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Ron Paul LINUX

How popular would a Ron Paul Linux distro be, people?

How many Ron Paulers have not tried Linux yet?

I just read a forum topic where the author mentioned they were in 'safe mode' - a Microsoft user. Didn't Ben Franklin say something about safe mode and liberties? I digress. Microsoft steals the best software out there, and then turns it into shit wrapped in gold foil - fake gold foil, guys. Microsoft is a tax-farm and a parasite. eg, the excel file extension changed from .xls to .xlsx in 2008, and you can't read that new file unless you upgrade ($$). While openoffice, a very robust open source product used on Linux, is free, and is what I used to process our county's convention paperwork. Microsoft also throws privacy out the window: it makes a unique number from your computer's hardware and registers it on the internet. Everytime you go online, it references that database to make sure you aren't using pirated softare. It stopped being just a license key you type in then you first install the software a long time ago folks. If a new video card is installed, the hardware key won't match anymore, and I would count myself very lucky to 'be allowed' to make another hardware key. Windows is also a huge resource hog: every reincarnation of the beast requires more power.

Linux is free. Totally free. It is made by programmers around the world every day. It's source code is fully published (and as a result is much much more stable and secure). Windows won't even publish it's source code with a court order. Linux is also much more anonymous and user friendly. I just can't use 'corporate' software anymore, it tries to make me stupid, I swear.

Especially if you support Ron Paul - you will feel the freedom when you use it. There's lot of great distros out there: Mint, Debian...there are hundreds. Some of the micro-distros are super cool too (for the netbook users out there). You'll want to make a bootable USB thumbdrive with the distro you want. Boot to USB, and install your linux to the thumbdrive. That way, your crap OS is still on your 'puter (since you probably didn't get the installation disks with your computer, you don't want to erase your hard drive until you have broken free of its chains on your mind), and you just pop in the thumbdrive when you want real power. That leads me to another plus: you have much more actual control of your computer with Linux. If you like computer programming, that is a fun facet of linux life, but you don't have to do that to use it.

So, if you want to shake the parasitic fleas off your computer addiction, use Linux - it is enriching. So, what should a Ron Paul distro look like? What features should it have?

Please upvote if you like. A person's OS is pretty fundamental, and it would be nice if something like this made it to the DP front page for a day.

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Linux Mint

is my current distro. Windows is for slaves.

I'm an old-school, retired software engineer and started with Unix in 1973 -- then Xenix, Sun, Linux. I've used Windows and designed code for it but it is KRAP.

Have Ubuntu

I have Ubuntu on my laptop at the urging of my son, a Linux Systems Administrator. Now I just have to take the time to learn it. Is its office software compatible with Microsoft Office so you can save and use files in both? That is vital for me for my work.


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I recommend Ubuntu

to most people who come to me with "computer" issues, even though I use a variety of Linux and BSD in personal and professional applications. I usually ask the people what they use their PC for and they will usually respond with, "YouTube, Facebook, email and play online games". If that is the case, I can turn them to Linux and they will never look back. Ubuntu is always my top choice for them, but I use Mint as well. I feel anything Debian based is a winner.

I use Ubuntu on all my home computers, including my kids. There is no "choice" to dual boot, as I want them to have to think to use the computer. They all use it with ease now. I have a variety of Ubuntu, RedHat and CentOS at work, along with two high storage devices running TrueNAS, which is BSD based I believe.

I am a believer in open source, but unfortunately we are still working in a Windows world. I have thought for many years and I am beginning to sense, that this is beginning to change. Mobile computing will/is the new defining factor.

Ron Paul is more like FreeBSD. Sorry LINUX.


Unfortunately corp. America has me tied to MS

But I do have Ubuntu on a thumb drive for those times when I get serious.

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I don't upvote often...

but when I do, it's to threads like this ^^

I think the idea of a Ron

I think the idea of a Ron Paul or Liberty OS is rather inane, but I definitely encourage liberty-minded people to check out Linux and consider using it. If you're relatively savvy and don't mind adapting to less restrictive software, check out Ubuntu. Once you get used to Ubuntu, you might be inclined to try out another distribution like Fedora, OpenSUSE, Arch, etc.

