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Mass Arrests Soon, (stay Calm) End of the IRS, the Fed and International Banksters?


I encourage everyone to listen to the recent video. Long but informative.
Personal disclaimer: :)
I hesitated to list this,it is surreal and I am putting myself out there to be labeled a "kook". I will take my chances; if it all goes down as planned then you won't be surprised and I will have done my duty.
If it doesn't happen you'll have some extras to donate to the food pantry. And me? I'll just wipe the eggs, pies and tomatoes off from my face. :)I will take that chance for my fellow patriots. Who knows, Ron Paul could actually fill a "temporary" vacant seat in DC in the very near future.

The recent new laws were put in place as fear mongering against this "transition".

In a nutshell:

It's a Worldwide event. COMMON LAW. I know it seems UNREAL...(I pinched myself a few times)I have done business(over 5 years)with one of the patriots involved.

Federal Marshals will be informing local authorities on the arrests, there has been on-going Pentagon and military support. The military does not want to enforce martial law on it's citizens.

After the arrests there will be many "temporary" vacancies in offices, politics, banks, utilities, veterans to help local law enforcement, the media, TV programming to inform the public,transportation will be down, satellites will be down to stop (criminal)transactions and communication (temp),international travel will be stopped.

ALL of this is to stop the criminals...not you.
It will be temporary and well planned.

Transportation (trucking, imports, etc)may be down for awhile.
Stock up on staple items (1-2 months). Toilet paper, canned goods(enough to share),water, pet food, meds, etc. They will do their best to keep utilities going.

Don't panic, don't use force or harm anyone unless you are in obvious danger. They (uniformed)may knock on your door for assistance in helping neighbors, etc.

This info is being released to calm the rest of us. That will be our job...to inform and reassure others. There will be approximately 72 hours of mass arrests and at least another 6 days-2 months to gather info, paper trails, and interviewing people (clerks,tellers,etc)with knowledge of the process, but not directly involved. A fair trial will follow.

In the last few months have you noticed the hundreds of banking elites who have resigned,been arrested or are on permanent vacation? Have you heard about the Goldman S whistleblower (muppets)? This is a result of the group of patriots behind the "transition". The rats are jumping ship, they can run but they can't hide. This is worldwide.
Violence and vigilante behaviour is not condoned.

PS:Don't shoot the messenger...especially if you haven't listened to the entire video.

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Just remember to continue searching for the truth. The truth is much bigger, broader, and all-encompassing than we know. This might be the truth, it might not. It might be a half-truth. I have done much research, and I still believe that. Be wary, hold to what is true. God bless.

John 3:16

Imminent mass arrests info

Here are some added web pages regarding the pending arrests and why. David Wilcock divinecosmos/com TRILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT filed last November in New York by Neil Keenan for the White Dragon family which all info located on this page as well as the recent lawsuit filed against the G7 Countries/banksters. THE whitehatsreport/com listing all documention and proof (reportedly 23 semi truckloads of documents all over the world). TRACKING of the trillions that have been stolen from WE THE PEOPLE and which banks they have the money stashed in. This ALL goes back to the gold that was confiscated in the 30's as well the federal banksters-nothing federal about them. We have been freed from the federal banksters debts as ALL states are free due to the correct documents sent to the International Law Offices of the Hauge americankabuki/com lucas2012infos/wordpress/com

Most likely

It is an operation to try and infiltrate the liberty movement with things that aren't real or true. Don't believe anything until you have SOLID PROOF. otherwise its all hearsay and is dangerous. Do not believe any of this until any of it has been proven accuracte


For discussions sake...

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle


For discussions sake...

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

I spent last night trying to

I spent last night trying to vet this ~ listened to 2 lengthy interviews of "Drake", the insider who is proivding the information, along with hitting several sites with related information. I am very skeptical of him. If what he says is true and this is a twenty year plan, by Patriot moles, to restore America as he says, why does he come out now, at the 11th hour to inform us of what he knows, giving opportunity for the banksters to escape? He says he coming out so as to warn us to not be afraid, "the lights will stay on and there will be minimal distruption". He also goes on to say that the military are the good guys, intent upon restoring the Republic,and who will be arresting the banksters (and gives the reasons this is legal) and that we should help the military if they come to our house asking questions. (??) Also, the web site he references for 'go to" information is an independent internet radio program and I cannot find any info there. This could just be a publicity stunt to attract attention to this'freedom'station.

