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Japanese experts warn of earthquakes that could produce 34-metre tsunamis

Report following disaster last March finds waves pose bigger threat than previously thought and could inundate Pacific coast

Associated Press in Tokyo
guardian.co.uk, Sunday 1 April 2012 16.03 EDT

Much of Japan's Pacific coast would be inundated by a tsunami more than 34 metres (112 feet) high if an offshore earthquake as powerful as last year's occurred, according to a government panel of experts. They report that a wave of such height could result from any tsunami unleashed by a magnitude-9.0 earthquake in the Nankai trough, which runs east of Japan's main island of Honshu to the southern island of Kyushu.

An earlier forecast in 2003 put the potential maximum height of such a tsunami at less than 20 metres (66 feet).

The revised tsunami projections, contained in a report posted on a government website, are based on research following last March's magnitude-9.0 earthquake and tsunami, which spawned a 14-metre (45-foot) wave that devastated most of Japan's northeastern coast, triggered meltdowns at a nuclear power plant and killed around 19,000 people.

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I wonder if the wall they built....

can hold,under that much pressure.Can you imagine a 112 ft wave? How far inland ,could that reach? Some of my facebook friends and I,follow the daily quakes around the globe,and the "ring of fire",is very active.Good find Bob.


One of the reasons EASTERN Ecuador appealed to me. The Andes should block a pretty high wave ;-)

New Hampshire and Ecuador.