakota will begin selecting their delegates to the Republican National Convention.

Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Nevada, and Washington State will follow not long after.

If my campaign has strong showings there - which I'm very hopeful it will - it could turn this entire presidential race on its head.

And if we do get to a brokered convention, all bets will be off.

But if we're going to succeed, I'm going to need to run a full-scale GOTV program, including targeted mail, email, and phone banks.

My staff also needs to stay prepared to fight back against any "funny business" my opponents' supporters or "old guard" establishment hacks might try to pull.

You've heard the stories. You know what we're up against.

I just wish you could watch the "old guard's" jaws drop when my supporters beat them at their own game!

So can I count on you for a generous and IMMEDIATE contribution before the end of quarter deadline?

I hope I can.

As I mentioned, any amount you can give will be a tremendous help - even if it's just $10 or $25.

Of course, I hope you'll be even more generous.

With your financial support, we can show the national media and the Washington, D.C. political establishment that this race for the presidency has become a whole new ballgame!


For Liberty,

Ron Paul

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I will if they reassign Jesse Benton.....

I feel very strongly on this and agree with Adam, Jesse Benton must be reassigned. Immediately.

He has no idea how serious this is, or he wouldn't be brokering a deal with Romney behind Dr. Paul's back in the first place!! Terrible spokesman.

He is a weakness in speaking with media, personalities, producers. He would never have given a green-light to the Santorum coalition or deal there....nor any deal with Gingrich because apparently in his mind ultra-liberal Romney's all there is.

So who is Benton fooling? He should be reassigned to another position right away. Period. Not fired.


Well! If raising $60,000 in about 9.5 hours, in an unadvertised spur-of-the-moment improvised mini bomb, right after a $1.114+ million money bomb, isn't ample proof that Ron Paul, his campaign, and his supporters are alive, well and kicking, then I don't know what is!

AND--It wasn't front page news. Never got posted there; but thanks to the Daily Paul just the same.

So many thanks to all of you who contributed, posted, and voted/bumped this thread up to be a success. It is truly appreciated. Hopefully Ron's 'end of quarter' numbers will be something to rave about and be helpful to Ron, his campaign, and momentum.

So....Dr. Paul, we send you support, money, and energy to keep leading, teaching, and fighting for us all. With gratitude, appreciation, and love, we thank YOU! Peace and Well Wishes!

Rough Totals from memory recall:

On Saturday, 3/31/12 at a little after:

12:00 am pacific
1:00 am mountain
2:00 am central
3:00 am eastern the money bomb had raised $1,114,---.--

(mini-bomb started) at around:

12:30 pm pacific
1:30 pm mountain
2:30 pm central
3:30 pm eastern the money bomb had raised $1,121,---.--

(in 6 hrs.) at around:

6:30 pm pacific
7:30 pm mountain
8:30 pm central
9:30 pm eastern the money bomb had raised $1,158,---.--

(in 7 hrs.) at around:

7:30 pm pacific
8:30 pm mountain
9:30 pm central
10:30 pm eastern the money bomb had raised $1,165,---.--

(in 8 hrs. with 30 min. left to go) at around:

8:30 pm pacific
9:30 pm mountain
10:30 pm central
11:30 pm eastern the money bomb had raised $1,170,---.--

(in 8.25 hrs. with 15 min. left to go) at around:

8:45 pm pacific
9:45 pm mountain
10:45 pm central
11:45 pm eastern the money bomb had raised $1,174,---.--

(in 8.50 hrs. the deadline eastern time) at around:

9:00 pm pacific
10:00 pm mountain
11:00 pm central
12:00 am eastern the money bomb had raised $1,177,00-.--


10:00 pm pacific
11:00 pm mountain
12:00 am central
1:00 am eastern the money bomb had raised $1,180,627.25

So in 9.5 hours about $60k was raised.
In 22 hours, on this final day of the quarter, 3/31/12, about $66k was raised.

Ron Paul asked! Ron Paul got!


Thank you, emalvini, original poster.


You Guys Are Great..Ron Paul Loves You All..Keep It Up..

Love you guys!

BUMP $56k in 8.5 hrs., 1 hr. Possible Window? Support Ron!


My donation was stamped central time, which is not my time zone - it is the Texas time zone for Ron Paul's location.

It's possible that donations 'til midnight CENTRAL TIME may still be included in Ron Paul's 'end of quarter' donation totals. I do not know.

But, if any one is game on getting it higher, give it a shot!

There's a chance you may still have about 40 min for your donation to be included this quarter?

Donate here: https://secure.ronpaul2012.com/

Please bump and vote up!

Thank You! :)

Donated. Got GOP father to donate too!!

Amount: $25.00
Transaction ID: 350002xxx
Transaction date/time: 2012-03-31 23:17:47

My old school GOP father... donated $100!!!!

BOOM!!!! That was an insanely big step for him... and for LIBERTY!!! :-)

Thank You for MINI BOMB Support!

That's great! And very generous of both of you!

Your actions are truly appreciated!

Thank You, Both! :)

BUMP $53k in 8.25 hrs., 15 min to go! Support Ron!

Vote this up, please! Thanks!

