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Whole new ballgame

Just got another email asking for money with the above title. I have to ask what ARE my donations going to? I am 53 and have never donated to a candidate before and have given to every moneybomb, on his anniversary, bought and donated supplies to University of Arkansas YFRP group and even Carol's birthday.

I have driven to Iowa to help and got to speak at a precinct during the caucus. I have had to start putting it on credit cards because I believe so much that in this cause. I am trying to be a Santorum delegate in AR because that is who will probably win this state.

I joined the GOP and now find myself helping with our County GOP Lincoln Day dinner and somehow am now in charge of ticket sales, photo op and helping set up and tear down the fundraiser. I have had to take my Paul stickers off my car because of the way the leaders feel about him and need their vote to be one of 3 delegates in our district.

I was one of the first 4 people to start our meet-up and one of the most active.

Now he is asking for more money and in the message it says "But if we're going to succeed, I'm going to need to run a full-scale GOTV program, including targeted mail, email, and phone banks."

He has received what 25 million in donations so far and other than paying his family and a campaign manager that I don't know what he does what does 25 million buy? Email-free...phone banks-free volunteers- mail-do they not cross check who they send emails too? I get mail asking for money and its a waste but other than that, he doesn't seem to run many.

Sorry, but I am going to keep volunteering and calling and trying to be a delegate but money?? Well I just can't do it any more. I hate saying this and probably will get shot down but it seems like their is no campagne other than what the grassroots is doing and doubt Paul would think I should go into debt anyway.

I just don't get where the money goes... Maybe down right now about the direction everything seems to be going even after stopping watching the MSM and Faux news.

To peace and liberty! Paul 2012

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Thanks for going the extra MILES!

I think these campaigns take a whole lot more money to run than any of us can imagine. Look how much Newt received from Sheldon and he is broke now and I don't see where that 16 million went. As the campaign picks up more supporters, and this will happen, the pressure will be off the rest of us as the new money pours in.


Also, I forgot to add

His family is part of his staff and of course they have to be paid. How could anyone expect them to lead him from state to state giving up their lives for the cause, without their bills being paid?


Ron Paul would not ask you to go into debt! No way!

You are giving all you can - and money isn't the most important thing anyway. Put your mind at rest! We're inspired, not hired.

Great work you've done!

Goodness! Maybe you need a

Maybe you need a mini-break from all you've been doing?

You make me feel like an infidel. I don't do near as much.

Never worry about the money.

Money can't buy delegates.

And delegates are what we win with.

Ron Paul has run a very frugal campaign as he always does.

Carefully choosing his battles so as not to create debt.

And I also think you an millions of others will be pretty shocked when you see how many delegates stand up for Ron Paul in Tampa.

You are involved in the campaign of the century. Really.

And you're on the right side of history.

Thanks, and like I said

I am going to keep doing what I can and it feels good to see others that understand the choices we need to make to push liberty forward.

Again to the positive people out there, Thanks

Concern troll. Nothing to see

Concern troll.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Is that how you treat family

Is that how you treat family JD?

When one of us is getting down it's our opportunity hear them out.

None of us is going to get Ron Paul elected alone.

I apologize. I saw that he

I apologize. I saw that he had "concerns" about where the money was going, and that he had been a member only 14 weeks, and jumped to a conclusion that was not warranted.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

nice apology

but this kinda stuff makes people want to leave the movement and the site - 14 weeks is plenty of time for 1 and for 2 since when are we judging based on seniority... give everyone a fair chance - why judge based on when someone joined a website that doesnt even necessarily say they werent with the paul movement i followed this site for years before becoming a member... back off the judgements based on eg0... this prove yourself to me mentality on this site has to stop its getting old.


Thank you and may God Bless you constantly

I believe the Ron Paul campaign is working to get thousands of volunteers just like you. It's OK to not participate in every money bomb when you are doing what Ron Paul and the campaign works for every one of us to be doing.

It's going to cost allot of bucks to get to Tampa Bay and as you know, it costs to be a upstanding GOP member, and participate in the events and meetings, while also chairing committees and events. Sacrifises hurt.

All that said, it is still VERY IMPORTANT to not give any benefit of the doubt to those who have not joined the GOP and made the tremendous sacrifices you have. Maybe all many people can do is donate $5.00. MORE POWER TO THEM! That is our job too, to be encouraging, supportive, appreciative, grateful to those who go broke for ALL OF OUR SAKES! GOD BLESS THEM!

Now back to work! ;D

Thanks for the support!

I just love to see people like jive call people a troll when someone is out doing all that they possibly can to help Paul succeed.

Like I said I am going to keep doing what I can in doing but not anymore in giving. It's going to cost $150 just to apply to be a delegate in Arkansas and then the big bucks for Tampa if I can get the votes.

It's people like jive that can turn people off, I am sure he is real smooth in converting other people into supporting Paul when he rips people that are doing what needs to move this campagne forward.

Again Thanks!

It's easier to see how the money is spent

if you live in a targeted state. There have been plenty of TV and radio ads, the travel costs are substantial, and each great, well-attended event takes a lot of prep work. The campaign will no doubt try to help with delegate costs as well for the RNC convention.

Also it sounds like they are buying up air time in Texas and California in advance of those primaries to try to keep Romney's vote suppressed. That's what I gather from something Jesse Benton said.

I've had to restrict my own giving so I can afford to move. Four years ago I gave the maximum. This time it's been just a few hundred dollars.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

They are paying

for a lot of ads on local tv stations and they have to pay for all of these rallies that they are getting 5000+ people some how.

They need more money to counter the romney machine. In the early primaries he was going great taking down newt but funding has slowed the first quarter of this year

we need to step it up.

I want to see non stop adds in CA NY and TX.

Don't worry there will be more new adds coming out against romney but they only way to counter money is with money.

We are doing the legwork getting the word out and exposing the corrupt GOP

The campaign needs to get the message out in front of all the TV watchers

Thank you!

for the update. As much as we love and support Dr. Paul we still need a boost once in awhile. This helps me, l know, and now l'm encouraged to donate again.