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Students Campaigned for Ron Paul at University of Houston


University of Houston Students Campaigned to get required number of signatures as to invite Ron Paul on Campus.

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U guys are great.

Sad how many are worthless and clueless. Great job, and patience.

On campuses I believe a few

On campuses I believe a few students playing and singing songs of peace on the grass would gather enough students who would then be open to receiving the message and a pamphlet and would be interested in signing something.

Messages from the doctor ....

"A true revolution needs young people and music"

"Have fun doing it"

You cannot promote freedom down the barrel of a gun ..... or an antagonistic camera.

Its all about attitude ..... Live it ... love it


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Wow, good effort anyway; some were obviously

brainwashed, but I wonder if many were not just camera shy.

I Agree

People do act a whole lot different in front of the camera. I would bet they would have different results without the camera.


Yeah But

yeah I agree to a certain extant that people might have been camera shy, but still student where acting the same without the camera which lead me to make the video in the first place lol.

I hope you can bring Dr. Paul to this venue.

I would bet that he will still draw a huge crowd here if only because true patriots will come from miles around to see and hear him. This may wake up this campus. Good Luck and Go Texas!


That Be the Day

We are working really hard to get Dr. Paul on Campus at University of Houston.