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Presidential Fact Check: Staggering Results For Ron Paul

Presidential fact check

If you go to youtube.com and enter the current presidential contenders this is what you find

Ron Paul = 1,610,000 results
Barack Obama = 504,000 results
Mitt Romney = 96,300 results
Newt Gingrich = 68,700 results
Rick Santorum = 44,700 results

Clearly the popularity of candidates has something to do with the results, but this fact check studied random pages based on the tags, subject etc.. and found a staggering number of the following 1% of random results are as follows

Ron Paul = 94% positive, 3% negative, 3% neutral
Barack Obama = 49% positive, 39% negative, 12% neutral
Mitt Romney = 41% positive, 40% negative, 19% neutral
Newt Gingrich = 40% positive, 51% negative, 9% neutral
Rick Santorum = 40% positive, 54% negative, 6% neutral

In the last presidential election a similar fact check was conducted and the results nearly to the exact percentile mimicked the outcome of the presidential vote tally.

Numbers don't lie
(Courtesy of "I have a Message for Obama, Ron Paul is Coming" on Facebook)

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The fed is counterfeiting and using the money against Ron Paul.

...and also against Liberty in general.


lookin good! we need to

lookin good! we need to spread the message!

A dream come true. ;)

A message of mine posted on the Daily Paul! Rather humbled.

Google: YouTube "Ron Paul"


  • YouTube "Ron Paul" = 98,000,000 results
  • YouTube "Mitt Romney" = 108 m results
  • YouTube "Rick Santorum" 65 m results
  • YouTube "Newt Gingrich" = 15 m results


  • YouTube "Ron Paul" = 6,730,000 results
  • YouTube "Mitt Romney" = 6.1 m results
  • YouTube "Rick Santorum" 3.5 m results
  • YouTube "Newt Gingrich" = 6.5 results

Personal Presidential Search

  • Mark Twain "Ron Paul" = the only one that counts

Whether counting votes, money, liberty or fairness... Ron Paul counts fair & square. Ron Paul for president, 2012. You may count on him.

So, whoes counting

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul


for me (not in U.S.):
YouTube "Ron Paul" = 122m
YouTube "Mitt Romney" = 103m


It certainly shows that there's a disconnect between YouTuber Americans and voting results.

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Right, thanks to

Diebold voteing machines

HBGary is working on it

Looks like HBGary hasn't finished writing those scripts to pump youtube full of fake establishment supporters yet!



Copied and shared on my FB page

Thanx - nice post