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Americans Elect

No matter how you feel about Americans Elect, the least we can do is make sure Ron Paul qualifies to be the national candidate using this route. Then it will be up to Dr. Paul whether to accept. Therefore, we don't have to argue about whether AE is a good organzation or not, we just have to get him qualified. That alone will make news, that alone will give his campaign a boost!

Some are confused and concerned about their being disqualified as a Republican delegate if they vote for Ron Paul on the American's Elect site. No problem! If you are already a delegate and uncertain, then do not participate in AE. But for the REST OF US... Can we please take 60 seconds each to go to Americans Elect and login and ADD OUR SUPPORT FOR DR. PAUL? I can't believe we are missing this opportunity!


Why is this a perfect fit for Dr. Paul? Because this is an internet caucus event and Ron Paul practically invented internet campaigning. In one day we could qualify him at Americans Elect. I also have no doubt that we can get him on the national ballot using this opportunity!

Why aren't we? Maybe because we are stuck on one track? Maybe because we feel Americans Elect to be a threat, outside the mainstream campaign and so disloyal. I think you will agree that Ron Paul has always been about the freedom of his supporters to support him and his ideas in the most inspirational manner that they can - as long as it is done with tolerance and respect.

In summary: Some are suspicious of AE, others feel it wrong to do anything outside of the official campaign. We can disagree on these points, but for now let's work together to get Dr. Paul on the AE ballot - after that we can debate the fine points and while we debate, Dr. Paul can decide whether or not to accept the AE candidate slot we have prepared for him.

Bottom line? We need Dr. Paul as our next President. Anyway that we can further that goal MUST be pursued. Americans Elect is a clear opportunity for Ron Paul to be our next president - and may be the BEST opportunity.

Time's a wasting! We only have 30 days! Let's not let this opportunity pass. Please login and and vote to support Congressman Ron Paul, today.

In peace and cooperation for the election of Ron Paul,
Terence, Williamsburg VA.
Virginia Draft Leader, AE.

(Google 'Facebook Ron Paul Third Party YES' for more info and links)

Video here: Arguments for AE:

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read this again and debunk it:

all in here: http://www.dailypaul.com/222810/reality-check-americans-elect
If they want to they can influence the nomination. Its very cleverly done and the people who just register there out of the intent to do something good wont discover it.
AE is another scheme.

If they want to they can influence the nomination

If AE wants to?

The GOP does and is!

"Phillippe's (The Republican National Committee's chief counsel) letter threatens that the RNC may not seat the entire Nevada delegation at the convention in Tampa if it has reason to believe that the Paul supporters have captured more delegate slots than the rules allow."

You know what else? AE needs Ron Paul! That's right. They need a candidate or they fail in their mission, for YEARS to come!

"For Americans Elect this poses an existential dilemma. As Troiano explains, without a candidate, AE will not be able to secure the ballot spot it would be able to claim not just this year but, under rules in most states, in 2014 and 2016 if it were able to field a candidate this year who secured at least 5 percent of the vote."


RonPaulPeace - we are on the same team! I apologize for sounding frustrated and combative but I just want the man to be President! Your goal is delegates in a party...

Do you realize that Mitt Romney will be that Party's leader - even with lots of Ron Paul delegates? Can you be in a party with a candidate whose main advisors are Bush neocons? Who said yesterday that he will increase the size of the military? Who supports NDAA? Who said about the Palestinians "I’d get on the phone to my friend Bibi Netanyahu and say: ‘Would it help if I say this? What would you like me to do?".

Terence W.

I understand your frustration and all the baggage that we endure

being in the GOP.

Romney wont be the party leader if you and all other people focusing on AE and other distractions like the libertarian party concentrate on the task at hand!

This Attitude is the reason why the neocons were able to take over the GOP. The Libertarians and all the frustrated people left it to them.

Do you want to remember 2012 and 2016 with: I voted in some long forgotten obscure internet platform while others fought for hours together with like minded people all over the country to take over a party from the old establishment?