Question for Linux users

Will it run (Windows versions) of Adobe Programs, like Premiere and Photoshop?

I know there are photo and video editing programs for Linux, but thus far no one has shown me one nearly as good as the Adobe stuff, unfortunately.

I am planning on switching to Linux anyway ASAP, but the need for Adobe programs is the main thing that will keep me in need of Windows, too.

I definitely recommend Open Office to everyone. There are versions for Windows too.

Here Ya Go...

Check out UbuntuStudio. I just learned of it last week but I'm swamped with studying for upcoming exams and so I've not had enough free time to play with it. And please post back here any thoughts on if you like it or not.

Cheers =)

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Look into...


It is a reimplementation of the Windows API to allow Windows software to run under linux. They have a list of apps that are known to function with it, but many others do as well regardless of inclusion on the list.

And, yes, there are Adobe products on the list.


As an alternative, you can also use VirtualBox (free, by Oracle) that will allow you to run a virtual copy of Windows inside Linux. I use this mechanism on Mac, Windows, and Linux. This is the best option for flawless behavior, if you have just a few apps that you can't live without, or if Wine doesn't run them well.


The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Currently living in a Mac world

But used to run Linux. The way Apple is going, I might jump back into the linux world. Got any links for us to dive into?


Thanks for the links

Ubuntu looks great, I'm going to give it a try.

If you're looking for a safe

If you're looking for a safe bet, Ubuntu would be fine. Ubuntu has matured quite a bit, and it will work on most modern computers. Ubuntu actually switched up their interface to be a lot more like the traditional Mac OS interface.

Otherwise you could try OpenSUSE or Fedora. It's really best to just burn a bunch of Live Disks and see which one you like.

I use linux


I run Linux

I promote it on my website as well.

I think having a Ron Paul, or Liberty distro might help bring some folks over. We should be trying to sell Ron Paul supporters on Linux anyway.

"Liberty OS" sounds cool though, wish I had time/skills to help (I'm still trying to learn how to make some games for Linux).

Jack Wagner

Linux is great:

I went to Linux Mint a few years back with the help of a friend and have never looked back. There is nothing from M/S on any of my computers.
I love it and it is great for what I do. And much more.
I have no virus problems, spies, nothing. Took a very short period of time to acclimate, and I am still learning new stuff, but I love it.
Now, I am not a programmer, or in to anything to serious anyway. I did become A+ certified a long time ago, but that's as far as I ever went.
I'm way behind the times in technology and have helped a few others that are new to computers get started with Linux and I don't believe they will ever want to touch the window pains again either.
I just wish I had the knowledge to use what this is capable of doing.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

While currently I'm running

While currently I'm running UBUNTU, normally I'm running FreeBSD; the BSD license is more libertarian than the license of LINUX. I'm not sure how popular it would be, because some of the work involved to get some software installed and even to operate correctly on different hardware. Not to mention that there isn't Hardware Drivers available for the 'latest and greatest' hardware on the market. Also, the quality of games is not even close; which brings a lot of people to M$ Winblows.

I agree that things are making it easier to use LINUX and BSD for those who have no desire to learn how computers function, it still will be a tough sell for some due to being so accustomed to certain software, which due to special agreements between companies and M$ -a violation of a true 'Free Market,' that software will never become available for LINUX or BSD.

Good Luck to you if you decide to undertake this venture.

I actually tried out FreeBSD

I actually tried out FreeBSD recently, although it didn't quite work as flawlessly as Arch. Which desktop environment do you use? I use KDE4 and there were some issues I had running it on FreeBSD.

I do agree with you though - the BSD license is much more liberty minded. Although I do recognize GNU licensing does have it's place within a free-society(much like running a commune within a libertarian state), BSD is much more free in terms of ability.