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Voters in Upcoming Primaries: Confirm Your Vote with this Court-Tested Affidavit

I have been in touch with some legal researchers, who have offered their advice for combating election fraud. One of them is a huge RP fan, who has come out of retirement to help us.

I have signed one of these myself and am passing them out throughout Illinois for Paul voters. People are signing and notarizing them freely. We need to set up one place to receive copies. I will do this for now: faxed to 1-847-615-8759 or scanned and emailed: drkresearch@hotmail.com, until we have a better system. Especially Wisc. and MD for now.

Wisconsin, D.C., and Maryland, RP voters: please confirm your vote.

Make at least 3 copies. Keep the original. If you could get everyone at your precinct to fill one out, that would be huge.

I am going to be confirming the vote at a big precinct in Wisc., April 3. Setting up a table and making these available. Will let you know the results. The main thing is to lock your vote down, permanently. This is filled out AFTER the vote.

P.S. Does anyone want to work with me in Wisc. on election day? Let me know.


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IT - Willing to Deeply Discount Services

I'd do it for free but it takes away from $40/hr work. If RP supporters would pitch in you got yourself a $10/hr programmer/web developer.

Just came back for WISC.

Yes, please email me your number, so we can create the affidavit-supporting web pages. This is ideal to prepare for the upcoming primary electronically-rigged states.


For doing what MUST be done to win.

I live in NE Wisconsin, Green

I live in NE Wisconsin, Green Bay-Appleton area. Election fraud is my biggest problem to work on, second of course to being a delegate and sweeping Ron Paul into the White House. Can I be of any help up yonder?

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Yes, you sure can be of help

1. Do you have a video camera?
2. Can you get the day off on voting day?

Most important: campaigning, even on election day
Equally important: confirming the vote.

Get the affidavit from www.healthfreedom2012.com, on the blog site. Make enough copies to give one to each Paul supporter. Follow the instructions, here.

If we were really shrewd, we could have a Paul notary, on site, as Mr. Slevin suggested. Regardless, it can be notarized easily enough later, and that allows more bodies to campaign.

Answers to your

Answers to your questions:
1.) Yes
2.) No :(

There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

Necessary to be bump!

Bumpidity Bump!

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Isn't there an easier way?

Why can't you just poll watch?

That way you'd know who came into vote.

Obviously, it wouldn't tell you how anyone voted.

Using this affidavit process you won't know either...you'll just get statements from a portion of the electorate claiming to have voted for Ron Paul.

The thing is less persuasive perhaps if only because you only ask for affidavits from Ron Paul voters. Why?

That necessarily screws the pooch. It can't be representative of the entire universe of voters because it is designed to skew toward Paul.

And, you'll have no way of verifying what percentage of actual Ron Paul supporters actually complete the affidavit.

So, how will that be sufficient as proof of anything?

As for the Notary, if you have a Notary on the spot you'll be able to get a good number of people to respond---that is, to the extent you are successful at stopping people leaving the polling place.

If you don't have a Notary on the spot you won't...if they are to take the form with them, get it notarized and return it to you, almost no one will do that (it's unclear to me from what you wrote if you plan to have a Notary present).

I've had to comply with notary requirements in some ballot access gigs in various states, and I've found it's no problem hiring a Notary by the day, paying them by the day rather than by document.

All in all, I'd say don't bother...not that I want to put a damper on your enthusiasm but because I don't think this kind of document will be persuasive in any court...which I understand is the intent of doing it (isn't it?).

The underlying problem is the secret ballot. No one can know how any one voter cast a ballot.

That creates the opportunity for fraud...and no safeguards really can best that.

Because ballots cannot be tied to a specific individual (not if the codes are followed) we can't know any count is accurate.

The only place I've seen a significant vote which is not secret is the Iowa caucus, and only on the Democratic Party side, where votes are public, not written.

In that caucus, a person publicly states for whom they are voting. So, there is the public statement and there are witnesses--- not that I recommend any caucus, but the style of voting, sans secret ballot, I do recommend.

Few people are willing to do away with the secret ballot.

So, we are stuck with the official results.

I wish you luck with this (pay attention to having the Notary present, because you really will get almost no completed affidavits if you rely on getting them returned after the fact).

All in all, I think you might be able to do some good with a straight poll watch, but good luck to you if you go ahead with this.

Yes, a notary on the spot would help; a great idea...

and it is all a daunting task, that's true. We have been put in this position of confirming our votes.

The EASIEST way is as you suggest, which is to video-cam the voters and doing the best exit poll possible (see www.healthfreedom2012.com).

The best legally-binding document is the affidavit. Recall that Edward L. True virtually brought down the whole Iowa GOP, and Romney win itself, with one affidavit.

Let's make this the year to purge the Rothschild secret ballot from this country. However, a precinct of affidavits in an area vulnerable to election fraud is not a bad way to go.

So, I've finally got one recruit to my grand scheme?

Now there are 2 of us wishing to eliminate the secret ballot? LOL.

From small acorns grow the mightiest of oaks.

I've run petition drives requiring Notarization of petition sheets in a few different states. I've not found it difficult to hire people who are Notaries, paying them by the day.

With a quick Craigslist ad you'll be able to get some inquiries and to pick someone.

Probably expect to pay between 20.00 and 30.00 per hour, shouldn't need to go above that range. Also, it's very possible there will be a Ron Paul supporter who is a Notary and willing to do it for the cause.

AAA offers no-charge Notary service to all members at some locations...you'd need to check with them to see which offices have the service during what hours. And, as you probably are aware, most banks offer Notary services too.

On the spot is the only way to go, as you'll find that almost no one goes ahead and does it on their own.

OK, if there is a RP supporter that can meet me at U of W

who is also a notary, for precinct work in Madison on Tuesday, post it here. SEND ME YOUR INFORMATION. We'll coordinate it, privately. Will be there to record the event. Need help.

Very good, Mr. Slevin!!


Link doesnt work. Here is a

Link doesnt work. Here is a working link:


Thank you

I have now figured out how to do the links right!!




Like It -Might Even Work Well with Live Media Bomb Idea

Your idea makes a lot of sense. What's done with the affidavits after they're collected?

Anyway,completing affidavits at a Live Media Bomb event seems like explosive stuff. Might get more mileage for the Campaign than doing it one at a time. (Wish affidavits had been available to the 5,000 plus in Wisconsin).


Passed out some to those in my immediate area at the rally

And they are working on getting them to others.

The legal guy says that, upon notarization, five copies are to be made. The signator keeps the original.

We need one person or group, who then collects a copy from all voters. Scanned, mailed, faxed: all options made available.

Once collected, they are filed as irrefutible confirmation. There is a legal word for it: Summary Judgement.

this seems to be a fine idea but it needs ...

... MORE ORGANIZATION to get people who will collect and verify the affidavits and take responsibility for getting them to a safe receiver.
how to set up such a system...?

For now I am willing to receive them for WI and MD voters

or anyone who decides to retroactively prove a precinct where there is suspicion of fraud, I will happily receive the copy of the notarized form.

Will work with IT person to find a way for an online method. Am hoping for ideas and help from this forum.

Thank you all!!