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OWS endorses Ron Paul as April Fools' joke...not funny!

I just decided to Google Ron Paul April Fools and this was the second result:


A screenshot of the post he is referencing, in case they pull his post down:


NYCGA homepage where the post resides:


The poster of that forum post (not the joke) feels that it is not beneficial to alienate RP supporters and Libertarians in general. He is right.

There have been many forum debates on here about OWS. Like the Tea Party, I supported them whole-heartedly in the beginning, until they had their "Tea Party FreedomWorks" moment and got co-opted by George Soros and the unions. But I still felt the boots on the ground that they had could eventually come around to our way of thinking. Unfortunately, as the forum poster pointed out, this joke would have to have been approved by 90% of those boots on the ground.

Perhaps lancealotlink can respond to this. I, for one, am extremely disappointed that they would make jokes about a man of such high integrity, when there are three other candidates and one president who have displayed the opposite.

EDIT: They also say that at the end that their endorsement is dependent on him choosing Dr. Cornel West as his VP. West was a noted civil rights activist, but someone who clearly sees America as a racially divided nation. Perhaps this is a dig at the supposedly racist attitudes of Ron Paul. I am pretty disgusted with them right now.

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I know who the OWS is supposed to be.

It's supposed to be a half dozen things or so, if you ask 6 people who are reasonably well spoken, but with divergent views.

Despite hearing 6 different well detailed explanations of who OWS is, and watching a number of videos and reading numerous articles, I still don't know who the real OWS is...

Kind of the like the Flea Party, that came in after our efforts in 2008. The Flea Party was supposed to be the "real deal".

Except they were all a bunch of bafoons, dyed in the wool neocons, clinging to their medicare and social security, while blaming everyone but themselves for the last 40 years of stupidity.

The only consistent movement has been us. We've given ourselves a number of labels, and we've been assigned countless more, but we have something in common, and have chosen to congregate under Ron Paul's banner, as he leads the charge.

Movements acquire and lose young people quite rapidly. It seems that, while young people are quick to try new things, they are also quick to abandon them if they reek of hypocrisy or lameness.

We seem to be the only ones capable of somewhat attracting and keeping young people.


Who is that?

I think it shows you OWS true colors...

...they consider it a joke to endorse Ron Paul. All the "let's join together kumbaya BS" is just that, BS.

I'm getting to despise OWS more and more as time goes on.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

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In fact, I think this is funny, in an ironical way

For they are FOOLS not to endorse Dr. Ron Paul, actually.

Just saying.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


I am with you on that!

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

What's the problem?

I think it's a great joke. A good April Fool's story is close to real life - like "this could almost happen". OWS ought to endorse RP, but everybody knows it will never happen because they are too political correct to do so. If the unlikely event really was about to happen, it would in fact be a likely scenario that they would demand Cornell West as VP in a political bargain in order to please their own left wing sceptics. Come on! This is great fun, and good PR for the campaign. Think about how many that maybe just take a short look at this story when it is shared. Subconsciously they would think "Leftists endorse Ron = many different groups endorse Ron = Momentum."

Article title

Your title is misleading. It isn't OWS behind it, it's the NYC general assembly website group.

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there's no central OWS authority this is as close as it gets.

Besides though all jokes are half meant. All publicity is good publicity.

watch this spread Ron's message further. OWS isn't doing anything these days, u can bet that there will be those who research him further because of this just to find out what they are cutting down, and in the process convert to him.

That's how we all originally found him after all.

This is the essential problem with Americans

The constant need to polarize.

What is the movement called? Occupy Wall Street.

Why was it called that? Because of all the corruption that happened there, their influence on politics, how it lead to the financial collapse, and how no one was prosecuted.

The initial beginning of the movement had all to do with that.

Now you have the OWS movement in which people have decided that other issues that have been pressing their buttons should be thrown on board as well. Gay rights, abortion rights, free healthcare, free education, taxing the rich, ending the war on drugs, etc. - from a movement that initially attacked Wall Street, it has now become the progressive platform.

And what's worst of all, people who agree with them on what the movement was founded upon have now been ostracized.

