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Ron Paul will speak at UC Berkeley April 5th (Today)

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul will visit California this week for a three-day campaign tour. The 12-term Congressman from Texas will visit the Golden State from Tuesday, April 3rdto Thursday, the 5th for a series of town hall meetings, media appearances, and private fundraisers.

A major feature of Ron Paul’s California visit is sizable college campus town hall meetings that are free and open to students and the general public. One college campus town hall meeting will take place on each day of Dr. Paul’s visit, beginning with Cal State – Chico, then UCLA, and then UC – Berkeley. These events often attract large crowds, so the public are strongly encouraged to RSVP online using the information provided below.


Thursday, April 5, 2012
MEMORIAL GLADE (grassy area OUTSIDE the Doe Library)
7:00 p.m.
Town Hall Meeting w/ Ron Paul
University of California, Berkeley

The location of the event has been moved to MEMORIAL GLADE. It's a grassy area OUTSIDE the Doe Library. I've included a map. The address on the event brite site is somewhat confusing.

MAP: http://tinyurl.com/7gcm3ka

Check the url to rsvp for tickets:


***SIDENOTE: Tell Your Senators to Support S. 202!


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The location of the event has been moved to MEMORIAL GLADE. It's a grassy area OUTSIDE the Doe Library. I've included a map. The address on the event brite site is somewhat confusing.

MAP: http://tinyurl.com/7gcm3ka

R.O.N. - RESTORE OUR NATION (credit: Fiat Justitia).

"Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms." -Ron Paul.

Must read -Great article on U.S. foreign policy:


Alright Berkeley...

...we did our job last night, time for you to do yours!!!

We REQIRE Stadiums

....not auditoriums.


Why aren't they REGISTERING these crowds to vote at these events

Anyone who has contact for the organizers please please please tell them to register people for contact for volunteerism and to VOTE!!!

We are on it.

A few of us are planning to do just that. Build contacts for grassroots efforts, and registering people, its an essential double whammy.

But we can always use more people to help out, so if you will be at the rally bring a clipboard full of registration forms from your local area and connect with others from home that may not be registered. This is important because absentee voters are already about to vote, and they are usually like 60% of the vote.

They Are!!!

...people are now picking up stacks of registration forms and handing them out at events. Need more...sure...but it is happening!


That's Right - Register people at these events

That's Right - Register people at these events for goodness sake. For OUR sake!

Ian Snow Carpenter

Those going to the rally...

If you can stop at your post office on the way and pick up some local voter registration forms and bring them to the rally it could help get people in your area at the rally to register as Republican if they have not already done so.

REMEMBER, in California you MUST be registered as Republican to vote for Paul!!!!

headcount to beat = 7,800

Any estimate on how early I should get there?

I'm on the "waitlist" for the tickets.

metalhed19's picture

If you don't really have

If you don't really have anything going on, go a couple hours early. I went to the Madison Wi, rally the other week, got there a couple hours early and i was in the 3rd row when RP came on. Depending on your traffic/parking situation too. I hear your state has rough traffic, not sure as i have never been there. But be sure to go, RP is great live, he obviously doesn't have a teleprompter, and it's a very concert like atmosphere. Lots of cheers and boos depending on what he's talking about and the ever famous "President Paul" chant :)

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

About to leave for the

About to leave for the luncheon then the rally. This is going to be one amazing day.

I hope the campaign is lining up more dates

Because it seems like they've hit upon a successful formula. Dr Paul should come back to NYC soon!


The technical specs for the Zellerbach Auditorium can be found here.


The capacity is only a little over 2,000. There better be some overflow rooms!


and bring others.

Just got back from UCLA and had a great time witnessing Dr. Paul and REVO-FREAKIN-LUTION!

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

If everyone does this, Ron Paul will win California's primary:

1) Make a list of 10 people you know and like.

2) Call and ask if they have a candidate preference or if they don't care about politics. Don't push RP on them or they'll get turned off.

3) Politely ask the apolitical ones to do you the personal favor of allowing you to drive them to the polls to vote for RP. They'll probably agree because they like you and now you'll owe them a favor.(Spare the details, just say it's important to to you and to the country.)

4) Fill out registration cards from the state elections website, get them signed, and mail them in.

5) Call everyone back the night before the election and reconfirm with a time. Don't accept that they'll drive themselves. They won't. We have to drive them.

6) Drive their butts to the polls and thank them.

This is many times more effective than almost anything else we can do because it leads DIRECTLY to votes. There is no disconnect. Don't waste time debating with the brainwashed. Most of them will talk a big game but they don't even bother to vote in primaries.

If we all did this, we'd dominate every election.

Ignore the media's lies and propaganda.

Will be there around 11 but I need a favor

Can someone give me a Ron Paul sign to wave around?? I will be very vocal and loud and after this I will go to the berkeley rally. Does anyone want to meet up in Union Square around 11 and plan a way to make this a bigger event for Dr. Paul.

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002986048325 here is my fb and just message me or add me and message me if your down thanks!!!

I messaged.


Wikipedia says:
"The center currently hosts the Los Angeles Open, an ATP Tour event. The main grandstand surrounds three courts, and has a capacity of 5,800 spectators."

There were a few empty seats on the edges, but some people standing and outside the fence, they were seating long after Ron Paul was already speaking.

Download Ron Paul Pamphlets Free!

Ron Paul pamphlets on Abortion, Israel and the Federal Reserve written from an evangelical perspective can be downloaded free from the attached web site. These pamphlets are very effective on Christians that really care to know the truth. Give them a try and tell other Ron Paul supporters!

2nd stream

in case the other one has troubles again..


It would be a good time to go on the attack against Obama

and Romney not much difference.

live stream!


Dam! end the fed chant so dam loud!! this is amazing

Any streaming video of this?


Anyone who is going to SF

Anyone who is going to SF tomorrow.... I'm going to be in SF at 9 (I know 2 hours early). We should have a massive sign wave before the event.

I tried getting something

I tried getting something started on Meetup.com earlier today. I'll try being there around 10-10:30.


Calling all Paulians!!

Everyone get out there tonight! Bring everyone you know! Pass out bumper stickers, Super Brochures, pins, stickers, pens, magnets, hell even T-shirts! GO FU*KING CRAZY WITH IT!! :-D

And for the LOVE OF GOD someone please get some areal photographs of this gorgeous event!!

GO RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not sure how CA works... but get whatever they need to vote for Ron Paul (including GOP crap if its closed)!

i'm bring 2000 VRF

Ill be at UC Berkeley at around 5pm

Unfortunately its closed in

Unfortunately its closed in Cali

Yes, its a closed primary

Everyone who wants to vote for Dr. Paul in California must be registered to vote as a Republican by May 21st.