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Keith Olbermann get fired for speaking against Gov

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I'm not doubting he got fired

I'm not doubting he got fired for political reasons, but that video is a classic example of his entertainment over substance monologues. He compares the failed budget cuts the Republicans were proposing at the time to efforts by the Hoover administration. In fact, the Hoover administration did just what Obama did when he took office - worthlessly spend money on public works projects. Roosevelt proposed even more failed public works projects that didn't work until WWII started and we eventually crawled out of the depression. And it wasn't WWII that got us out of the depression as Paul Krugman claims. The Unites States was able to manufacture again when other countries were fighting WWII. It was our decision to stay out of World War II until we were attacked by Japan that helped the economy.

He was a blow

hard anyway.


may be a blowhard,but I sure enjoyed watching him during Bush presidency.lol