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Open letter to the Baby Boomer generation

Preface: This is my first post here at dailypaul, so go easy on me. I'm a young, 23 year old, Ron Paul supporter with a thirst for knowledge about anything and everything. I love critical thinking and challenging the status quo through an intelligent debate. something that I'm glad most of you share in common with me. I may not be as articulate in my thoughts as I would like to be, but I know I am not perfect.

This isn't directed at anyone, and when I say 'you' I am referring to the demographic and not personally.

Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post something like this, please move to an appropriate location if appropriate, ty.

Dear Baby Boomer Generation,

What happened to your generation? What happened to that freedom and peace loving hippies that were marginalized back in the 60's and 70's?

Why have you began to accept complacency and apathy towards the system that has been such a failure in the last 100 years that you cannot seem to think any other way? I'm not trying to label you, the reader of this letter. I'm trying to point out the philosophical change that has happened in your generation.

Why was it so important in the 60's and 70's to be anti-establishment while you were young, but with age and time you are becoming the same resistant figure of change that you once fought so hard against?

Is it wrong for my generation to question the status quo? Why is it that when you were in our shoes, it was just and embraced, yet when my generation stands up and wants change we are labeled as 'hippy pot smokers' who only want weed legalized?

Have you became so disconnected with your youthful and optimistic spirits that you just accept it for what it is? Have you became so dependent on a failing system that you are afraid of anything that challenges the status-quo, because the result might be uncomfortable for a while?

When I see my generation being marginalized, it frankly pisses me off. I'm sorry, but it does. We may not have the wisdom that you have attained over the years, but we are no less intelligent in comprehending said wisdom.

When you marginalize my generation, it is because you do not see what we see. When you were are age, you did not have the freedom of information that we currently enjoy today. Anything and everything you wish to know can be found with the stroke of a keyboard.

Speaking for my generation, I realize just how important the internet and freedom of it is and how it has shaped the lives of every American since it came into maturity.

When we were born, we were instilled with curiosity. We always asked 'why' about everything. For the most part the answer was 'it just is the way it is'. Once you accept that, you fail yourself. If you deny the status quo, you can explore it for yourself and come to your own conclusion as an individual and realize that there is a reason behind everything.

What happened to your curiosity?

My generation was able to grasp the internet in its entirety. We can now answer those questions of 'why are things the way they are' with such ease that no other generation has had. We can share ideas, formulate questions, and communicate solutions to millions of people at the click of a button.

We grew up with this tool that can unite us all under the message of freedom, free speech, and freedom of information.

My generation doesn't want to overthrow yours violently as the news tries to tell you. We only want to be treated as the adults we are. My generation is increasingly outnumbering yours. Your rule of power will be gone with time.

My generation embraces Ron Paul for a reason. We have the knowledge at our hands, and have grown up educating ourselves which I believe has lead to a more critically thinking generation than ever before.

When you 'wake up' as we say, you cannot go back to sleep. It is impossible. We have done the research, we have thought for ourselves, we have became critical thinkers and realize we are getting the poo-end of the stick.

What has happened in the last 10-20 years? I see a once peace oriented America now sending my friends off to fight wars that are unconstitutional that only benefit the special interests and mega wealthy, while MY generation pays the price in blood.

What we fear is the blowback from such foreign engagements. When our children become our age we fear that they will be in the same situation as we are today with a world that hates America even more so than they already do.

Just as your fears of such a situation during Vietnam. Now its your grandchildren being sent to the new Vietnam's of the world. Look at what was achieved through peace and trading that was never accomplished by war.

So why is it the older generations have pushed aside mine? Mine has embraced change and freedom of information. We know what is at stake. We know that history repeats itself. Just as every empire that was, they collapse when the citizens become complacent in the status quo for too long.

You had your chance to change the future of your generation, now it is our chance. Please start treating us with some respect because we have more years ahead of us than you do. I'm not trying to come off brash by saying this but it is the truth.

The point of why I'm writing this isn't to blame or criticize, it is to ask questions and receive the intelligent wisdom of those that have seen this shift first hand. It is to get your input.

I ask because I fear for my generation making the same mistakes that every generation has made, and we desire the wisdom of how to avoid being, well, like your generation that just accepts everything the way it is.

