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Results Open Thread: April 3 Primaries - DC, Maryland, Wisconsin

Post your updates, news, observations and insights in the comments below.

Go Ron Paul!

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It's no surprise that April

It's no surprise that April will be a good month for Romney, just look at the states. District of Criminals, Maryland, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Delaware, NY, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island....yes, I know DC is not a state. Santorum should win his home state of PA.

But then comes May...Indiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, Nebraska, Oregon, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Texas.

Texas is not a winner take all state, like Wisconsin. About 3/4 of the way down the page.....


Romney is going to fall well short of the 1,144 delegates necessary to win the GOP nomination. Most of the remaining states will have proportional delegates....later Mitt.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

It is Gingrich's Fault

If he would have dropped out sooner, then Romney might have been stopped. I hate to say this, but the odds of a open or brokered convention are going way down after tonight.

I prefer writing Ron Paul in anyway; I don't trust electronic voting machines.


Gingrich should stay. We have a better chance for a Broker Convention. Any votes Gingrich gets is a minus on Romney and Santorum.

Listen to Doug Weed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdGvuo3fkHc&feature=g-vrec&co...

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It's all fake meatball

More fake polls, great

Speaking of Money

We HAVE to do better in the next bomb for Paul. He has been doing alot of by remote contact as well. I know his campaign is hoarding money for CA and TX, but he has to wim more delegates from upcoming states.

By the way, I have put Maryland, D.C. and Wisconsin on my "do not like" list.

At least in VA, where Paul was supposed to get trounced, Virginians got Paul 40% of the vote and a few delegates. I can't believe MD couldn't come up with similar results for Paul.

You can like WI again, because there is massive support

For RP, here. It was stolen by the Rothschild cabal.

They are wicked thieves.

The people of Wisconsin fought hard for freedom.

At least 20% of their Dr. Paul votes were stolen outright. No doubt about it.

Please remove us from your list...

Wife & I voted Ron Paul in Greenville, Wisconsin. The only signs in Greenville and surrounding areas are Ron Paul signs.

We both voted for Ron Paul, but I'm guessing that our votes went to Romney & Santorum - Thank you crooks.

We're still here and growing in numbers!


Signs do not equal support
lack of signs does not equal no support

I wonder how many RP voters have put up yard signs for any candidate prior to doing so for RP? Did you vote in your local/county/state/national elections in years that you did not put a sign in the ground? Or is this the first time you have ever voted?

Most people are not inclined to advertise their political leanings to their entire neighborhood and those passing through. Those who do are often times affiliated direclty or indirectly with the local party or the candidate.

Remember: The three things you're not supposed to discuss in polite company are, Religion, Politics, and Money.

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I feel for you

I feel for you


But please, let's NOT despair. Ever.

If we do, them traitors win.

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It's rigged

There is no way people are so stupid or swayed by the tv to not elect Ron Paul overwhelmingly. I think the machines are rigged by the state party establishment. I just can't bring myself to believe that almost 90% of primary voters are clueless.

We have to get rid of electronic voting machines

And conduct our own entrance polls. Blackboxvoting.com. If there will ever be any change it will be up to us.

I agree.

Let's all get together and put an effort forward to have votes counted in person by all who wish to attend.

Also, only paper ballots!

Also, I don't care if everyone else knows who I voted for - what difference does that make? Sounds like secrecy to me - and anything in secrecy can be secretly changed.

Enough talk. Let's start a nationwide campaign!

Maybe this has been attempted B4, but let's do it right!

I don't think selling people on an open vote would be very difficult.

What say you?

We're still here and growing in numbers!

Entrance Polls

I read a post many days ago that RP supporters were going to do entrance polling, I doubted that it would work. The only way to check numbers is to do exit polling with the people who work for CNN, Fox News, etc. and they should have a device to record what they see and hear. Will never happen though.

don't underestimate the power of TV...

Its been controlling the populace since it came into existence.

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

Voted in DC

Voted this afternoon. I can't believe Romney won. Who the hell is voting for this guy??? Sigh.

I just saw

a video how the electronic machines have memory cards that are loaded into the machine at the beginning of the election day that are only supposed to have a count of that days vote but it has been show that some of these cards have executable programs that can rig the votes. It has been shown that it is easy at end of day when the totals are all added up how dramatic changes of reported votes cast can happen. It just takes 1 person with computer to do this.

Personally I think this must happening in some of these places.

What the f*** is happening in DC?

At 62/143 precincts reporting, Romney is 68% versus Dr. Paul's 13.4%...

...and if that's not bewildering enough, Huntsman has gotten 7.3%.

This is probably the strangest primary I've seen so far. Can ANYBODY explain what's going on in DC?


One word:


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Here's Your Answer!!!

Ballot results munipulated.


It's hard to tell...

I had been hearing a lot of good reports. I manned a poll all day, we only got about 90 Republicans. I can't tell you who they were. I got a lot of smiles/thumbs up for my sign. I only got 1 solid "You got my vote." But I had some "If we make him President he'll fix everything."

Keep in mind, about 6% of registered voters in DC are Republicans. Most people going to the polls didn't acknowledge anyone (there were a few other local campaigns represented). I saw no other presidential campaigns, but one girl (representing a local candidate) asked a voter if he was voting Romney.

Jack Wagner

Who votes in DC? Bankers--politicians...people who want to

keep their jobs in government, think tanks, lawyers


Those people don't live in DC for the most part

People who vote in DC are just like people who vote in any city. They have doctors and plumbers and car washes and all the normal things and people--with a small area in the middle with a bunch of non-residents that get lots of attention.

If Paul pulls ahead of Gingrich in MD I'll be happy...

Was at a poll all day today in D.C. I'm going to sleep well tonight. Thought we were going to do a little better (can't believe Huntsman is doing so well...). I figured we get 2nd, that is good. If we can grab 3rd in the other two states we can start saying, "Why is Gingrich still in the race?"

Jack Wagner

I have been saying this since he lost big in the south where he

was supposed to be strong... He didn't make any campaign appearances today.. wonder if he is getting ready to drop?

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Who do you think is dropping?

Paul or Gingrich? If/when Gingrich drops out, who gets the delegates is the concern? I hope the RP campaign can get the necessary delegate contact information.

I was replying

to the above statement... So it's Gingrich.. He's either considering dropping... or is studying his campaign strategy with his two grand-children.... No one gets the delegates.. they are free to vote for who ever they want to...

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

I wouldn't be suprised

If he drops soon and backs Santorum. The media will cover it, "Then there was two!"

Jack Wagner

hey taxi!

The Grinch's campaign is in debt he can't even afford to take a cab right now. He can still do phone interviews and TV appearances remote for his campaign that's it. He will not get a plurality of enough states delegates to be a viable candidate at the convention, he must be vying for VP or a high cabinet position at this point.

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Add Gingrich to Santorum and Santorum would Be Winning

I bet that Santorum finds Gingrich annoying these days.

Add Romney to Paul and Paul would be winning

I find Romney annoying.