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Ron's Campaign Should Sell Tickets @ $10 Each For Events

Self-declared undecideds can get in free. Ron Paul supporters can either lie (I hope no true supporter would do this) or happily hand over the $10 to fund the campaign.

Paul's events could be paying for themselves instead of cutting into funds garnered from money bombs. This is in line with the campaign philosophy of living with your means and paying as you go.

Ron Paul is a rock star. Anyone objecting to this should demand all other rock stars they follow play for free or not go to their events. Am I making myself clear?

If you down-vote at least have the courage to leave a comment as to why.

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No way

Many come to his rallies and speaking events out of curiosity or because friends bring them. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WE NEED to hear the message other wise Ron is preaching to the choir. Many will come to listen if its free but they dont care enough to pay to hear him.

However, a voluntary Money Bomb at each event would be a great idea with some kind of make shift contribution meter or thermometer to see how much is being contributed right there and then which would get people excited to join together to contribute. Make it a competition between the colleges

Typical "American" style attention span.

Your comment is irrelevant - I've already accounted for the point you are trying to make by stating that undecideds should get in for free.

Next time... read the entire post instead of just the subject before you knee-jerk a response.

Audience Warm-up

Get somebody with personality up there to warm up the audience and action off items, start donation matching wars, and generally raising funds. It's a talent, but a great way to keep everyone engaged.

Bring lots of envelopes and the donation forms.

And always give up your seat to the undecideds. It's a shame to turn them away.

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How about a Donation Box

Some would drop in nothing, some would drop in more, and it would all be free will. We went to a rally and had to register before we took our seet. If there had been a jar on the desk I would have dropped a few bucks in.

If it were a required thing, the crowds may not be as big. Alot of people may bring friends and family who would not be willing to pay to attend, but are there for free and hear the message of Freedom. The message of Freedom needs to be spread!

Then again, I am wondering legally, can the campaign have unregistered donations?

If Newt can charge $50 for a photo...

...then there shouldn't be any problem with this.

I bet the good Dr could get more than $50!


I've had the same thought.

I've had the same thought. It's shame to fill the place up with supporters and turn away undecideds.
I was surprised how small the inventory of campaign swag there was at the Vancouver, WA event. They went through it fast. At least stock up and raise $ off the true believers that way.

Don't agree at all

His crowds are at Universities and have a lot of students coming to see him. College students are strapped for cash as it is and would have to lie. That's not a good thing IMO. Then the remainder of people that come are probably already donating as it is and to be charging to come and see him is a slap in the face.

I have gone to 3 of his rallies and one was the Iowa Caucus that I drove 9 hrs, went to a precinct to count votes and got a chance to speak to a small group then rushed to Des Moines to see him speak. The other I went too were in Missouri and a 3 hour drive each time to see him and be around fellow patriots.

I am giving all I can volunteering, trying to be a delegate and spreading the word to all I can.

This is a horrible Idea!

Just my opinion but thats how I feel.

To Liberty!

You must have a problem doing basic math.

"Then the remainder of people that come are probably already donating as it is"

Ron already has over a million votes. By just those numbers if "the remainder are donating" he would have a lot more campaign funds.

Are we trying to win here or just make a good show?

Winning unfortunately requires money.

being strapped for cash, they:

can't afford microbrew beer
can't afford a burger at the 'pub'
can't afford cigarettes
can't afford staying in and ordering pizza
can't afford i-tunes
can't afford pay-per-view sporting events
can't afford trendy clothes
can't afford cover charges at hip clubs
can't afford pumped up kicks
and sure as Houston can't afford a simple chip-in at an event.

Get real!!!


Thank you for pointing out this flaw of logic.

Strapped for cash enough also to not be able to concerts.

Nice generalization and I am being real

I work all the time with the YFRP University of Arkansas group and most don't have cars and I have taken them to 2 of the events in Missouri. Our meet-up group brings pizza to their meetings and I have gotten to know several of them pretty well and I know this is the case. Maybe the frat and sorority kids have all that but they are a small percentage and haven't really had any of that group join the YFRP group.

Plus these would have to be sent up as fund raisers and I don't think Dr. Paul would want to be known as the only candidate that charges to see him. He is a candidate and a rockstar but this is a campaign for liberty and the idea to charge to see someone that you are or maybe thinking about voting for is just not cool. They have had registration at 2 of the rallies and they get your info and probably send emails from those lists.

For liberty!


"charge to see someone that you are or maybe thinking about voting for is just not cool."

Undecideds are free. Read the post.

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Every event should have...

I don't think they can charge for events unless it's 100% preregistration, and the donor fills out the FEC-mandated disclosures.

However, I do think every event should have:

• T-shirts & apparel sales/other swag sales from the campaign
• Yard signs
• Bumper stickers
• Voter registration forms
• Absentee ballot request forms
• Donation envelopes (with FEC-mandated statements about being a citizen or permanent resident, private funds only, etc.) that the donor has to sign

Just my 2¢

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

i do agree

with your idea. there are always vendors selling t-shirts, buttons and stickers at all these events and I always wonder if they donate any money to Paul.