You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

So I return to my opening paragraph, What happened to those peace and freedom loving children you once were? Is it because you've became apathatic? If you have, then why are you not pissed that you don't care anymore?

Generation - whatever you have labeled us as.

|------- A follow up to the comments I have received ------|

Thank you all for your input thus far. I was stuck at a dead end in my intellectual growth on this subject that I could have gone no further without creating this topic. I weighed and measured how it would be received, and knew some would take it the wrong way. Like I said, it is hard for me to articulate my message as perfect as I would enjoy.

I'm sure a lot of people that are in my situation are feeling the same way as I described in my open letter. The reason I made it open was to ask for a discussion on these questions so others may learn.

I also enjoyed the constructive criticism. You were correct to inform me that being angry doesn't solve anything. I already knew this, but the criticism will help me formulate a more intellectual and clear message the next time I am in this situation. So again, thank you haters.

The pissed off tone was more for emotional affect, but I realize now that this is no way to address an audience of this intellect. For that I apologize for insulting your intelligence.

Feel free to keep adding to the discussion, your personal beliefs, good or bad. For now I can say that I see the bigger picture more clearly than before.


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A Boomer Reply

We have created many things in our day. We have fought many wars. We have been apathetic and on fire at different times. As you can see from all the comments "we are". We are still here, we are still fighting the fight, we are still standing and we are still remembering the fallen that have gone before us. We are sad that the Government has taken away so many of our freedoms. Sad that we say 'NO' and they do it anyway! You may not see us now a-days we blend in. No flowers in our hair. ~no wait I still do that~

BUT, we are proud of our young like you. That even if your post caused a bit of a fuss, that you are standing up and saying what is on your mind. But I would give you caution... in every thing you do n say respect and honor should be heard in your voice. In your speaking, rebelling and questing 'manners' are your friend.

Keep fighting the good fight! Don't count us out, we are here and we've got your back!

Remember, Freedom Is Not Free! (Korean War Veterans Memorial)

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to write this. It gives me hope. I feel like I am fully understanding the topic more clearly coming from the heart of the people that have the wisdom to pass this knowledge on to us. For that I am grateful and hope others are inspired by your response also!

So you voted for Obama

So you voted for Obama and now you are going to throw blame at a whole generation of your elders. What a hypocrite! You say your generation embraces Paul but that is a lie because most of "your" generation supports Obama. You make me sick to think that someone can just give you a single answer as to why this country has fallen as it has. The fact is that you have been taught about a great country that never really existed and now you want to blame one generation for it's downfall.

You have been blessed to see something that is rare and that is a politician who is honest and consistent but you act like there have been Ron Paul types running in every election. You only know of Ron Paul because of the internet which if you didn't have you would still probably be supporting Obama.

I could go into many reasons that this country is the way it is but the simple fact is that you could answer your own question if you would just ask yourself: Why did "you" and "your generation" vote for Obama? Answer that and you will know.

Good Points.

Very good points. I understand the hypocrisy in the logic of semi-supporting Obama in my first election when I was 19, buying into his smile and the momentum that he would actually end the wars as promised.

I accept my mistake of being apathetic and vow to not make such another again. The same is true for most people my age.

But as I said, without Obama being such a failure, most wouldn't have jumped ship to Ron Paul's ideologies so fervently.

I think at heart, most people have embraced what Ron Paul has said long before they even heard of him which. Including myself.

The internet proves that we aren't as alone as they tell us we are. This gives me hope.

But please, do not make this personally about me or my history, that is straying away from the original intent of the topic and am trying to stay away fro a flame war. Thank you.

Moved to off topic

Sidenote - moved this to Off Topic. The site is finally responsive to the edit this morning.


You had the right to leave it where it was. It is a very good discussion. By the way,If you go read my first post below I was also being sarcastic towards my own generation. We have no one but ourselves to blame how the next generation is raised. As a boomer, I was also admitting fault at the same time. So I was giving both generations a hard time.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.


ot - I believe it was in the events subforum on accident. Since this is a mere philosophical topic not relating to the campaign itself to get Ron Paul elected, I felt it more appropriate in an off-topic sub-forum.

It's obvious this post...