He also rambled and took 3 hours to get the points that sould have taken about 30 mins to convey.Although I would LOVE to believe what he is saying is true, I am very suspicious that 'Drake" is a disinfo agent, or just wanting to gain attention to himself.

But, the fact that bankers are resigning world wide is true. And I have been wondering what this portends and what will develop from this for some time. The Edward Falcone settlement lawsuits are very compelling and if Mr. Falcone's allegations are true and if that ever comes out in the media and courts it will rock the world as it implicates, Obama, Bush Sr & Jr. MItt Romney, Timothy Giether, Joe Biden and other very high level ppl.

This makes you wonder about the banker resignations - and if these resignations are a protectionist move on the part of these bankers to distance themselves from what is coming up. I do not know. But, it is worth reserching and tracking the progress as it develops.

The Falcone hub-bub has been going on since 2010, so I do not expect an immanate, earth shaking development, but one never knows when, or if ever, the S will HTF. Time will tell, never hurts to be aware and prepared.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

i'm willing

to except that there are still some patriots left and they may try to do the right thing so i wouldn't discount it so fast. But man in the interview they go off the deepend a couple of times.

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this comes from "messenger" David Wilcock

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Folks, I don't know if this post as any tangible ground yet, BUT

I sure am concerned, and worried, with us, the People, being sometimes too PASSIVE OR DISTRACTED.

While I believe it is indeed the time to UNITE for CONCRETE ACTION, with all of our money, sweat, and tears we can afford to stand behind and with Ron Paul, and support this revolution.

There are many facets : as many as there are current and future threats against Liberty and Justice.

We DO KNOW OUR Enemy. I won't even recall its name here again.

But, for instance, and as far as I can tell for my domain, I hope with all my heart it is not already too late for this :


Please give it very serious, calm, rational thoughts, considering the era we live in. Look back again at what has been going on lately, that even the MSM couldn't completely hide from the People.

Then, relate if you wish and if you can do so. And spread the word.

Thank You &

In all sincerity,

For Liberty and Peace,

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


I appreciate a fresh perspective that dosen't put me in a panic. :)

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

If the good guys are

If the good guys are coming,come on with it!
But while all this is going on, today I got two more people to come to our county convention in Smith county, Texas on April 21 so we can elect as many RP delegates to state as we can. After I post this I am going out and plant two more rows of organic heirloom Black Krim tomatoes. Then this evening I will read another chapter of Roberts Rules of Order(revised)to get ready for our county convention.
Keep On Rockin' In A Free World!

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

Benjamin Fulford spins an

Benjamin Fulford spins an interesting yarn, gotta hand him that. But so far none of his claims have materialized.

Even if they did, I'm not sure if I'm that happy to see one shadowy cabal replaced by the other, unless it consists of foxy chicks in orange jumpsuits of course.

Why is this site...

being bombarded by phony news articles today? Is'nt there a moderator SOMEWHERE?

And then we woke up....

Nice dream though.

I voted +1 for sweet dreams.

BTW, people RESTORING constitutional government and the republic are not coup actors.

The NWO globalists and communists who moved the nation AWAY from it's roots in the Spirit of 1776 are the coup actors.

The final deception will be if Ron Paul endorses a World Bank...

And he is deceived to believe it is absolutely harmless.

Global Banks and Global Feds are the anti-freedom deception for the entire world.

Even if they appear absolutely perfect or God like....

If Dr. Paul does it and stands in solidarity with OWS, turn & run fast. Support Thomas Woods and everyone else working to keep their currencies local & undisturbed.

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I don't if you got those votes down just because you considered

that "if ... ", but I can reassure you:

as far as I can tell, NO WAY Ron Paul could endorse such a craziness.

Liberty, Freedom are at the antipodes of anything "World- <whatnot>"

The NWO IS de facto the law of the corrupt powers today, stealing the sovereignties of the nations from their people, confessed (CFR) or not (U.N.)

I do not see anything Humane and in any way respectful of Liberty and Justice that could replace them using a same Global scheme even with best proclaimed good intentions.

The US Constitution is still so far the most humble, simple, and soundest warranty for Liberty, Justice, Peace and Prosperity.

This is the ONLY SINGLE thing in dire need to be restored to its foundational status.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

In any case, we can at least be THANKFUL these guys are real...

