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George H.W. Bush wore hoodies at White House

March 30, 2012


In Washington, some are more equal than others. If you're a Congressman wearing a hoodie to make a point about a murder victim, you're banished and carted away. But if you're the skull and bones member president, wearing a hoodie during official business is cute and funny.

REP RUSH IN A HOODIE http://libertyfight.com/articles/2012/rush%20hoodie.jpg

GEORGE H W BUSH IN A HOODIE: http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc204/RIGHTSOFMAN/hood2.jpg

Congressman Bobby L. Rush wore a hoodie yesterday on the House Floor and was forcibly removed, allegedly for violating the rules of decorum.

On his Congressional website, Rush posted the text of his speech he attempted to give, "A Hood on the Head does not mean a Hoodlum in the Head".

The statement read, in part:

WASHINGTON -Congressman Bobby L. Rush (D-IL) delivered the following statement on the House floor today to emphasize the issue of racial profiling and its consequences:
Mr. Speaker, the death of Trayvon Martin is an American tragedy. Too often this violent act is repeated in the streets of our nation. Racial profiling has to stop. Just because someone wears a hoodie, does not make them a hoodlum. Just because someone is young and wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum. Just because someone is a young black male and wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum. A hood on the head does not mean a hood in the head.
I applaud the young people across this nation who are making a statement about hoodies and the real hoodlums particularly those who tread on our laws wearing official or quasi-official cloaks.

Rush posted video of the speech on his youtube channel.

Rep. Rush is an interesting character. He began his term representing the Chicago Illinois, area in January 1993. His wikipedia page notes that he was a former black panther and radical activist, once busted for guns, drugs, and spent time in prison. Rush is notably the only person to ever beat Barack Obama in an election, when Obama unsuccessfully challenged Rush's Congressional seat in 2000. Rush called Obama an "educated fool" at the time. During that campaign, in October 1999, Rush's 29 year old son Huey was shot and killed.

People across the country have been bickering and speculating about the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case, taking sides largely based on their own perspectives. The fact is that this paranoid busibody and registered Democrat George Zimmerman called the cops constantly over absolute nonsense. Potholes. Stray dogs. Trash in the street. People loitering. Suspicious persons. Someone driving without headlights. A bike rider popping wheelies. Youths playing basketball. Kids playing in the street. Slow drivers. Aggressive drivers. Music too loud. Etc, Etc, Etc. Just based on that alone, Zimmerman sounds like a complete fruit loop, an unstable busibody kook, memserized with police and obsessed with "turning people in" for real or imagined violations. A libertarian's worst nitemare. The absolute worst kind of neighbor one could have, in my opinion. Normal people have lives, and aren't obsessed with peering out the windows worrying about the minutia of what everyone else is doing. Ironically, George Zimmerman's brother Robert told CNN that George was "a neighbor everyone would want to have". Yikes. A former coworker said that Zimmerman was fired from his job as an under the table security guard for being too agressive, that George "loved the power". Zimmerman's father, who was a "former magistrate judge" according to the New York Daily News, also defended his son to the press.

The city released a record of the 911 calls, available here.

Zimmerman called the cops 46 times between January 2011 and Feb. 26. On February 26th, Zimmerman called police to report Trayvon Martin, who he 'didn't recognize' and was 'acting suspiciously'. By the time cops arrived, Martin was dead.

The police told Zimmerman not to follow Trayvon, but he did anyway. Sounds like an underachieving wanna-be cop with a chip on his shoulder, always looking, peering, peeking, snitching on neighbors just looking for the next imaginary crime to occur. Trying to be a powerful "enforcer" of one of the myriad of nonsensical laws on the books today. This is not the behavior of a normal person.
Responsible gun owners don't follow people around, starting trouble with strangers. Quite the opposite, in fact; the majority of gun owners show great restraint and only use guns as a last resort. Deadly force is a serious matter and not to be taken lightly.

On to the subject at hand: hoodies. George Bush senior, freemason occultist and skull and bones member, wore hoodies in the White House while he was president.

Doro Bush Koch, daughter of George and Barbara Bush, wrote a book in 2006 titled "My Father, My President: A Personal Account of the Life of George H. W. Bush".
You can buy a copy of Bush's book for one penny on Amazon! In her book, she includes many photos of Bush senior and the family. In one of the photos, Bush sits lurched in a chair wearing a full hoodie wizard-type outfit.