...wasn't intended to bash an entire generation, just those of it who once had the beginnings of being awake in their youth and are now asleep. But I do see this as a recurring problem in multiple generations. Think of all the folks in recent years, of whatever generation, who were out in force protesting Bush's wars and now won't emit a peep about Obama's treasonous actions in Libya and his expansion of the follies of warmongering? And, yes, those folks from the 60's who were so vocal against Vietnam who are silent now should be hanging their heads in shame at their hypocrisy. Same goes for the people of my generation who ranted and raved about Bush, WTO, etc. and are now silent under Obama. Plenty of blame to go around.

But there's nothing wrong with pointing out the average trends that emerged from each generation in particular and the good and bad that came from it.

You can't fix stupid

The fact that people are taking statements about a generation personally is sad. Especially if you read this site, he's obviously not referring to you. He makes valid points. Young people are sick and tired of hearing 'that's just how it is' and that's all the baby-boomers give us. The problem is most older folks don't care anymore because they've 'been there, done that' and that's the kind of attitude that allows government to strip away our rights. So instead of shooting down the passion of a young person, maybe the whiners here should just accept the fact the baby-boomers dropped the ball. Don't get pissed at us because we want to prevent our kids from posting the same kind of letter on the Internet 25 years from now.

Liberty: Too big to fail

I appreciate

I appreciate your support of my article, but I ask you to not stir up spitefull remarks that may reflect badly. We are looking for answers, not trying to beat down the ones willing to give those answers.

For what it's worth....

I blame Gen X. I am a gen X'r and I have watched election after election be stolen from Americans while X'rs sat back and complained about how they would love for America to be different, but I just can't pull myself away from FB long enough to care. I remember when I was a kid, the BB's (my parents) complained a lot about how GenX was so lazy and had everything handed to them. This is, of course, not true to the greater extent; I know tons of hard working GenX'rs who are raising wonderful families. The disconnect, I believe, started in the 80's during the Cold War, initiation of the Drug War, teen pregnancy, etc. Anyone who was in middle school in the mid 80's remembers how all these policies were seminole in bringing us to the current "fear campaigns". My 4th grade teacher once told me that the USSR had enough nukes to split the Earth in half....come on, man...that's ridiculous. It wasn't until Desert Storm that GenX got involved in a war. I think is was Desert Storm that made us believe we could be a global force for "good". Too many of my friends have forgotten the pounds of shrapnel still embedded in their father's bodies from Vietnam. They've forgotten the screams of terror coming from their parent's bedroom in the middle of the night. GenX has spent too much time enjoying themselves and not enough time fighting the good fight. To be fair, I come by this realization fairly as I find myself guilty of all the same. I see the poster's point, but I beg of you...do not get bogged down in the finger pointing. Always remember, when you point 1 finger there are 3 more fingers pointing back at you.

Thank you

Thank you all for your responses. I was not trying to incite a verbal beatdown or divide the cause in any way, but there is only so much researching I can do with dead ends. I appreciate those constructive answers and appreciate the wisdom from those older than I. I appreciate the criticism putting me in my place for even coming off as someone who seemingly would want to blame a generation.

I don't blame a generation, I was just asking what happened to the youthful spirit of those that have been in our shoes for longer.

I may have came off as ranting like a child, but that was not my intention.

It wasn't my intention to blame a generation, thus being an open letter to get responses on from like-minded Ron Paul supporters. I know you guys laid the foundation for mine, that we enjoy these conveniences because of your sweat and labor. Thank you, you do not get the appreciation you deserve and I understand why you would take this letter the wrong way.

I guess I'm just frustrated. I DO lobby for Ron Paul votes as much as anyone will listen. We already voted here, however, but I have won over coutless people I know for a general elections bid.

The hardest group to engage in intellectual debates is with the older generations, who just seem to keep writing me off because I'm 'just young and full of passion, but that's just a phase everyone goes through'. I'm beginning to realize it is just me as a person, and if this is the case I'm mature enough to accept it.

I guess I'm just pissed that this might be a phase. That loving the last bit of hope of a once great nation is just a phase. I'm afraid that this is the end of our empire, as all empires collapse.

In writing this letter, I have came to understand more than before this letter, in this case it has fulfilled my appetite for knowledge on this subject.

