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Ron Paul Support Bomb!

I've contacted the Ron Paul campaign, infowars.com and dailypaul.com with this simple idea. To demonstrate to both the nation and the world, despite the media blackout, that support for Ron Paul is very much alive and strong, I suggest a Ron Paul support bomb. Quite simply, one day on which - all at once - people across all social media including Facebook and Twitter, post in a simple status their support for Ron Paul. Something as simple as:

I endorse Ron Paul for President in 2012 and believe he is the only candidate in a position to restore the Republic.

Imagine the impact if, all at once, this very same message went across the statuses of all people on the major social media outlets. It will send a message, loud and clear, that support for Ron Paul is massive and stronger than ever - and the MSM will have NO power to silence it.

I have no idea what other sites to contact, and have no ability to coordinate such a feat. A good start would be a simple article on each site to get the word around. Because I've contacted a couple major sites I would start by at least suggesting a date: 4/13 at 6:00 eastern time.

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Tax Day Support Bomb!

Great idea! I've read articles recently exaggerating the Paul Campaign's loss of momentum and support. This would be an excellent way to let people across social media know that, in fact, we have numbers and that we are willing to support ONLY Ron Paul in 2012. I do have one suggestion. Make it a Tax Day Support Bomb. How appropriate would it be for Dr. Paul's supporters to show support "en masse" on the Establishment's favorite day? I'm in!

Thanks for the suggestion -

Thanks for the suggestion - I'm disheartened and frankly disapointed in the community for missing the opportunity to do something that would be HUGE...and free. What a shame.