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The Campaign needs to do Some GUN ADDS NOW!

We really need to see a bulldog with a gun ad.

This can win texas for Ron Paul

Campaign you need to expose the Gun Grabbers now.

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Pro-Gun States in Upcoming Primaries


I don't know why the supposedly smart team that Paul has, and Paul himself haven't brought this issue to the forefront. Anyone who has a brain knows that to most Republicans gun rights are the most important issue above all others. The government can do what ever unconstitutional thing they want. They can allow any disgusting behavior. But by god if you touch the guns then you are in for war. This is especially true in the South where this issue alone could have greatly improved his showing.

Paul and his camp have really dropped the ball on this one.

Absolutely right.

But it's not too late to score on this--now that gun control is in the media, Ron Paul's campaign could hammer the issue all the way to Tampa.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Guns and Drilling

Santorum went to Louisiana and made a big deal about drilling on US soil and energy independence right before the primary. It made me mad that he got the votes from that issue.

Ron Paul should have

Ron Paul should have emphasized this issue more a LOT earlier.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

I Believe

I believe that they are off-the-mark a little bit when it comes to the adds : - \. Don't quite have it in the groove!

guys this is like pushing Anti-Abortion stuff

guys this is like pushing Anti-Abortion stuff right before the North East Primaries. SERIOUSLY. Don't do this YET. Just please WAIT.


I live in NY, and have friends and family throughout the northeast, including Pennsylvania. The people here are starving for a pro-Second Amendment "voice" and RP would have the field to himself. Anyone who's Anti-Second Amendment is too far away from ever being a Ron Paul supporter to worry about now anyway.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

I completely agree on this!

Romney,Santorum & Gingrich are gun grabbers.Here is a link on alot of info on all 3!Amazing stuff,this will definitely hands down expose those 3!


what if we got a bunch of the

what if we got a bunch of the slim jims on the 2nd amendment and went around to all the stores that sell guns and ask to leave a stack on their counter for all their customers to pick up. Gun rights are the number one issue for many people, especially in the south.


THEN once the primaries in the NORTHEAST are over (April 24) go nuts. Get the NRA on board. Go NUTZ!! (yes with a Z- that's how nuts you can go.)


How about...

A little help with my guerrilla campaign and we get Gary Marbut out there in Gun and Conservative Media!:)

Gary Marbut is the President of the Montana Shooting Sports Association http://www.mtssa.org/ and is also spokesman of Gun Owners For Ron Paul 2012. Gary has been featured on the Glenn Beck Show and other nationwide media for his work protecting the 2nd Amendment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu0J_N2GXXk&feature=youtu.be

It's a free way to spread the word! Just ask for interviews! Gary does interviews for free! Feel free to share my contact info with editors/reporters/show hosts!

zakrevolution@yahoo.com 206-501-9221

Support Liberty Media! http://benswann.com/contribute/ - http://www.unclesamtamovie.com/#!support-the-film/c1met

We won't turn things around until we 1st change the media - donate to a liberty media creator today!


You need to print or whatever share with as much people who are interested in gun rights the position of ron paul.

Dont wait for the campaign.

I agree with you there

you will find out what I am up to shortly.

Has anyone made up any gun stance flyers to hand out. I know the comparison charts have gun rights on there.

We are gong to be nuking the net with them shortly

good idea.

flyers. hand out, send per email. send per postmail to gun shops all around the upcoming states.
some telephone calls, yellow pages. gun shows.
this is a easy to identify group of individuals.

NO! NO! NO! not with the primaries coming up in the North East

thank you for reading my post.

We have gotten a LOT of swing voters...but guns are going to blow it. I'm sorry to say. These people are jammed into tight living here on the east coast NY AND CT RI PA. They are pathologically afraid of guns.

MY THOUGHT is DO NOT FOCUS ON ANY ONE HOT BUTTON ISSUE. PUSH LIBERTY - whatever that maybe for your specific audience.

Pennsyvania isn't full of gun haters, is it?

Many hunters and sportsmen live in Pennsylvania.

Support the Constitution of the United States

we are not going to get any

we are not going to get any northeastern anti gun liberals to join our cause. Right now we need to convince the independent and conservative voters to choose ron paul over romney or santorum. Their records are weak on gun rights.


sorry but those two things are total deal breakers for them and they turn to Romney. At least that's how it is in my state.

We have made HUGE in roads with the swing voters in my state. HUGE.

just please wait until after April 24th.

Gun Sales are Skyrocketing

Every where in the country

Guns are in the news right now.

Zimmerman case is prompting Democrats to whine about the issue.

Support the Constitution of the United States

I am from Upsate NY and

everyone I know owns a gun. Maybe in the city but not the rest of the state.

They can target those adds plus

there is no liberty without guns Period

there is this thing called YOUTUBE and those ads will end up

there is this thing called YOUTUBE and those ads will end up here right on time for the primaries. I promise you.
JUST WAIT. Make your own fliers and pass them around the gun club. NOT for public consumption in the North East. WAIT until AFTER the primaries and THEN GO NUTS!!

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dang Cmapaign not doing any adds


"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

or subtracts


i couldn't agree more

the campaign has not addressed this important issue at all , and i'm not sure why but they need to get on the ball ,come on people lets let them here our voice and call the campaign !!!

because they need the swing votes

the dems that voted for Obama who are not happy with him. Those comparison charts ARE WONDERFUL to grab those swing voters.