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WaPo: Why Ron Paul draws big crowds but fails to catch on

This story speaks to the failure of the youth to pull through for Ron Paul, even though they put up a lot of support. We see that the youth just cannot follow through. What needs to be realized is, today's actions or inaction's are the reasons for futures fall. What they do or do not do today, will effect their futures tomorrow.

"That, in essence, has been the Ron Paul story this campaign season: enthusiastic crowds who love Paul’s fierce independence but fail to carry him to victory at the polls. After running in 30 states and gaining a scant 50 delegates, according to the Associated Press, Paul has learned a hard lesson: Crowds don’t vote."

"The problem is this: Although Paul is running to lead a party that looks like him — older, whiter, Southern — his crowds are younger, war-weary, more diverse and less likely to identify with one party or to vote."

The rest of the story:



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MSM. With them it's blackout or whitewash.


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