As for the letter a poster wrote to my generation regarding the demoralization and those kids that get piercings, and sag their pants and do things you may not personally approve of.
While I do not agree with these actions, Ron Paul has always taught us of accepting or at least tolerating others. Those kids who live in a non-acceptable way to you have the freedom of expression and enjoy using it. Does some kid with a hundred peircing affect your life? Maybe for the few seconds you see him and judge him, but after that?

I do agree that we have become lazy in our complacency of video game and social media distraction. You have to look at it in a different light. Those people who involve themselves in these time-wasting activities do so because it engages them to think somewhat critically, and they get the mental stimulation of figuring out how to get to 'level 44' that other aspects of life do not or are too expensive to pursue.
I'm not advocating this behavior, but I understand it.

In retrospect, I should have directed it towards those that marginalize the youth, and not a generation as a whole.

You are very rare my young friend

Really, I was going by what I see all day long as examples of your generation. You are absolutely right,I should not stereotype,But you have to admitt that kids like you that care about things other than what I mentioned are becoming very rare as a whole. I am glad to see you setting a good example.

And so you know,yes it does and has affected me. I am a commercial truck service shop owner. I used to be able to hire just about anyone young that came along needing work and wanted to learn. Now I have to interview about 20 kids to find one I feel safe in hiring. Some of these personal choices just cannot be allowed in a repair shop for safety and Workman's compensation reasons.

They have cost me a lot of money in the past.They come in for the interview clean cut and then after hiring them they come to work with their face full of hardware,their pants falling off all day long and their shirt tails untucked. You have no idea how many I have had to "Unhook" from a 600 hp truck engine that is sitting there running with piercings and shirt tails attached. I have actually had to go "Save" someone because their hands were full and they could not let go of an engine part when their pants fell down.Lol.

It costs a lot of money to "Unhire" them.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

It's not a phase

Trust me, your passion for freedom is not a phase. It will last a lifetime if you don't succumb to others saying 'it's always been this way & it always will be.' It takes a lot of energy & passion to achieve changes in the status quo. Too many get discouraged, then go along to get along & lose their passion. Always keep like-minded friends around to re-energize you when you are discouraged.

What happened? They had children.

When they began having children, society took away their freedom, told them to grow up. Told them they had responsibility to others, "the children". Told them to stop thinking of themselves and make sacrifices for their children. Told them their children were the future, not them.

When their kids began going to schools, the schools dictated to them what they will do or else. Universities closed, were harder to get into, more prisons opened. Women took jobs that had been men's, men who supported an entire family. Their parents bought homes for $14K on the beach, the same home would cost them $450K. And they both had to work, overtime and still not make the same amount of Money as grand dad.

They were quilt tripped on TV, radio, community events as not being good enough, being a generation of pot heads, losers, Nam vets, wound up on the streets, sex sex sex sex free sex, open marriage, homosexuality, AIDS, corporations grew in power and controlled them. They had no rights, and "Frankly my dear, NO ONE GAVE A DAMN!", except to blame them.

Except to tell them, what they owed to their children. And their children were major consumers, who had grand parents that could afford for them, what their parents couldn't afford. Broken marriages, guilt buying, and more laws to bust them down, break them up, while the corporations continued to get more rights. Pensions? Not for Boomers. IRAs, those were ripped off, investments, ditto... and you better give your kids a $2K prom or you're a LOSER: read the hand.

And now the kids, blame their parents? "What happend? "Why are you such losers?" Lets ask Jerry Springer and Judge Judy and expose Boomers for the crap they are!!!! Good boomers don't exist!

I didn't have kids. Allot of boomers didn't have kids. We bought all thoser lies about over population, and we escaped society FORCING US to put kids first. But I saw what happened to my friends and siblings. I feel their struggle. Allot of them are beautiful, wonderful people, who sacrificed everything with NO THANKS from their heirs, just insults, blame and more guilt.

Now, it's not just fear for themselves, but for their grandchildren.. because it's their fault they had grandkids... everything their kids do or don't do is their fault. Just ask their kids. "Grandpa was great... look at Obama... perfect example... Grandparents were great but Mom, Dad... what fuck ups!

