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Operation California Activism

I would sure appreciate it if you would take a moment to watch my latest video:


This is Aaron Jones, grassroots activist and founder of iroots.org -- I’m asking for your help today to help fund ‘Operation California Activism.’ Ron Paul has announced several events in California this week including Chico, Los Angeles and Berkeley. Getting back to California this week means a great deal to me personally because I founded the YAL groups at Davis, Chico and Sacramento State. I also have connections in the area which will make my work even easier.
I can't do this work without your help. I've been unemployed for 5 months--with only some expenses covered by RevPAC.

Beyond bringing you video of Ron Paul, my goal is to provide in-depth interviews with the top-notch liberty and constitutional conservative activists in California. I will also be working with professional artists to distribute posters and flyers for the events.

Long term, this footage will be used in a grassroots activism training curriculum that we are developing over at iroots.org.

Full details are here:


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Looks good

Let me know if I can help with the training.

Wish I could help!

I am in the process of getting myself back to California (so I can be one of those energetic activists there!). I'm hoping the Doc makes it back next month as well. Best of luck raising funds!

Jack Wagner

And here is an article I wrote about CA Activism


Trying to refine down exactly what we need to be focusing on, and a game plan for CA State.

Jack Wagner

Awesome thanks for the info!

Going to get some people to go with me