Whatever the consequences, we can at least be thankful that these "coup" actors are the real deal and really ARE anti- New World Order as they include Oath Keepers among their ranks. Arrests are a good step, whatever side you are on.

Irregardless of what kooks like Benjamin Fulford, Wilcock or Rense say as they are simply *WATER CARRIERS* and I like to stress a distinction between messengers & the message.

The message apparently comes from within military, Drake and even officers close to Stewart Rhodes so it seems to be realistic...done by citizens such as you & me according to the Tom Heneghans, Woods, Talk Radio Hosts & wider freedom movement.

So, unlike the obviously *FAKE* Tim Turner prophet movement these guys get no access to TV airtime or special celebrity money....which is something they denounce on their front page.

And rightfully so, because anyone with any sense could tell you Turner is a fraud who ripped off the whole idea of "De Jure" republic & freedom directly from these folks.

Still, I find it MIGHTY odd that all the false prophets including Fulford, Wilcock & co are promoting this as if they've just discovered the seat of Moses. People should not even associate with those jokers, in fact, I think Fulford is probably as anti-freedom as it comes.

So pay attention as these arrests happen.......Dr. Ron Paul is NOT speaking of any of this for a reason. Be at your wisest, because I guarantee there are PHARISEES among this group who are merely replacing Rothschild. Their sole objective is a Global Bank, which is the anti-thesis of freedom....so do not believe any man...even your neighbor...who says he is fit to bring us a new era of prosperity. Through constructs of a cash-less World Bank, a new beginning or any other promise--!!

For that will be the final false government, that appears "Good" & perfect....only those who follow God & their inner conscience will tell the difference.

I think "Drake" is yet another water carrier formerly known as

"Hawk" of Steve Quayle fame. His voice is pretty recognizable.

There - two more nutbags you can add to your list.

I see no reason or evidence to believe this stuff is NOT pure fantasy and imagination.

Cyril's picture

+1 The most sensible comment I've read so far to sum this up IMO

Thank you for this.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Be careful please

I say this to all the RP supporters. Please be careful of all the conspiracy articles and videos out there. Be critical of them. There seem to be a lot of paranoid, intelligent, creative people who will send out all kinds of information that is totally false or bends the facts intermingled with some truth. I hope this site doesn't end up being fodder for political oppoenents to pick up on and use it to put a lable on RP supporters. Nuff said.

Amen, too many people go from being brainwashed by the MSM

to being brainwashed by every alternative internet site they stumble upon.

Critical thinking is crucial to maintain one's sanity.

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When the illusionist says...

...watch my hand...what do you do?

Watch the other hand!

What's going on with the fed, Iran, N. Korea, a false flag set up, crashing dollar, china, isreal, obama BC forgery, and Syria?


I'll watch when I have some time, but on the summary surface, I

don't think it wise to cause such a large disruption all at once to normal, everyday life.

That will only make the task more difficult, as well as creating the impetus for martial law to "protect" people from disruption.

And on that note, and this isn't a "shoot the messenger" type of comment, but I generally do not think highly of theories when the messenger refers to "marshal" law.

This tells me two things - you are not knowledgeable of which you speak, and you can't be bothered to spell correctly.

It is spelled "martial."

And it isn't nitpicking. It seriously detracts from your credibility.

The comments here so far don't change my mind on that point either.

I spelled Federal "Marshal" correctly and "martial law"

incorrectly. I can respect that. Correction made.

To say that I am not knowledgeable "of which I speak' because of a spelling/grammar error is a stretch. This is not a "dissertation" on martial law or federal marshals. I was just sharing an "audio" which I had heard.

PS: I am curious, would starting a sentence with the word "And" be reason enough to lose one's credibilty?
How about sentence structure? Where do we draw the line in this fight for liberty on such a casual forum as the DP?

Many of our troops on the front lines may not be the best spellers, but if they wrote about battle strategies (with improper spelling) I would not question their knowledge,
ability, nor courage on the battlefield.

Isn't that what we are doing here? We all come into this battle with different gifts; courage, physical strength, higher education,personality, money, creativity, etc.
Let's honor and lift up each other's talents and strengths. Do I really care what a ""trolling" "snobby" Harvard grad thinks of a Ron Paul supporter? If they were so smart they would be a DP'r too.

Correction in privacy is one thing..but to have a character assasination over a few letters in the alphabet? Surely you have better things to do.

This is a touchy subject with me; I HATE to see people with "spelling challenges" be ridiculed publicly. Maybe we should make it a rule that the DP & RP will not take donations from anyone who cannot spell. Ridiculous isn't it?

