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Live Media Bomb

The MSM is derelict in its duty. Evidence abounds. They are No Shows at events where Dr. Paul draws thousands, proving that the MSM's assumption that the Good Doctor simply strolls quietly into the sunset without their coverage is... a lot of horse dung! The Nation's voters are being deprived of significant information; revealing information; needed information... by a bunch of scheming cowards.

So, what about going on the offensive; attacking their Blackout with simple events at venues all over the country. Let's call each a "LIVE MEDIA BOMB". What is an LMB? Quite simply, it is a venue and a time for voters to show up en masse and register their attendance; a visible and irrefutable demonstration of support for Dr. Paul.

Choose the place. Choose the time. Get permission where necessary. We already have the DP and PAC websites to notify everyone of when & where LMBs are set to go off... Plan, Notify (voters/local media), Show Up; DETONATE!!

Thoughts and suggestions welcome. We can do this.