This is why the movement will inevitably fail. Like the tea party, they have been co-opted by the far left and in adopting all its beliefs have turned this, like the tea party, into *ANOTHER* polarizing left vs. right issue.

I mean, if it was left to the very basics, it would be inclusive of the WHOLE country. Who in the world is for corruption? No one (other than 0.000000001%). You could have millions from all races, creeds, beliefs and ideology united and institute REAL CHANGE.

That won't happen now. And what a shame that is.

OWS of today is the Tea Party Patriots...

The Tea Party Patriots believed in eliminating all rules for corporations, allowing corporate social welfare for all and a host of other god-awful things.

Even forced health care as long as corporations controlled it.

Sounds all too familiar to the platform of the true democratic party....come to think of it.

Its an illusion folks, all the far far left. The original "volunteers" of OWS just have no idea that's true yet....

Indeed...America is so very

Indeed...America is so very polarized on so many issues. We have been thoroughly divided and conquered. I feel we have been encouraged to think this way, by the media and the two party establishments, for so long it is just second nature to many Americans now.

I followed OWS quite thoroughly

from the beginning in September 2011. After about a month it was taken over by agents of the original organisers Adbusters, a Soros organisation, using very precise Marxist-Leninist techniques.

They secured the money under their control and set up another structure to bypass the 90% consensus requirement of the General Assembly. Up till then they were following the declared intention of creating a direct democracy space. Now it is just a facade and resembles pretty much what we have in every country in the West, a Marxist synthesis with the money lenders in control.

My guess is that many if not most of the participants are still unaware of what has happened since they are quite young and unsophisticated, i.e. naive which I do not mean pejoratively. I am sure these young people would listen to a sound presentation of the principles of liberty but the movement at its core and as a whole is now beyond redemption. It is firmly under the control of the Marxists just like the ruling, apparently politically dichotomous, Party.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

OWS was, is, and always will be

a communist organization, to the core.

When they were getting

When they were getting started someone I know who is a participating activist tried to convince me.... we got into a debate and by the end of it he openly admitted he thought freedom was a bad thing and that people were not smart or responsible enough to make their own decisions (including myself), and that the idea that we own our own lives is wrong- society owns us. If he's reflective of the rest of their movement, then it sounds like the polar opposite of what I believe in, and it sounds completely evil and foolish.

Funny. Now can we get back to

Funny. Now can we get back to the real issues, like perhaps electing a president that would give OWS no reason to fight?

One day they will realize

Half of the legislation being passed, NDAA for example is to stop the Occupy movement. The only way to win this is take over the government like we are,the peaceful and productive way. You can stand in the streets and protest all you want but if you want change you must make it happen.

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry

Are you sure YOU aren't a ows supporter?

You appear rather "trendy" in your pic.
Another newbie - and showing less than "enthusiastic" support for Ron Paul in your posts and comments. Do you usually search for the negative?
Not claiming as fact -
Just pondering............................

Me thinks we get into trouble

pondering too much at times. YMMV though.

I don't

perhaps you do.

Pondering to a fault

NEVER mind.

What the bleep is "trendy"?

And what's wrong with being a "newbie"?

God forbid we have the bad luck to hit on a trend and get some new folks to support Ron Paul.

I've got your point.

Let's make sure to get a law passed saying NO ONE is allowed to vote for Ron Paul UNLESS they have been a user on DailyPaul for at least as long as you've been a member.

Now that would be a shrewd move, wouldn't it?

You sure are the smart one. No one possibly can do us any good who doesn't simply parrot whatever Ron Paul says... hell, we can't afford any vote from someone who is "less than enthusiastic" in supporting Ron Paul, can we?

No, that would bring in those dangerous free thinkers, and we can't allow that.

If you don't know the meaning of "trendy"

look it up.
My response was a reflection after reading ALL the posts and comments made by the poster to date...I don't make judgements based simply on "time" as a member so get over your accusations and stop trying to censor my "free thinking" - and freedom of expression.
And NO you didn't get my point - so stop with the sarcastic bs.

You don't deserve a response but I'll give one anyway

I have donated over $600 to RP this campaign, and I became a premium subscriber to this site because I believe in the message being espoused here. That is why you see a "trendy" pic in the first place. I'd like to know how you define my pic as "trendy". Is it because I am in an interracial marriage or because I am hiking in the Rockies?