Sam,Just for the record, I did not take your correction personally. The "judgement" was ignorant. I do get defensive because of others who may hesitate to write and share with the DP group because of the "spelling police".

Thank you for making the correction.

On the point of starting a sentence with "and" - yes, it is allowed in our grammar rules, though it should be done sparingly.

As for any issues with "spelling police" - proper spelling and grammar is part of the DP posting guidelines.

When people post things with glaring and obvious errors, it makes the entire community here look bad. It detracts from the message of the post. And yes, it does call into question the source of the material. (see that is a proper place to use "and" to start a sentence - this last sentence is a full complete thought, which is related and is an extension of, the previous one.)

There is a reason people are taught proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation in school. Writing correctly demonstrates the author is educated, certainly at least, on their subject. Writing incorrectly does call into question the source of the material. This is true in any language and in any field. I have never understood why people who are trying to share something with the world, or even trying to win over others to a point of view, do so with improper or even poor spelling and grammar.

You have a problem with people being corrected over spelling. I have a problem with people not caring about how they communicate. If you want to continue to slack in the area of proofreading, that is your prerogative, but know that you are losing some of your audience when doing so. This was the point of my reply.

There is a long history of this particular error dealing with this particular topic here on the DP and elsewhere. Invariably, someone who mixes up "marshal" and "martial" or can't even spell either correctly, turns out to be babbling nonsense. That's just my experience so far in 20 years of studying this subject. This is what I was trying to communicate.

On to the specifics of the audio file. (man, is that thing long!)

I can't recall when or where, but I've heard this guy "Drake" before. I recognize his voice. I can't place it yet though.

Wilcock is a dubious source for anything sane at best. At least so far, one hour in, he's merely asking questions, though I wish he'd shut up and let Drake finish rather than interrupting him for background information. Perhaps David should have given his background first then started the interview. Oh well...

Now, on the substance of what Drake is saying, so far, I'm not buying it. (note, I am only one hour in on the first link) His speech pattern - how he references things and people and events - seems oddly familiar and it stings of someone trying to baffle with bullshit. So far, I am not impressed, or even inclined to believe a word he is saying.

Edit - I think I've pinned who this guy is, or at least, where I've heard him before. His voice is very recognizable.

I'm pretty sure he has done many shows before with Steve Quayle, if not as a guest, certainly as a stand-in host. I'm trying to recall his "code name" there, "Hawk" maybe? Yes, that is where I've heard him before. He is as looney as they come. I may listen to the rest of this as I'm cleaning house this week, but I can't see that I'm going to hear anything beyond this to change my mind now. This guy has been living in quite a fantasy land for some time.

Is there anyway at all to corroborate anything this guy is saying here?

UR Welcome. AND, I appreciate the feedback. ;)

I heard Steve Quayle for the first time this week.
What do you know about him?

The only reason I began listening to Drake is because a Patriotic, business associate (of over 5 years) was part of the initial movement involving the individual states.
He/She trusted me, and I was invited to learn more.

I don't know much personally about Quayle other than he lives in

Bozeman, MT and has/had a radio show. He also has a website promoting some pretty far out stuff.

He's good as an alternative news aggregator, but his personal stuff is really out there.

He has a pattern to his own reporting:

1 - everything involves super secret "back channel" insiders.
2 - he has yet to bring forth any information from these sources that pans out.
3 - the content is always dire doom and gloom of impending collapse and/or martial law.
4 - odds are, if his source isn't a cracker jack decoder ring, it is a vision or dream from "the Lord."

Hawk/Drake if it is the same person, has occasionally filled in on his radio program. I think however, Quayle ended the radio show some time ago.

Hawk seems a bit saner than Quayle, but not by much.

As for what was contained in this very long interview, I'm not holding my breath until I start seeing results.

Quite honestly, I think it is simply more nonsense from a small group of individuals who have a vivid imagination and illusions of grandeur.

Likely as its all part of the plan, to institute a Global Fed...

Stock up on ammo. Be prepared.

They are here, and QUITE ironically.....Ron Paul is the only politician to OPPOSE a Global Bank.

Skip to the 1 hour 58 minute mark

The host lost me when he started talking about the ancient Zorastrian prophecies. This guy is a religio-science fiction nut. Far out, man.

Winter is coming....

Winter is coming....