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The Case for an Austere President

I think we need a president like Ron Paul because of his austerity. Austerity has been given a bad name, but I believe it was Warren Harding's austerity that really helped the US get out of its mess after Wilson. I believe that Normalcy kind of president is what we need today after Wilsonians like Bush and Obama as president for 12 years. Below is an article I'm working on that I'd like to try to get published.

The Case for an Austere President

As we face another trillion-dollar deficit, massive spending on endless wars, and a world that is becoming extremely frustrated with our nation, it is crucial that America elects an austere president who will focus on eliminating the enormous deficits and who will regain our friendship with the rest of the world.

Austerity has been given a negative wrap in present times. But it is important to understand what austerity means. Austerity means sobriety, self-discipline, severely moral, and strict. The drunken man’s foe is the austere individual who tries to “ruin” the drunken man’s fun by suggesting he follow healthier habits. It should be no surprise that the both parties’ leadership in the US and that in Europe disdain the idea of austerity. After ten years of these drunken policies and leadership America desperately needs an austere president.

Ten years of the War on Terror has led us to trillions of dollars in debt and according to our leaders we are no safer than before the war. Twelve years of stimulus economic policies for short-term growth at the cost of lower long run growth and billions lost in bailouts and tax-cuts has created an economy and financial structure of the nation that is in worse shape than ever been.

The strange and truly scary thing is that the War on Terror has been expanding to the whole globe. The United States, now with the help of the EU, are putting financial sanctions on all other countries that do business with Iran, in particular those that import Iran’s oil. Not only are we seeking to punish Iran for committing no crime, but we are going to punish other nations that rely heavily on Iranian oil like India and China; and for whose benefit? How are they responding? By creating new financial systems not based on the US dollar, which could be dangerous for the US.

The strange and truly scary thing is that the same economic policies continue to be extended with expectations of different results. None of the following presidential candidates, Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, and Obama, are proposing any spending cuts to deal with the deficits. The Republicans’ plan is to balance the budget in 30 years. President Obama has been Santa Claus for Republicans and Democrats by expanding tax cuts even to the pay-roll taxes which fund their precious welfare programs so that more benefits could be paid out to the unemployed. This is truly a wrong way to balance any budget that must have come out of George W. Bush’s playbook. They tell us not to worry, the money will come or the future generations will deal with it which is no problem.

America needs austerity today. No, the drunken leaders today will not accept it. It would mean that they would have to put away their Superman capes and fairy tales about how the president with its magic wand will make things better. But if we are truly concerned about the health of our extremely sick nation, it is the only way that we will face a prosperous and safe future. As we follow the news, we cannot rely on the Republican and Democratic leaders, pundits, and talking heads to persuade the public to vote for an austere presidential candidate. We cannot rely on the political parties to push for an austere candidate. The sole austere candidate for president constantly is and has been blacked-out and ignored. We need to think independently and not for what is best for the R’s or D’s but what is best for us. For what is best for the R’s and D’s has not been good for us for over a decade now.

America must embrace austerity before Washington D.C.’s drunken habits destroy us. Fortunately there has been one candidate who is austere and has had the foresight to tell us before hand the coming housing bubble that would cause large destruction to the economy and the march to these endless and senseless wars in which we are engaged and creating. His name is Ron Paul.

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Your piece is a keeper...

...of course you could not get employment with many of the MSM since you are so logical, honest, and you know what the problem is.

To identify the establishment of Dems and Republicans as like hooked on something which causes them to appear as drunks is right on target.

They are drunk...they have to be to pass laws which allows the US Government to violate the US Constitution is definitely a sign of drug addition and that addiction is power over the people.
article, Clif...good job.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

Thank you. I sent a copy to

Thank you. I sent a copy to Reason. I doubt anything will happen, but worth a shot.