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Republican Party New Oath Disqualifies Americans' Elect signers?

I attended my precinct convention in Texas, yesterday, and we were required to swear a new oath which basically stated, (I am paraphrasing here) that we would be disqualified from being a delegate for the Republican party, if we have knowingly or unknowingly voted in another party's primary election or had campaigned for another party within the same election year. Also, it was stated to be a Class C Misdemeanor, if you can believe it!

Now, I dont know if signing up at american's Elect would qualify you to be disqualified, but if you want to be a RP delegate, I wouldnt chance it.

Texas is an open primary and we can legally vote in either partys primary without registering with that party (but not both in the same year), but this new oath disqualifies you as a delegate if you do so.

Just wanted to keep ya'll informed.

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This is not a new rule.

It's been there for decades.

Keep ahead of the bastids

They keep changing the rules.. just be aware.

There is no need while campaigning within the GOP to sign up for any third party deal, especially when that group is likely formed by progressives looking to get their progressive candidate elected.


Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

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Delegates, Check Americans' Elect site at least Daily

I wouldn't put it past the GOP elite to post your name on here just to disqualify you.

Americans Elect is OFFICIALLY NOT A PARTY!

Since Americans Elect is officially NOT A PARTY there can be no conflict of interest by being a member there.

Lately I have seen a myriad of "The Sky Is Falling" type messages and videos about Ron Paul supporters pulling out of Americans Elect due to some mythical conflict of interest. I am wondering what the REAL motive is for spreading such nonsense--like, could it be intentional sabotage against non-declared front runner Ron Paul in the Americans Elect arena? Could it be that someone is attempting to reduce Ron Paul's support OUTSIDE of what seems to be the Republican chaos machine this term? Since it is all based on hokum and nonsense, I can see no other motive.

Let's face it: As much as I would like to see Ron Paul get the second-round Republican nomination, it is not likely to happen. Assuming that plan to be a "fail," the only recourse will be the Americans Elect spot on the ballots of all states.

Remember, it isn't Americans Elect that is keeping Ron out of their slot--it is Ron Paul who has not accepted. It is good strategy on his part, but DON'T BAIL ON A POTENTIAL BACK-UP PLAN!

Let's keep our eye on the goal of electing Ron Paul--no matter which ballot slot he ends up on.

your assuming stuff thats not real

where is RP doing any strategy with AE nomiantion? You think he has a strategy to run for AE? You are delusional. Stop this nonsense and support RP in the real world..

GOP new Oath that might disqualify RP delegates

So Sorry,
I did not mean to stir up a hornet's nest.
That is why I put a question mark at the end of my title.
Since I acknowledge that I feel somewhat unqualified to be
a good campaigner for Dr. Paul (since I have gray hair), I admit I was even too scared to try to even post anything on DP until recently.

I know my little bit of info was incomplete (since I did not included the exact wording used in the Oath of GOP, but I am so determined to help (in whatever small way) to keep his campaign going strong to the National Convention, I thought
I would put the info about my experience on the board with the question mark, so everyone who was a delegate would do
diligent research before doing something that might hinder their delegate chances.

I certainly did not mean to insult anyone or prove anyone
right or wrong. Just wanted to keep RP's delegate count

I send my apologies again.
Keep Campaigning for Dr. Paul!

The Republican Party's new oath

Why is it that when someone wants to make a point, that is based on feelings or ideology rather than facts, they feel they must use demeaning term for all those who disagree with themselves.
Any time I here that you should vote only for Republicans or for Democrats I want to throw up! Maybe we should all have a ring in our noses so we can be jerked around whenever the party sees us going in a direction they don’t like.
How about looking at a man’s or woman’s credentials, their philosophy, and where they stand on the issues that mean the most to us and voting for the individual who most thinks like us and votes the way we would if we were voting on a bill or issue. Novel Huh?
Instead we abdicate the chore of selecting the nominee to party delegates and super delegates who may not have a clue or care about what the majority of their constituents’ preferences are. Rather they do what the party tells them to do… Lets nominate a true American in the sense of those that have future generations’ welfare as more important that their own reelection.

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Delegates, Check this site at least Daily

I wouldn't put it past the slimeballs, er GOP elite to post your name on here to disqualify you.

This is common sense.

Why would you try to be a delegate in one party while affiliating with another party? It makes NO sense.

So commit to Ron Paul and quit wringing your hands!

They can't charge you with a misdemeanor.

They are a private organization. However you CAN sue them for fraud for claiming so.