Boomers got shafted, that's what happened. I imagine many will die loney deaths, no one giving a damn anymore than they did with Nam vets. Boomers got ripped off and then blamed by a previous generation who resented them and their own children who blamed them.

((((((((((((( Boomers ))))))))))))))) God Bless you!

Good response

I appreciate the time you have taken to give your take on the subject. As I said before, I didn't mean to imply blame on a whole generation. It was an open letter for a reason, to get responses like this. I wrote it looking for advice and wisdom, and I'm sure that the comments from such an article has brought light to some some answer for the people that are in my situation, looking for the right path to take.

Thank you.

I agree with alot of what is said in this article. However,

I am not blaming anyone.. for a lot of people in every generation are different. We all have different surroundings, different lifestyles, different educations. We all deal with a corrupt system that spews more lies then truth and even some us who support Ron Paul do not know much about the NWO or about the bildeberg group. Many of us do. My point is that anyone that accepts what they hear on tv is not always in the wrong. Many times they are because we see that as being lazy and foolish to believe such propoganda.

However, the real casualty lies in the word fear. My grandparents dealt with WW1, WW2, Vietnam and now 9/11, afganistan, ect. There are many events in the course of their lives that they thought happened differently that the truth for example, JFK, Operation Northwood, 9/11, Swine Flu, ect. Like the letter says, my generation does have a much easier time getting to the bottom of these truths and academic research has never been easier.

I will say that I am disappointed that many older folks have allowed the federal reserve system to get this far. I'm sure there are tons of that generation that do know about it and stand with Ron Paul, but I think many more are unsure exactly what goes on because they haven't really researched the ins and outs. If they did, I don't understand the motives for keeping it in power a.k.a voting the other three candidates at a 10-1 ratio to Ron Paul

I have met my friends grandparents who voted for Ron Paul and generally have a great understanding of the problems the country faces. But still, my grandparents refuse to vote anything but democrat. No one is to blame for the downfalls of this campaign, however the numbers are on election days. From what I've seen, many young people are not engaged in the political process. The few who are, are much more likely to vote for Ron Paul than anyone else, some of whom are just weed-lovers who only vote for him because they heard that he has legalization on his platform. You take the votes you can get I guess. But the 45-75 age is where there are many engaged in the political process and we come out with less of a ratio for Ron Paul among these people so on the surface it looks like they are to blame for Ron Paul not doing so hot especially in southern states. I wish more young people were paying attention AND voting. But I go back to the point, that the media industrial complex has this country in a chokehold for the most part. My mom, who is in her 50's has not watched a single debate or news show. And even though I convinced her to vote Ron Paul, she really still is a zombie in front of the tv to watch American Idol. This problem is three generations deep. If all ages were on youtube and studying the truths of 9/11 and these wars and the federal reserve and CIA blowback, and the truth that more young people are aware of simply because of the access to it. It is my firm belief that if all generations had knowledge of these issues and knew the dangers of drugs being ILLEGAL instead of legal, we would see a huge landslide win. The media industrial complex's and the department of education's goal is literally to dumb us down. We have like the worlds 27th best education now. something like that. Those that are awake in all generations are supporting Paul....alot of that simply has to do with the internet. But to say the young generation is any brighter or knowledgable than the baby boomers is preposterous. We lack wisdom to a degree because we have not experienced all that they have. The thing we do have is the yearning for fundamental change in our entire system of government and economics and i believe that many in the older generations fear that change. They simply like the way they have lived and would like to finish it the same way. That may be completely off base, but thats all I can come up with for a reason as to why they don't support one of their own from that generation..


Finally BAGGED my first TROLL.
I used grandpa's old double barrel on him too.

He's been a member for 12 hours 6 min. and this is his first forum post.
I claim him, hope I'm not late to the party.
How do ya'll like your troll? medium, rare, or well done?

In other Business, I make a motion we take this troll out back, behind the infamous wood shed.
(hint: only Boomers will understand this lingo).


I feel stupid for even responding to this reply. I have been visiting DP and just registered, so this is why I wrote the preface (that you may have not read) and spent hours trying to convey my message in a sense that satisfied me. If that is trolling then go ahead and roast me, medium well please.