Counting down.....keep it coming!

Thank you! :)

Donate at: https://secure.ronpaul2012.com/

10 min. now!

STICK IT TO THE MSM! SUPPORT RON! $49k+ in 8 hrs. 30 min. to go!


Last call for 'end of quarter' donations.

Donate here: https://secure.ronpaul2012.com/

Thank You! :)

We All Thank You!

MINI BOMB - $44k+? in 7 hours - 1 hour to go!

Thanks, everyone! Fantastic! :)

Anyone else wanna boost Ron Paul's donation numbers($) for the 'end of quarter' bragging rights to the media, etc?


Could have bought a

Could have bought a lawnmower. Gave to Ron Paul's campaign instead. Let Liberty (and my lawn) grow!!

Gift to Ron

Awwww, poor lawn mower(and you). I appreciate it! And I'm sure Ron and all the gang do, too! Thanks very much!

To Liberty and your lawn, and you! :)


Donated, and also bought cards to leave with people. The campaign sells cards that address almost every issue...They have cards about how Dr. Paul will Restore America, a card about his Faith for Christians, and a card for those who receive tips, to name but a few. With tax season at hand, these are going to be priceless. These purchases count as a donation, so act fast!


Ron Paul thanks you for donating TODAY!

And so do I! :) Purchases good, too!

Thanks for the bump! :)

MINI BOMB - $37k+? in 6 hours - 2 hours to go!

Thanks to everyone who gave to the money bomb again for the 'end of quarter' push tonight.

How much more can we get Ron in 2 hours?

Please bump and vote up for 2 hrs.


Ron Paul's Request - Only 3 hours left!

Please Vote Up! BUMP!

Please see my donate post in this thread earlier.

Thanks, all!

BUMP Ron Paul's Request for TODAY 3/31/12

Bump for more views.


( : Keep bumping!


We Are There For You Dr. Paul..


Ron Paul asks for Donations TODAY 3/31/12!

Ron Paul asks, Ron Paul gets! :)


Ron wants and needs a high donation $ dollar amount for "end of quarter" reporting and public attention.

ANY Amount, no matter how small, is requested.

Please join in donating again, BEFORE MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME Tonight, Saturday 3/31/2012.

I do not know if eastern time is used or your local time.
So, TO BE SURE it counts TODAY, I'm suggesting by 11:45 PM EASTERN TIME tonight, in case there are processing delays.

(That would be: by 8:45 PM PACIFIC and Arizona, 9:45 PM MOUNTAIN, 10:45 PM CENTRAL TIME, 7:45 PM Alaska, 5:45 PM Hawaii, 11:45 PM US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, 2:45 PM Pacific Territories, American Samoa, Guam and North Mariana Islands, TONIGHT!) [Apologies if I missed anybody.]


Donate at: https://secure.ronpaul2012.com/

Thank You! :)

Someone in MA won Mega

And since I'm WA, I only have $50!
But here ya go anyway!!!! XD

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed."~Mahatma Gandhi
Quick Humorous Satire course on Ron Paul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_65316&...

Another $100 as promised

I will give a minimum of $100/week to Ron Paul until I hit the limit....and then my wife will give until she hits her limit....and (god willing) I will get my parents to donate after that all the way to Ron Pauls victory in November! All my overtime money is going to Dr. Paul. Every dime extra I make. Gave $400 last week, should have another $200+ this coming week.


Thank you for your generous donation!

Amount: $100.00
Transaction ID: 349855790
Transaction date/time: 2012-03-31 10:07:16

"If you put a gun to my head and said vote Romney/Gingrich/Santorum...I would say pull the trigger!"

Here you go Ron. Wish I won Mega Millions, this would have been


Amount: $20.12
Transaction ID: 87B852489F22xxxx
Transaction date/time: 2012-03-31 06:12:16

Just gave another 50

Wasn't planning to, but gotta do whatever it takes.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Bump for liberty!


Cyril's picture

BAM ! and BOOM !


Thank you for your generous donation!
Amount: $50.00
Transaction ID: 3**7*67*3
Transaction date/time: 2012-03-31 00:15:54




"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Michael, Please Put the End of the Quarter Push on Page 1


Please put the End of the Quarter Push for Donations on Page 1.

The Quarter Ends Tonight at Midnight!!!

Ron has wrote an URGENT Request for Contributions that must be received by the end of Saturday in order to count for the 1st Quarter.

Thank you in advance.....

One full order of fiat currency coming right up!

I hope my donation does something productive... Maybe I will buy Ron Paul lunch lol.

Amount: $20.12
Transaction ID: 349794620
Transaction date/time: 2012-03-30 22:52:43

“The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.” - F.A. Hayek

Got paid today- Amount:

Got paid today-
Amount: $50.00
Transaction ID: 349793925
Transaction date/time: 2012-03-30 22:28:12

"And IF we do get to a

"And IF we do get to a brokered convention, all bets will be off."

I can't stress enough HOW vitally important having a brokered convention is! The GOP know this is what we need to win and are about to start coalescing around Romney. We MUST stay one step ahead of them and devise a way to make sure they are not able to close down the convention and sew it up for Romney before we get to Tampa!