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AFP : Country Rises Up In Support For New Hampshire

AFP :Country Rises Up In Support For New Hampshire

Dennis Fleming from New Hampshire fired one shot into the ground in the woods from his Smith & Wesson .357 which resulted in the capture of a serial burglar who had been terrorizing neighborhoods in his small New England town to satisfy his drug habit. Over ten crimes were solved due to his capture and the whole town hailed Fleming as a hero. The whole town that is except for the county prosecutor, who had the police arrest Fleming for reckless conduct, a felony, confiscate all his guns and prepared to bring him to trial and lock him up.

Only one thing stood in the prosecutor’s way; the entire country. As Fleming explained it in this interview (16:11), “People were up in arms. I got calls from Utah, many letters from California, New Mexico, Arizona. ‘Hey, if you need help with money for your defense, here’s my phone number, call me.’ It was just unbelievable.”


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FINALLY, some GOOD news. NH a

FINALLY, some GOOD news. NH a free state? LOL. I am grateful for those people who took their responsibility seriously and raised cain about this issue. WTG, the People.