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I want to get interviewed by Jan Helfeld!

Just to test my liberty-mindedness... Does this sound crazy to you?

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Definitely. :)

He's super friendly, so being a libertarian and talking with him is a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Totally unlike interviews he does w/ big government neocons and liberals that makes all bothered and confused (for the most part).

To be fair, some of them actually realize they're wrong when he uses that interview style and then admit it! Just like with Gingrich's spokesman! LOL! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMfIPR_rT1I&feature=plcp&cont...

Don't know who that is.

Should I?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


Thanks I needed that. Who is Jan and what principle did you use in deciding your description of him? Please try to avoid using the dreaded double secret mutually contradictory baseless reply.

All of the aforementioned was written in jest, and are in no way intended toward Mcclarin. Once you discover Jan you will find that he has a seemingly endless supply of conversation pits, into which he draws his unknowing media and political creatures. He has interesting terms for what would now fall under the the blanket term; Pwnage.

That said, does anyone know if he has a list? Or where one might read or study it. I think it would come in handy in battling strawmen. Thanks in advance.

Yep, you should. Look over there ---------------------------->>

Jan kicks ass. He's featured on the DP (check just under the picture of Ron Paul over on the right column). He's done a bunch of really amazing interviews with a variety of politicians using the Socratic method of interviewing... it's great stuff. You can almost watch their brains melt as they're confronted with their own cognitive dissonance.

Just type in his name on youtube, sit back w/ some popcorn, and enjoy! :)

Look to your right at Daily

Look to your right at Daily Paul Features. He is often on first page. He uses a different style of interview. He challenges your ways of think, presuppositions, logic, etc. I actually enjoy these kinds of conversations because you can learn a lot about yourself.


I learned my one new thing for the day. I guess I can go back to bed ;-) Thanks!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.