No, I don't usually search for the negative, I was looking for something funny like "Ron Paul wins election in Austria" or something, not something insulting like what OWS posted. And the fact that your comment title even insinuated that I was an OWS supporter shows a lack of reading comprehension.

Call me a newbie all you want, it doesn't change the fact that you are a jerk.

"You appear rather "trendy" in your pic."


With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.


Then why didn't you find something funny? Or do an April Fool's yourself?
Let's see, basically I called you trendy cause you are one of the few to actually attach a photo to your comments?????
I never noticed anything "interracial" - so I think you are being a bit oversensitive.
And call me a jerk if you wish, it doesn't change the fact that you have posted quite a few negative articles concerning Ron Paul on this site.
If you are as you say, a new supporter of Ron Paul then welcome aboard. I'll be looking forward to some positive and uplifting articles from you in the future. :)

I have never said anything bad about Ron Paul

But if you had been reading posts in the last month, there were several that talked about pulling OWS people into the fold. I interpreted this was a nasty swipe at Paul, and I felt people on this site needed to be informed regarding that.

As for your "trendy" remark, you do know that premium subscribers all get a photo next to their name no matter what. Having my own doesn't make me trendy; it's called sending Michael Nystrom our money to keep the site going. I find this site to be too valuable to not support monetarily. Since you have been here for 4 years, I figured you would know that by now. So, I misinterpreted what you meant by trendy, but when you called me an OWS supporter, you ticked me off and I made an unfair pre-judgement.

As for my posts being negative. My last 5 were all positive/informative except for the Santorum endorsing Romney one which was just amusing, so your argument is unfounded. I did post some articles a while back that were linked from Drudge or Yahoo that were negative, to show my disgust with the media and Matt Drudge. As you pointed out, I am a newbie, so I wasn't aware at the time how bad the media was for Ron Paul, but I no longer post stuff like that because I have learned that it is not helping anyone on this site learn anything they don't already know. In this case, however, I felt this information needed to be shared.

Anyway, I am not interested in arguing anymore. It is a zero-sum game at best. I am chalking this up to a misunderstanding and moving on. Take care.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.


Thank you for the post.

Just the laughs I needed to get off the another long Sunday.

Keep up the good thinking!

BTW, to qualify as sufficiently trendy you'll need to reconsider hiking locale.

I've been to the Rockies, even lived in Colorado.

Trendy folk don't do that...it's too bleepin' cold there.

No problem, John

My wife and I are going to the Canadian Rockies in July. It's gonna be trendy to the max...and cold.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

Well Ron Paul is doing quite well, including Minnesota...

So his rise proves they have lost their original standing to ridicule or "insult" him as they would do on the fringe.

Maybe these "OWS activists" are just afraid/led astray that Dr. Paul would overnight end their corporate welfare???

What about all the federal drug programs these poor kids belong to, some who are not so innocent after all?

Its truly a shame that these OWS volunteers have been co-opted by Soros & Koch. Including the riots in Florida, which clearly encouraged drug violence and spurred massive police outbursts.

I am positive the leaders know they are tools & pawns. The question is, do OWS followers know it??

Its no wonder there was such brutality by the police, some of whom support the doctor, because these latest "OWS activists" were actually doing acidic drugs & carrying some weapons.

It is very clear the OWS campaign wants a "revolution" as well, but for who's agenda?? Why does a worldwide nationalized bank sound like a much worse solution to the proposed Federal Reserve.

And why are protesters in favor of a cashless bank or any of this nonsense? Who benefits? Liberty must educate all - teach them truth. Don't join their game.

wait what?!

I agree with your comment but this part:

"Its truly a shame that these OWS volunteers have been co-opted by Soros & Koch."

The Koch brothers are at the top of the list of people OWS hates. They certainly have nothing to do with OWS.


With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

True enough, but Koch & Soros are quite good friends...

They're actually all the same liberal monster.

But OWS doesn't know this, and that's why they aren't gung-ho on the fires of freedom yet.


Can you post some links that talk about this. I am heading out and will take a look later. Thanks in advance.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.