You can change history. AE wont be a part of it.

As I understand there was a similar organisation like AE in 08 with similar leaders and they just renamed it for 12. It doesnt matter for them if they fail with this. They just create another organization for 16. The people behind it are tied one way or the other to the FED system and they have no problem to push every 4 years enough money to pull another organization of.

You cant take over AE. Impossible.
You can take over the GOP. I know its difficult and the RNC isnt helping either but at least you have some influence. 4 years from now we will have even more influence. We can build a great "dynasty" of reason based on liberty,freedom and peace. We cant do this with AE.

I try to convince all of you who put their hopes into AE or the libertarian party that you are distracted from the task at hand preventing you also from having more political influence in the future cause AE and the Libertarian party cant provide that.

But Im also ready to agree to disagree.

AE is a Party, Registered in CA with Sec. of State.

If you go to the CA Secretary of State web page and click on SEARCH at the top right, and type in Americans Elect, you will see the papers they filed with the Secretary of State when they qualified for ballot access. They are a party, the4y waived the CA promary election, will hold their convention June 15, qwhere they will nominate OR SELECT their candidate.

If you are not a Ron Paul REPUBLICAN, you don't get it, as in, you don't get Ron Paul's message, you think you are smarter than Ron Paul and the rEVOLution, or you're MSM brainwashed and a bigot who won't join the GOP, as if you can build a better party with Romney's attorney, Rothchild's money and council of Foreign Relations lackys.

Get lost! And have a nice day.

Don't involve party lines in this.

I am an independent. I don't vote for republican or democrat. I vote for ideal and freedom. Your "republicans" are making this harder than what it should be. When you seen the polls that we all love to see where Ron Paul is ahead of both Romney and Obama, guess who is doing that? The independents and the true tea party followers. Ron Paul's message goes farther and wider than any of the parties. That is why he is so well viewed worldwide. He chose the gop because it was the closest to his conservative ideas, but does ideas are not front and center anymore within that party. So please, don't cause more division with your comments. We are here to unite.

Ron Paul for Freedom!!!

Knowledge is the currency of the Universe.-
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

egapele's picture

"I don't vote for republican or democrat"

That's called flip-flopping. As you can see, it's best to stick with the Republican party and turn it inside out. Take the party back and give it to the people. Ron Paul is leading that movement. We are full steam ahead.

You should read everything before you make an opinion.

Like I said, I vote for ideals and freedom. Parties mean nothing when both of them are trying real hard not to have Ron Paul anywhere near the headlines. And when he does, they say we are "taking over", like we are violating their rights for wanting our voices to be heard. Did you see what the gop tried in Maine? That was your party doing this. So please, don't fixate yourselves with party lines and listen to the message, which goes far beyond both parties.

Ron Paul for Freedom!!!

Knowledge is the currency of the Universe.-
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

You are not represented and a pawn

I was an Indy since 93. I joined the GOP last year because I KNOW Ron Paul is NOT going to go Indy. My only regret is not joining the GOP earlier. I am seated, I have more power and representation than I ever did. Indy is EMPTY. It's a FEELY place, not a practical place, and YOU hope AE is different. THEY ARE GAMING YOU.

It's a GREAT fight in the GOP. Instead of joining us, you're a vulture waiting for us to fail.

You want to unite, JOIN THE GOP. Get in the fight and stop trying to divide us.

I am no pawn and I don't

I am no pawn and I don't believe in the AE either, but we have gotten into this trend of attacking anyone that doesn't agree with you, name calling like children. When I joined this movement was because we were the few that thought different from the rest. And many people forget that the first thing that Dr. Paul promotes is the exchange of ideas. I just don't like being judged with generalized comments. We all want Dr. Paul to win, but we most be prepared for whatever outcome. Don't close your eyes to all possibilities in order not to be blindsided by the powers to be within the gop. They are very worried.