Doro's caption for the hoodie photo reads "Dad jokes with his staff by wearing a hooded robe during a daily intelligence briefing in 1990". Above the photo of Bush in a hoodie is a picture of him with his Vice President Dan Quayle.

An image search for hooded robe occult will reveal countless photos identical to the type of outfit that Bush senior wore. There is a David Dees Illustration parody of Bush at Bohemian Grove below that looks eerily similar to the real-life photo of Bush at the White House in his hoodie wizard outfit.

The creepy eugenecist ghoul and
bohemian grove attendee
can be seen in the photo sitting in a chair, with a disoriented look on his face and his hands in an odd position. The black striped robe is zipped up to his neck with the hood covering his face.

George Herbert Walker Bush, skull and bones occultist who was complicit in the murder of of innocents worldwide during the course of his disreputable career, is an admitted population control ghoul, eugenicist and progenitor of the
"New World Order"

Bush was confronted at a Houston Pizza place in 2010, when a local man
called him a murderous zionist piece of @#$%
. The incident garnered international attention, and the secret service later visited the man's home, despite the fact no crime was committed. The anti-war activist later commented on his youtube channel, saying "Thank you all for the overwhelming support! It means so very much to me. It is an honor to know I was speaking for millions around the world when I shared my disgust with the so-called man."

Nine years ago on March 18 2003, in an interview with "Good Morning America", his wife Barbara Bush said "Why should we hear about body bags and deaths?...Oh, I mean, it's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?"

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[Watch tv news report on underage male prostitutes in the Bush/Reagan White House]


Martin Hill is a Catholic paleoconservative and civil rights advocate. His work has been featured on LewRockwell.com, WhatReallyHappened, Infowars, PrisonPlanet, National Motorists Association, WorldNetDaily, The Orange County Register, KNBC4 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Catholic Lay Mission Newspaper, KFI 640, The Press Enterprise, Antiwar.com, IamtheWitness.com, FreedomsPhoenix, Rense, BlackBoxVoting, and many others. Archives can be found at LibertyFight.com

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Dubya also tap danced for the press while waiting for...

John McCain. However, Dubya was a mentally challenged mass murderer.

In a free America,any person should be able to feel safe...

and be able to walk down the street without being profiled.


Looks like Bush is wearin' a 'devil' cult rope of some sort.

you got it exacly right. but

you got it exacly right. but i guess in DC, a devil wizard robe hoodie is fine and dandy,. they like that sort of thing there.


What is it, national idiotic conspiracy day?! There are 3 absurd posts with crap sources in the top threads list.

Did you people just get out of a meeting or something? Don't you have moon landings to dispute?

Eric Hoffer

sorry dude, but everyones

sorry dude, but everyones going bananas about HOODIES. The racialists on both sides are using this murder case for division. George Bush senior DID WEAR HOODIES, it is not a conspiracy theory. There is a link to the photograph. You arent a Bush fan, are you?


Who gives a crap if he wore a hoodie? He could've worn a tiara and a diaper and gone on a TLC reality show for all I give a crap. Can we please explain why this matters?

"But if you're the skull and bones member president..."

"On to the subject at hand: hoodies. George Bush senior, freemason occultist and skull and bones member, wore hoodies in the White House while he was president..."

This article is complete crap. Trying to draw associations in this manner is just utter BS.

Bush Senior was a scumbag, but lets remember him for the REAL reasons he was a scumbag. We don't have to deal in absurd claims about illuminati skull and bones freemasons of the rosy cross's knights of malta (Queen of England!!!!1) BS.

Eric Hoffer

Bush's record speaks for itself. He was

A Trilateralist, promoted the UN, and eugenics. and he attended bohemian grove, admittedly, and had UNDERAGE MALE HOOKERS in the white house , as reported by Washington Times. They did a follow up with Barbara Bush who told the paper its not a big deal. You can see that article online. The photo of bush in a hoodie is simply history. it tells a lot about him, and what a weirdo he is. If you dont think it's relevent, that's certainly your perogative. The family are a bunch of creepy weirdos, the hoodie pic is just more proof of it.


I have a hood on my bathrobe and a few in the closet too, does that make me a weirdo?

I thought we were here for Dr. Paul. Get on with it and let sleeping dogs lie.