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Gross! I was drinking V8 with my breakfast this morning

I was looking at the bottle of V8 juice while eating breakfast this morning. I'm sure we all do this... I was reading everything on it lol... But this is no laughing matter. I noticed it was made by Campbell's. Then I was reading the ingredients and noticed the ingredient "Natural Flavoring". I thought "of course there's natural flavor its 100% vegetable juice. What other flavor can.. they.. put.. in.... Awww Gross!" I remembered an article I read on here! I'm drinking juices of a dead baby fetus!! The last time I buy Campbell's products! So I ask you peeps this. Was that article a proven fact, strong speculation, what was it? Hook me up with some articles and lets educate a few people. I'm still totally grossed out. Oh and yeah Ron Paul 2012! We will dominate this election year!