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How many are members of the Republican Liberty Caucus?

While I was elected as a delegate from my precinct and went to my county convention and advance 90% RP delegates on to the District & State Convention. I however wasn't nominated to go on to the next level, but I became involved in the RLC. This involvement allowed me to get nominated to become a delegate for the RLC to attend the GOP district convention.

Here is the History and maybe you folks on Dailypaul.com can get involved and start your own charter groups.

The Republican Liberty Caucus is a product of several organizations that were active in the 1980s, but the concept of developing libertarian principles within the GOP could be traced back to the 1964 Presidential campaign of Barry Goldwater. Although he labeled his position as “conservative," he espoused the classical liberal principles that we promote today. In 1990, the Libertarian Republican Organizing Committee, one of the precursor groups, met at a Young Republicans convention and agreed to form an independent national organization. Starting in Florida, the RLC has steadily grown over the years: it has members in every state, and is now chartered in 23 states, with an additional eight states engaged in the chartering process. The Minnesota chapter was granted in 2003 and earned Affiliate status in December 2009.

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And They Have Endorsed Ron Paul



Good Evening... I will bump this to see if people

are involved in the RLC? Time to set up chapters in your State if you don't have one.