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Clark County GOP fails to fill its slate of delegates

"The blame was placed on Ron Paul supporters."

Kind of says it all.


What isn't said in the article is that there were numerous delays that the attendees had no control over relating to the setup of the registration process as well as failing printers and equipment. But of course having vigorous involvement and discussion is clearly Ron Paul's fault.

"More than 1,400 people showed up, but only about 150 stayed until the end."

Part of the problem is obvious. These party conventions are not made for real discussion but to give people the impression that they are involved somehow in party politics. After all, what else could people be expected to do if the nominee is typically chosen for them before these conventions even happen?

The Republican Party seems out of touch with what priorities the citizens of the United States need. Not that the Democrats are any better, but I really long for a day when we can be proud of the candidates for standing up for the important issues of the day rather than designing their plans on a day to day basis using a child's toy.

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Friend attended Clark County

Friend attended Clark County GOP meeting yesterday. These are quotes for emails she sent me.

Unbelievable stuff going on right now at our convention. Mark and I are sitting here as we speak and we are fighting hard right now. Romney's team lied to the Santorum and Newt delegates by telling them Ron Paul's delegates are sneaky and from Satan. They developed a "unity" slate and left off Ron Paul delegates. It will totally screw over the 3 runners and make Romney win. Santorum caught wind of it and sent his representative to speak to them about how wrong the Romney people were by including them in the mix without asking. We had a meeting last night with the Santorum delegates and convinced them to team with us on a slate leaving Romney off. Our only goal is to keep Romney from winning the National convention. Not all Santorum delegates trusted being with us ( even though it is the only way Santorum delegates will make it to the State convention)
We are getting ready to vote. There is some arguing going on so we are stalled for the moment. It will be interesting to see who wins. Clark county is mostly Ron Paul delegates.
Pierce county did our strategy and totally aced out Mitt. It was roughly 50/50 Paul/Santorum. No Mittens!
We want a brokered convention! The Mittens are convinced we are breaking up the party and then we won't have anyone to beat Obama. They don't realize the Mittens can't beat Obama.

Her district had 28 delegates and "Out of 28 Ron got 16, Mittens got 5 and Santorum got 6, eye of newt got 1."


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Alex Hayes

Check out this video from the Pierce County Convention where Alex Hayes is seen and heard promoting the Unity Slate explicitly to block Ron Paul delegates. Evidently, it was a ruse.
That is not being carried in the national news, nor is the fact that Santorum was not happy with this and explicitly instructed his delegates to work with Paul delegates to counter this ruse: http://youtu.be/NhHKbwTbjU8


The Romney people were all sporting "Unity R S G" stickers yesterday and the "Unity" slate was circulated and pimped. Your comment does not make sense.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

what a pathetic joke of an article

That reporter should never work again -- oh, except that "newspapers" aren't about telling the truth anyway; they serve the agenda of their owners. So no doubt the reporter was just doing what she's paid to do.

Now, for the actual facts:

Romney and his corrupt GOP cronies initiated the entire problem by coming out with the so-called "Unity" slate (the stickers for this had "R S G" on them, representing the 3 acceptable candidates and making it blatantly obvious what kind of "unity" was being sought) on Wednesday night. That was a gauntlet thrown down, and the lies told in putting forward that slate set the stage for all of what followed -- which, typically, was mostly good stuff from and for Paul supporters and outrageous behavior from the establishment, misreported by the newspaper, then corrected by the many comments at the bottom of the page.

The delays, as those comments note, had nothing at all to do with Ron Paul supporters. In fact, we were actively helping -- and offering even more help -- to correct and mitigate the problems, which were coming from poor organization by the county GOP. I will let those who were more directly involved tell about that. At least one story I heard firsthand is just shocking in showing the arrogance and rudeness of some GOP officials toward us RPers.

I could talk for a long time about the amazing effort we just concluded in responding to the "Unity" slate by forming a tactical coalition with (most of) the Santorum supporters (and we tried to include the few Gingrich supporters, but I am told that they eventually went the other way) and producing and pushing our own slate; if you could have seen what happened, you would stand up and cheer. We all lost a lot of sleep for a couple of nights but gained new friends and so many crazy stories. This was the most political fun I've had in months.

Finally, the only thing which will matter to the rest of the country is the ultimate outcome of the delegate voting, so how did that turn out, you ask? Well... there are still some things to be sorted out, but the summary I heard from those who were in there (remember I'm from Oregon and I was just floating around trying to be useful) is that only a handful of Romney delegates made it to state; RP has a plurality, with Santorum not far behind and I think a couple of Gingrich folks. That means that in less than 72 hours from the throwing down of Romney's corrupt gauntlet, despite lousy party management of the convention, resistance from some Santorum supporters (the ones who still bought the smears against us) and being almost totally unable to contact Gingrich people, we managed to turn a looming shutout of Paul into a Paul WIN and a near-total shutout of ROMNEY.

Suck on that, establishment bozos.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Clark County, GA.....Romney camp tried to cheat!

Romney camp once again tried to cheat, and pre-select all the delegates before anyone even entered the room!!!

Everyone's fed up with this. Especially Paul, Santorum and all their staff who know by now this is not the way to conduct voting.

It is also illegal behavior as it doesn't follow Robert's Rules of Order. Roberts Rules will always be observed on the floor, ensuring there is a fair process & when a Romney shows up to deceive people or cheat....that only gives the process a black eye.

Sounds more like they raised hell...

...again. It ended in dispute. I'm going on the assumption there were shinanagans our guys weren't going to put up with. You would think the establishment has learned by now that we are not taking their crap. hmmm...perhaps they enjoy hitting their head up against a brick wall over and over and over and....

I still don't get why the Gingrich and Santorum folks

are voting Romney?!?!?

Do You Really Want To Know?

All three represent the agendas of the military industrial complex and its proponents. These special interests don't care if one of these three wins, or Obama. The establishment GOP and the Democrats are two wings of the same bird. Tragically, this has been the case for decades. The only candidate who does not represent special interests is Ron Paul. The media blackout is a part of this overall agenda.



I read that article and still can't tell who got the delegates. It only says that there were 75 delegates and no alternates. Everyone fought hard, but who WON?

non-romney won

judging by the comments under the article, the "open convention" delegates won. That would be Paul, Santorum, and Gingrich. Just hope Paul gets enough to beat Romney at the State convention.

other delegates?

whats going to happen to the remaining number of delegates that have not been chosen?
is the exec going to chose behind closed doors?

"I don’t care about [Ron Paul's] chances. I support him. We have no other solutions. It is my duty as a citizen and as a taxpayer who doesn’t want to be hoodwinked in the long term by bureaucrats." -- Nassim Taleb

Ron Paul must have won. If

Ron Paul must have won. If anyone else had won, the article would have said so.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

Good Observation!

How could we miss the obvious after so long!