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I have already been contacted

I have already been contacted by the local office and been emailed instructions for the convention.

This method works. A donor was the happiest one to see me!

I attended a delegate training in Fort Worth on Thursday. Late Friday night the trainer sent me a list of potential RP supporters in my precinct. I noticed no donors names on the list so I added them (2 names in my precinct, excluding me). Saturday morning, I plotted my driving route and made several copies of my precinct convention info and delegate process material. After lunch, I went out hunting for delegates. Most people on the list were undecided. Some were not home. Some said they were too old to go places and would vote only in the Primary in May. I had no luck but one from the given list. The gentleman said he would call RP support group for more info on delegate training. I gave him a SB and delegate material. For other people, I only gave the SB. My day was not exciting until I knocked on a donor's door. He was so happy to see me and eager to get any info I could give him. He said he would attend a delegate training if possible but he promised no matter what he would show up on Tuesday 4/2 at the convention to be a delegate. For the other donor, unfortunately he was not home. I also walked on my own blocks and I got 3 more people to come with me to the precinct convention on Tuesday. (One of them even let me put RP sign on his yard!) And I also let all 3 of them know that I would be the chauffeur on that day to pick them up!


It is probable that the donor lists of the FEC have restrictions on their usage as I'm sure there was some kicking and screaming when the law requiring campaigns to report names, etc., was passed.

It might be a good idea to see what the rules are, before you decide whether to break them. This info should be available at the FEC.

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We are fine

We are not using it for commercial purposes. It is perfectly acceptable to use this data for legitimate campaign purposes.

good idea

sent email


Unless this helps the

Unless this helps the opposition identify Paul supporters! Please do this through the campaign and check to make sure you are not giving this info out to the campaign of another candidate! I know they can get this info anyway, but don't help them!

Don't be skeered.

If 10% of the response are moles and 90% are Ron Paul supporters, who cares. It's better just to do it anyway. Let's work harder than our opposition and turn our people out and then we can support whoever we want and our opposition can't do anything about it.