Ron Paul for Freedom!!!

Knowledge is the currency of the Universe.-
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

As an Indy (pawn), you have no central committee

I was an Indy (pawn) since 93. I'm sorry I wasn't a Republican, I would have actually had an opportunity to influence CHANGE in my life from this crony capitalism. I worked on Nader's ballot access for 12 long years and it was a waste of time and money.

I joined the GOP last year, and I read here that FOX News is reporting how we are infiltraiting the GOP and taking delegates. It's true. That is what we are doing. We are far more conservative than the Neocons who don't like what we are doing. Going to AE is like being nutral. You are not helping Ron Paul and the rEVOLution by being Indy and "advertizing for Ron Paul through AE".

The fight is inside the GOP. JOIN. JOIN THE GOP, participate in the rEVOLution, get seated on YOUR Republican central committee and support Ron Paul, Dr KNOW, Dr NO, when he is in the White House.

We must get in to take back America from this NWO.

you still don't get it

Use it to our advantage. Heck if Republican Establishment thinks Ron Paul is going to run 3rd party they will do whatever it takes to keep him on board. So, for a group of us to vote him up on AE is helpful. It is a part of the puzzle. It give media coverage. It shows how much support he really has. It gets more people interested in his campaign who otherwise might not know he exists.

Ron Paul is about making coalitions. You are not helping him with your attitude. You would just as soon drive would be coalitions away. He needs everybody to win.

I AM the GOP establishment

JOIN THE GOP and get in the good fight. STOP trying to divide our work.

To the trolls that like A E

Dr Paul will not join them no matter what. sorry


don't you get it

It doesn't matter if he joins them or not. It will make news. We can use all the news we can get. It also, helps get more supporters because everyone that goes there sees that he is at the top of the list. He is the most supported.. Consider this like one the the stupid web polls everyone is always promoting here.

I don't own a TV, radio, don't tune in

I really don't care about MSM and am not interested in Ron Paul getting air time friom those assholes.

JOIN THE GOP and get in the rEVOLution.
The rEVOLution will NOT be televised.

AE is trap for RP Delegates

Americans Elect is a fraud. Look at their Board. Eisner, Rothschild and more.

This a trap to disqualify Ron Paul Delegates. Don't sign up if you are or hope to be a delegate.

District by District, County by County, State by State Ron Paul Supporters are taking control of the Republican Party. Join us in the Republican Party. Find out who the liberty candidates are in your upcoming elections.

There are hundreds of Paul Supporters running for office and party positions.

AE Party

Chief legal Counsel is Romney's attorney.

Scroll down to see their board of advisors.


Christine Todd Whitman, former Gov of NJ.
William Webster, Former FBI and CIA director
Bush and McCain advisors.

You will get far with their 3000 registered voters in California.


Compare that to the 93,000 LP registrants, 430,000 American Independent and 5,000,000 Republicans.

AE is a corporate/establishment fraud. Or.... Maybe this is their fallback plan for when we restore the Republican Party to what is was with Goldman and Reagan.

Romney's attorney?

Think about it.

You are against Ron Paul running for President in AE. Instead, you want to focus on winning delegates in the Republican Party. The Republican party is going to elect Mitt Romney as their candidate. Many of these delegates will vote for him, many will be required to. You will be part of the Party that is lead by Mitt Romney.

And your first complaint against Americans Elect is that:

"It's chief legal council is Romney's attorney".

So you will support Romney as a Candidate for the Presidency (since you will be in the party), but you won't support getting Paul to be President through AE - because they share the same attorney.

Terence W.

No Roberts Rules of Order for AE Convention

The AE is a top down central planned organization. The leadership has rigged the playing field. No doubt they wukk be counting the votes secretly as well.

In a real convention, the delegates vote on the rules, the chair and can put forth motions.

If you want to help Ron Paul, get on the phone. Come into a headquarters or use phone from home. The phone system is why we are winning delegates, we call them up and get them to their conventions.