Over-sensitive pansies

He obviously wasn't directing this to EVERY SINGLE person of that generation, and obviously not towards the ones who are supporting Ron Paul. Some of you are so sensitive it's pathetic. Are you really THAT offended by this? GROW UP!

Sometimes I feel like the younger generation is more mature than your generation. Getting your panties in a bunch over THIS? Seriously?

Excuse me?

Did you just call me an "over-sensitive" pansy because I did not agree with this letter?
And immature to boot?

Do not "assume" that everyone who disagrees with the contents of this letter has done so because they took it "personally"...

Perhaps they disagreed because..oh say,

* The article negatively and unfairly targeted and profiled a specific population segment - Many people on the DP would have defended such an attack aimed at ANY "one" segment of society - be it race, nationality, sex, demographics,age, etc.

* The article applied a blame game technique.
(Such "letters to the baby boomers" are all over the internet - it was simply re-worded for this thread)
Blaming others is one of the first signs of immaturity.
Another sign is expecting others to fix things for you.
This was a somewhat immature article - it needed to be addressed.

* The article is divisive and not positive in gaining support and/or votes for Ron Paul.

Everyone's response was not "personal" - most of them were valid and well stated.

Good response

I agree. I feel bad for starting a bickering war, it was an honest question that in the preface I stated that I was just looking for how we got to where we are today from a consensus of people. If this turns into a flame war I will delete the thread entirely out of respect.


Surely you knew that article would start a heated conversation?
But hey, it's been a good one. As I stated, I have read the "baby boomer" letters before so I was not overly surprised that you are 23 and still learning.
Perhaps you gleaned some valuable information even though it may have been more one-sided than you anticipated. Were you surprised at how many people on DP were actually baby boomers?

As many have stated below although in different words - we are in the mess we are in because "everyone" has played a part in the current situation.The growth of big government has been a steady creep upon the people for many years. I often wonder what the "silent generation" was doing in the 30's and 40's while all their gold was being confiscated, and social security and income tax was being implemented - but, hey, I never lived in a depression (yet).

Vent over. Now, get back after it

RandySea, quit your blaming & get busy converting the Baby Boomers you are bashing. Many of my fellow Boomers are appalled by the number of freedoms they have seen disappear under the last 2 presidents & are receptive to real change this election cycle. They just have to get past the media’s chant of ‘he can’t win.’

How did your generation have the ability to awaken?...because those of us who have always been critical thinkers have been asking 'why?' since our youth & sharing the answers anywhere they would take root & grow.

Every generation has had their share of successes & hardships. Now, get back to work winning delegates for Ron Paul!

Dividing and conquering???

As with just about everything - It is not 'either or' it is 'both and' The point about older generations being less savy with the net and free information is true - But it can also be argued that the younger gen (im probably in the middle @33)is seen as being less committed as was evidenced by some of the caucuses. WE ALL HAVE OUR WEAKNESSES AND WE ALL HAVE OUR STRENGTHS. Division among the ranks will only lead to defeat down the road. Play to our strengths. Cover one anothers weaknesses. Learn from those gifted in areas that yo are not. Unite behind the idea that one day we ALL will be free.

Blessed are the peacemakers

Baby boomers are the last generation

to become adults under the gold-backed dollar. Thanks to Nixon. We are also the last generation to have the most "government" given freedoms and rights.

Just maybe

you should be asking your generation why they go en masse to Ron Paul events but not the caucuses.
'Fix' your own generation before you go beating down one you know nothing about.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison


I'm a boomer. Have 4 adult children who all voted for Obama. At 23, I thought I knew it all too. At 53, I realize I knew shit. Blaming one segment of society for the ills of this country is not only childish, but indicative of your true knowledge.


Very well put Randy

Liberty forever, Jasper Texas 75951


Yuck. I too fell in the same boat that Obama would stick to his campaign and return the troops home and fix the economy. I knew Ron Paul at the time, but with Obama getting all the news I felt the hope that so many did that he would actually hold true to the promises.

Obama has been a mistake and a blessing. A mistake of a president but an awakening for those that have fell prey to the system and are ready for a real change.

and those people that were hoodwinked and realize it are the people that either become apathetic or jump on the Ron Paul bus finally.