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Third Time's the Charm

I made a New Year’s resolution to join and post on the Daily Paul.
So here it is:

Many years ago, I was obligated to take a government civics class in order to finally be released from public schooling. This occurred back, probably longer than many of you have even been alive let alone able to speak in coherent sentences. During the course of this class we were required to attend a series of lectures presented by people representing the various political parties.

On the first day we all trudged into the lecture hall and listened to a fellow who wrote “Republican” on the board. I took up a spot up front, not so much in order to see and hear better, but not being able to see everyone behind me made me feel more like I was alone. We all listened with varying interest. Some chatted amongst themselves in their own conversations, while the designated “Young Republicans” hooted and hollered at everything he said.

The next day we all trudged in again and listened to some guy who wrote “Democrat” on the board. The same interest in listening took place with some involved in their own discussions and the “Young Republicans” booing and hissing at everything he said.

On the following day there was some confusion as we were headed once again to the lecture hall. We had already heard from the two parties, what more was there to hear? I took up my spot in front again and waited for this to all be over. A young man was there and he wrote on the board a word I had never seen or heard before, “Libertarian”. He started into his speech and this time everyone became absorbed in their own private diatribes. He painted out how there was little to no difference between the two establishment parties. Then he began explaining ideas I had only seen briefly touched upon in history books. Sometime, during the course of his speech I had subconsciously shifted from sitting in my usual slouch to sitting up and leaning well across the small table before me. I strained to not miss a single word he was saying. Things like eliminating the IRS and the income tax, reducing the size of the overbearing government and pulling troops out of countries we no longer needed to lord over. I found the things he said so enthralling I would dare to say I may have been the only one he was talking to by the end of it all. My head was in such a swirl that I regrettably did not take the time to meet with him afterward for more information. I do not remember his name, but I literally am in debt to this gentleman for presenting me with my new found freedom.

For the first time in a long time I no longer had a need to feel alone because I now realized that I was not.

That summer after graduation I turned 18 and immediately joined both the selective service and the Libertarian party. I was an eager and ready to go libertarian of one. Just a couple of years later I was able to participate in my first presidential election. That day could not come soon enough for me.
Finally it arrived and I showed up to the voting booths to do my patriotic duty in selecting the next President of the United Sates. I signed in, got my ballot and stepped into the booth. I slipped my chad laced card into its slot and opened the book of candidates and looked down to find the capital ‘L’. There for the first time I saw his name and my first thought was “This man has two first names”.

I suddenly found myself taking pause. I was about to cast a vote for someone I had never heard of nor even knew. You see, there was no internet per se at this time, at least nothing that could come close to comparing with what we have today. The MSM was still as helpful in keeping the populace well informed as they are today. So I pondered. I could not leave and try and learn about him now, I was in the booth and there would be no coming back when I left it. I glanced back to the capital ‘L’ for reassurance. What did having that letter beside ones name mean? He must be for reducing the size of government back to its constitutional level. This means he will not need all those tax dollars and will eliminate the IRS and return the money to the people. It also means government restraints upon our lives will be eliminated. This would allow those of us who desire our liberty to live freely while being personally responsible for our own actions. That was enough for me, so with no regrets I took a leap of faith and cast my vote.

Ron Paul has never let me down.

Yes, I was disappointed that my nominee did not win the election, but I did not let that sway me. I continued to vote for my principles and never once listened to the ‘throwing your vote away’ fallacy. I had the distinct honor to go on and vote for Andre Marrou, twice for Harry Browne (http://www.lewrockwell.com/paul/paul313.html) and again for Michael Badnarik.

During this time, all the while, I proselytized with my own message of liberty and freedom. I reached a point where I could recognize that those who mocked me or walked away laughing were of liberal persuasion. Those that got angry and hostile were those that thought they were so called conservatives. I never let any of them discourage me. I retained my convictions and never wavered. I even had one man, who threatened to toss me off an eighth floor balcony for what I was saying, eventually telling others I was right.

Moving on, I was starting to hear the murmurs of sacrificing principals for victory from those claiming to be Libertarians. I did not like the sounds of that. Then when they nominated Bob Barr, who I suspect is a good person all around; I had trepidations about sending yet another lawyer to DC. Then I started hearing familiar words coming from the Republican party of all places. I was initially suspicious, as the libertarian principled “Contract with America” (of which little if any was accomplished) was in my view a vote gaining scheme. I tuned in to get a clearer listen to this individual and my first thoughts were, “This man has two first names”.

I could not help but resonate with the message this man was delivering, but I had to do further research to find out just who this man was. Now the internet as we recognize it today was in full force and I had no problem finding out all I needed to know. Too my great surprise I discovered that I had voted for this man so many years ago when I did not know him at all.

I was enthusiastically on board. I did something I never thought that I would do. I ended my membership with the Libertarians and joined the Republicans. I was more involved in the election process than I ever had been and even became a delegate for him in my precinct. It was truly an eye opening experience to learn how nominees are selected.

Once again I entered the voting booth and I wrote in “Ron Paul”.

Once again I will enter the voting booth and vote for Ron Paul.

The third time's the charm.

So there is my tale.
What was the point of it?
Perhaps in order to connect with the 432,178 other individuals with a similar story.
Perhaps to spark envy in those who may only get to vote for Ron Paul this one time.
Perhaps to empathize with those who are casting their first vote ever for Ron Paul.
It really cannot be said with any certainty.

I would however like to continue on with this.
The battle for our freedom and liberty has been an ongoing struggle for even longer than when I entered into the fray. Do not become discouraged when the cause does not seem to be advancing at the pace you feel it should be. I too thought that this message was so powerful that the whole world should be aware of it. Now, today, people all over the world are aware and receptive to it. This is in part, largely due to Ron Paul, but it is also in part because of me and because of you. Do not feel that your words fall upon deaf ears, for they are heard. People learn at different rates and in different ways. They might just need time to absorb and rationalize or they may require something visual or tangible in order to better grasp what is being explained to them. Your message could very well pave the way for the next person to build upon and bring about clarity. Persist and always speak your principles from the heart with honesty and conviction. The truth will prevail.

Regardless of the outcome of the next presidential election, do not think the battle is over. Teach your children, your grandchildren and all those close to you. Explain to them how all liberty can be lost when we give up on our responsibility to be the government.

With that I would just like to end by saying that I greatly appreciate all who support and contribute to the Daily Paul. Your endeavors, questions and lessons have helped to shine a light throughout the darkness.

Take care and enjoy your freedom.

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This was truly a most

This was truly a most singular story and one that I enjoyed reading very much. When everything is said and done I think individuals like Romney and Obama will largely be forgotten by history. They will be remembered as part of the political establishment who looked out for themselves and the special interests that they represented. But I feel that Ron Paul will be remembered as the one person in the Federal Government who stood out as a man of principle and as a true believer in the idea that "each of us has a natural right, from God, to defend his person, his liberty, and his property."