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Why I am running for National Delegate

Perhaps the most serious Presidential election of my lifetime is occurring right now. Many – and I include myself here – believe the outcome of this election will determine if we survive as a Nation. Those are powerful and scary words. They are also true. If you don’t realize something is seriously wrong, if you can’t feel it, you’re not paying attention. This brings me to my point:
I am running for National Delegate from Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District.
This post will be published in many places, but it is aimed at a small group of people: the 400 or so people who are voting Delegates, and will decide if I am worthy or not. Some of them are “establishment”, who have been GOP regulars for many years. Some of them are first timers, who have just gotten involved. Some support one of the four candidates still in the race, and others support those who have already dropped out. I sincerely hope they will consider me, regardless of prior affiliations.
As Republicans, and particularly if you have, like me, considered yourself to be a “Conservative”, it is easy to be “against”, and more difficult to be “for”. Democrats have it easy, since they are always fans of new programs and spending more (of other people’s) money. We fall into that trap from time to time as well. There is one term that fixes all of this, and it is just a word:
Liberty is the core value of the United States and we need to embrace it if we are to be victorious. In the GOP we are very good on “Life” and the “Pursuit of Happiness” but we should be focusing on the word in between. If we stand FOR Liberty, we stand against big government, against corruption, against Obamacare, against – well, you get the idea. We must give people something to be FOR. It is a question of the marketing of a philosophy, and we aren’t very good at it sometimes. My answer, should someone ask what I stand for, is “Liberty!”
This word has caused a fundamental shift in my thinking. To quote Ben Franklin (from 1775), “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” We have spent the last decade sacrificing Liberty for Safety. We see this today all around us, from efforts to limit cold medicine (to fight the Meth War) to the TSA (to stop toddlers who smuggle bombs on planes). Who in their right mind thinks these are good ideas?
Are we really so afraid to be free? Do you really fear so much? The thing I fear most is my government. Jefferson said it best on this subject: "When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."
To paraphrase Reagan “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem” (1st Inaugural Address). The purpose of a Republican in office should be to MAXIMIZE LIBERTY and MINIMIZE GOVERNMENT. Our purpose as a party should be to promote candidates and initiatives that foster more Liberty.
I run the danger of going off on a rant here, so I will stop. I think you get the idea. There is a movement, or rather a Movement, rolling through the Republican Party. It is not a top-down engineered movement, it is true “grassroots” in its nature. It is made up of people of all ages, all walks of life, all backgrounds, and they all want one thing: to be left alone to enjoy the fruit of their labors. They don’t want more laws, they want them repealed. They don’t need loans or bailouts or subsidies, they need all of those things to stop. They don’t want good government, they want less government. They know a lie when they see it and they smell corruption from a mile away. I consider myself a part of this Movement – the Liberty Movement – and it is growing.
The Liberty Movement is a good thing for the GOP –
it should be the home of those who seek Freedom.
My continuing goal, beyond the National Convention, is to “bridge the gap” between those who are new to the party and those who have built it. Neither group can win without the other. The other side seeks to divide us, when we must unite. As a party we must embrace our next wave of leaders and activists, just as we have in the past – with Robertson in 1988, and Reagan in 1980, and Goldwater in 1964.
To be clear, I have made no effort to hide my support of Ron Paul. I have written about my support for him (Why I Support Ron Paul), I have volunteered for him, and I have financially supported him. It would have been easy to hide who I am, and play the game of anonymity, but I prefer to lay my cards on the table. You deserve to know who I am. Here is the key point to keep in mind: my support of Ron Paul is not about the person, but about the message. If you are offended by that sentence, I suggest you check your principles, because anyone who is a believer in Liberty stands for the idea, not the man.
In Oklahoma, unless someone decides to endorse another or suspend their campaign, Senator Santorum will receive 1 delegate from the 5th District, Governor Romney will receive 1 delegate, and Speaker Gingrich will receive 1 delegate. I will follow the rules of the Republican Party and cast my ballot as designated by the Super Tuesday Primary, should I be elected. If I am released by Party Rule and Law, I will support Ron Paul, unless he is no longer a candidate. I will also fight to ensure a fair and open convention in Florida, and make sure we have a team we can unite behind to defeat Barrack Obama. Our future depends on it.

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You are running for National Delegate

because you have the cajones, because you see the truth, because you believe in the truth you see, because you believe in all of us, and that my friend is a Patriot. You sir, are the lifeblood of this nation, you stand for me who cannot stand at this moment, but you still stand. May God bless you, and give you what most of America does not have, but you have it, guard it, cherish it, and nourish it. You stand not against odds, but all odds, keep your head up and do not be moveable. Thank you for your strength, and efforts. We are with you!!!!!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

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Congrats, Steve!

I am in CD4, and the convention will be April 21. Your 'out front' attitude appeals to me, as I have been an RP supporter for years, and everyone here in our county knows it, so it would be pointless to try and change that now. Besides, the liberty message breaks through the fog like a lighthouse beacon. There is only one candidate who has had this message, and it is unmistakable. No hiding for me.

Really glad to hear your report.

Ron Paul bound delegates

Steve, thank you for your support of Liberty and for becoming a delegate. We need as many Ron Paul delegates as we can even if they are bound to vote for other candidates, in case of a brokered convention. I'm also from Oklahoma and there is something I am extremely curious about. Do you know if any or most of the national delegate candidates from Oklahoma are Ron Paul supporters? I figured you may be associated with some of the other delegates so I thought you may know. Please let me know.


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At this point the only

At this point the only National Delegates selected in OK are from 2nd and 5th Congressional Districts. The other three District Conventions are coming up. I do not know what happened today in the 2nd. ALL of the 5th were grassroots Ron Paul supported candidates. The national campaign played no role in our effort today.

Thats awesome! I live in

Thats awesome! I live in Cushing, Payne County. Out of all the people I've talked to, I have never met any one here besides me who is a Ron Paul supporter and I've only seen one person with a Ron Paul sign in their yard. So I am very suprised that RP supporters are filling the delegate slots here in neo-con Oklahoma. It gives me great confidence that Ron Paul will secretly win this nomination.


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Not only did I win, we swept all 3 delegates, 3 alternates and the elector.

Congratulations and Good Luck!

You have stated our cause very eloquently. I am sure there would be those that would criticize you for your candor about your support for Ron Paul. I am most definitely NOT one of them.

I am not saying that there aren't times to play your cards close to your chest. And I would not argue that given the stakes involved, the tactics of our enemies, and critical times we live in; a little subterfuge would not be justifiable.

But IF you can win, and do it honestly, openly affirming the message of liberty,that is by FAR the best method.

Campaigning the way you are, you will have potentially done far more good than merely winning a place at the convention for one liberty-minded delegate. You will have appealed to the better natures and the best principles of your fellow Republican activists. That is something that could reap benefits in your state for years to come.

Thank you for your efforts!

The Virtual Conspiracy


Im writing from Texas. Do you have to be present at a county convention to go to the state convention? Very important question, because i got hold of a email from a county here that the chairman sys fill out this form if you want to be a delegate but you will not have to be present at the convention. Sounds weird!

Liberty forever, Jasper Texas 75951

Technically you don't HAVE to

Technically you don't HAVE to be present, but if you're not there, they don't have to put you on either. You had better be there, any number of scenarios could occur where you would not be included.

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Definitely go to the County

Definitely go to the County Convention, and bring friends. Lots and lots of them :)