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The Media is finally being held accountable re; Trayvon Martin case

Deceptive editing, splicing to tell their own story. Ring a bell anybody?


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Is there any doubt the media in this country is just a

mouthpiece for the propagandists?

By the looks of my Facebook

By the looks of my Facebook News Feed, people aren't falling for the media's dirty tricks anymore.

Thanks to the internet, people have become more savvy and see through propaganda.

I predict the giant media companies will go bust when the dollar crashes, and smaller online news sites (such as this one) will fill the void.

Truth and freedom is on the up and up.

Distraction!!! The media

Distraction!!! The media created this story and the puppets on both side have played a part to further the 'racial' narrative. There is nothing sexier, nor more distracting than race riots and civil unrest.

From the non arrest of the NOT WHITE zimmerman (here in NYC you get arrested for a 5 minute insurance lapse evidently in florida you can kill a kid under sketchy circumstances and escape an even cursory arrest) to the newly created and wholly inorganic media 'hoodie' meme. This event has morphed from a tragedy to full scale media manipulated race riot pr campaign.

Don't feed this monster.

I just posted this as a topic

but check out this video at about 10:30 on the timeline, see a direct example of the media lying in a big, big way.


Good find,laurelai

Exposing the media,and their dirty tricks,is a much needed topic,and Dylan Stableford did a great job.

I think most people are

I think most people are pretty aware of what the media does...most people I talk to know there is a bias of some kind. The problem, they are very confused about where it comes from and why. It usually just gets written off as a right wing/left wing thing, so each party always feels like there is one side that has more credibility, and each has a "trusted" source that agrees with their own views/bias. That's what Fox is to many conservatives. It is harder for folks to see how we are manipulated against each other, as a whole...and how the "debate" tends to very narrow and limited in a nature.