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Ron Paul getting delegates like a boss! Activists don't back down and sweep in Nevada

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul swept all state delegates from Nye County and a strong majority of state delegates from Douglas County in these areas’ respective GOP county conventions held Saturday. Yesterday’s success story from Nye County is especially notable because the county party establishment leadership attempted to break the rules in order to win, and ironically this effort destroyed their ability to send any representation to the state convention.

Nye County Republican Party leadership attempted to fill empty precinct delegate slots with people who failed to be elected or even participate in the February 4th caucus precinct meetings. Ron Paul supporters, however, worked tirelessly to ensure that the Republican Party rules were upheld and that Nevada State statutes were complied with. The 12-term Congressman from Texas’ supporters refused to allow the convening of a convention with unelected delegates. This delay in starting the convention ultimately frustrated the less-dedicated establishment attendees who refused to play by the rules.

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Romney's lawyers have to be worried.


Douglas County Convention

As Ron Paul delegates, my eighteen year-old daughter and I attended and became state delegates. But it was not clear to us that "more than half of the 108 state delegates and many alternate delegate positions" were Paul delegates...

Leland Thomas Faegre

So are you saying it as a lot

So are you saying it as a lot less than half?!/cevans93

Thank you!

Proud of you and your daughter and everyone involved in the whole Ron Paul liberty movement.