If you don't like phone calling, get out to Arkansas, California, Texas or other states that haven't voted yet. Pick up a voter list and start knocking on doors.

In California, only Republicans can vote for Ron Paul in the June 5th primary. We have until May 21st to get every supporter registered Republican. We getting hundreds of new registrations at the California Rallies.

No other campaign has the grassroots. Join Us in the Republican Party.

there are planty of Independents and Dems that CAN!!

There are planty of Independents and Dems that are not delegates for the Republican party and can't be. In some places you have to be a Republican for 6 months to qualify to be a delegate. SO, please don't discourage us from being AE delegates.

If Ron Paul turns them down it will make news. So who cares who is running it. In fact Ron Paul is the only one close to qualifying to run on AE.

Another reason to go with AE

Another reason to get Paul qualified with AE. Conspiracy theories abound about how AE will 'control' the outcome. This letter from RNC legal is not theory - it is control with a big hammer for all to see:

"Phillippe's letter threatens that the RNC may not seat the entire Nevada delegation at the convention in Tampa if it has reason to believe that the Paul supporters have captured more delegate slots than the rules allow." Quote from Huffington Post article.

Terence W.

Don't fall for the conspiracies

A rumor surfaced earlier this week suggesting that Americans Elect delegates might be “disqualifying” themselves from being legal delegates to support a GOP candidate.This rumor, based on GOP Rule 11(b) and 15(c)(3), does not strictly apply to Americans Elect delegates as our Rules are not “state law” as referred to in the GOP Rules. But more importantly, AE participation is private and will not be released.Bottom line: even if the GOP Rules Committee decided that the spirit of their rules required disqualification of those participating in the AE process, there is no way the GOP could enforce the rule because they would have no way to identify AE participants.

Dont be fooled!

To quote from the post: "In summary: Some are suspicious of AE, others feel it wrong to do anything outside of the official campaign. We can disagree on these points, but for now let's work together to get Dr. Paul on the AE ballot - after that we can debate the fine points and while we debate, Dr. Paul can decide whether or not to accept the AE candidate slot we have prepared for him."

The above quote is not what Dr. Paul has asked us to do.

Here is what Dr. Paul has asked:

http://www.dailypaul.com/222451/video-ron-paul-gives-campaig... .

also today on Face the Nation


Lets stay together folks behind our good doctor!

Ron Paul does NOT rule out anything!

Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto:


see time 4:19

Ron Paul does NOT rule out running outside the Republican party.

He says he has two goals:

1. Winning the election.

2. Maximizing the number of delegates.

Solution: Get Paul qualified for Americans Elect, continue the delegate process all the way to Tampa.

Terence W.

Yes, be a delegate

By all means. Be a delegate. Please. But there only so many slots for delegates. The rest of us, please help by giving Dr. Paul this option, he may need it. If he doesn't take it, no harm done. Let's not get personal. Let's give him every opportunity available. And Dr. Paul does not 'direct'. He is the candidate of liberty and respects the efforts of ALL his supporters.

Terence W.

Dont disqualify yourselves!

Isn't this the site that's trying to disqualify RP delegates?! Watch what you do, fellow Patriots!!



If you are going to be or are a delegate stay away!

To liberty!

Support Paul on AE

Paul is closing in on 7,000 support clicks, BUT, we only have 3,446 of the 10,000 support clicks needed in the 10 states with the most supporters. So try not to be deceived by the overall support click count, its the top 10 states that need to reach 1,000 each. AE has given no indication that they will lower the support click requirements.

Remember top 10 states are: California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Washington, Virginia, and North Carolina.

If Paul doesn't want the nomination he can decline it! Its that simple. It only takes 5 minutes of time to try and get Paul on the ballot for the General Election. I have 5 minuntes of time to try to get Paul on the ballot, do you?


It doesn't cost any money and it only takes the time of a few mouse clicks.

Get Ron Paul on the ballot. Then we can debate the merits.