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"Top Comments" - New Way to Silence Opposition

The Washington Post, one of the most vocal critics of Ron Paul, has changed the way its comment section works, as a new disclaimer shows. Now they show "Top Comments", instead of "All Comments". You can still click a tab for "All Comments", but the default setting is for "Top Comments". This is the newest means by which they silence the opposition. Watch for more and more of this on different "news" websites. I think this is a sign of what's to come. Click on the link below for an example. They're trying to silence anyone whose opinion they don't like.

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And see how many comments they get....there won't be a need for 2 Tabs!!

The other 3 candidate's supporters have nothing to talk about anyways... without RP comments!

I am not going to register

I am not going to register with them in order to comment. Let them fester in their stinking pool of ignorance.

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Still not as bad as HuffPo

The amount of censorship over there is unbelievable. And to think, they were actually a somewhat respected site back when (in some circles, anyway).

A signature used to be here!

Huffpo moderators are

power-hungry censo-matics.

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--Samuel Adams

The Washington Post

will soon be bankrupt, along with the rest of the dinosaur newspapers.
Nobody reads print media anymore, and they have nothing of interest for internet people who can get real news from real sources.

I will be glad to see their collective demises.

And who determines

what a "Top Comment" is?

Those comments with the most 'likes'?

Oh, the absurdity of it all...the propaganda machine has been newly oiled. Yellow journalism lives on the internet!

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What is absurd about this;

What is absurd about this; you can "like" a comment, but you cannot "dislike" a comment.

If 10 people like a comment, and a 100 people dislike the same comment, that comment will show to be liked by 10 people, despite that 100 DO NOT like the comment.

So if the comment is made, "Ron Paul supporters are a bunch of narcissistic WACKOS!!!", and 100 people "like" this comment, but 1,000,000 people HATE this comment, THE COMMENT WILL SHOW TO BE LIKED BY 100 PEOPLE, PERIOD.

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And sadly

It seemed that's how our politicians are elected as well :P Bunch of people DISLIKE them, but they get to be elected thanks to the "FEW LIKES".... WOO HOO democracy ... in opposite land!!!

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