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RP Cover Story on Reason Mag: The Ron Paul Moment

by Brian Doherty | Reason
April 2012

"President Paul! President Paul! President Paul!"

That rhythmic chant, so unlikely even four years ago (let alone 24, when Ron Paul first ran for president, on the Libertarian Party ticket), vibrates through the tightly packed crowd of more than 1,000 supporters jammed into a Best Western conference room near the airport in Manchester, New Hampshire. It is the evening of January 10, and we are there to watch results come in for the first presidential primary of 2012. “I just had multiple Paulgasms,” a New Hampshire activist stage-whispers to me when the candidate wraps up his triumphant speech, equal parts rah-rah political red meat and professorial disquisition on monetary policy.

Ron Paul has not in fact become president. The Texas congressman hasn’t even come within 16 percentage points of the night’s winner, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. But Paul did manage an unexpectedly strong second place, winning nearly 23 percent of the vote, despite poll averages the previous five days indicating less than 18 percent support. And by beating former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, who had bet his entire campaign on New Hampshire, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who withdrew from the race after receiving less than 1 percent of the vote in New Hampshire, Paul swatted aside two more competitors in a primary season that had already claimed Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), former Godfathers Pizza CEO Herman Cain, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, and various high-polling pretenders who never quite got in the ring.

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FYI, I'm just posting this

FYI, I'm just posting this here to get eyeballs of whomever it may apply to.

I'm from southwestern Michigan and am looking to move some Ron Paul slim jims (issue cards) to northwest Indiana, especially the South Bend area. I'm willing to deliver about seventy-five dollars worth of them for just twenty-five bucks, all of which will be going to fund more campaigning. The campaign saves the shipping and production costs which do nothing to help the campaign, you save a lot of money period, and I can move left over inventory that would otherwise go to waste and help fund my Uncle and I for delegate campaigning in Michigan. Win-win-win= win for all.

Let me know if you're interested, thanks!

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Good article - feels like ancient history though

The article is very positive, and for all Reason critics, a glowing, front page cover story is not down on Paul.

This said, and it's probably a lot to due with the print production schedule compared to how the quick the internet is, the article is discussing events happening way back in January.

I still don't get how Reason, CATO, C4L, Paul campaign, LP, Atlasphere, Mises.org etc., can't coordinate. The groups seem to agree on 95% of the same thing. I always wonder if there was a spat with Rothbard or if Ayn blew smoke into somebody's face and there is just some sort of personal grudge from forty years ago.

But then asking for individualists, libertarians and anarchists to unify might be a silly concept in itself.

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That is exactly what

That is exactly what happened... there was a split in the past, bad blood between Mises and Cato. But until the Kochs let go of Cato, unfortunately, there is probably going to continue to be such division. It's a shame. Murray learned this the hard way about allowing a single large donor contributing to a cause.

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So were waiting for some folks and organizations to die...

So that the grudge can die with them. Sounds counter-productive.

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Well depends...the

Well depends...the libertarian movement is divided perhaps. But Ron Paul seems to be leaning towards reforming the Republican party back to its more libertarian roots, and trying to unite us all that way... It remains to be seen what direction things will go in after this race, though.

REASON stands for..

REASON: Republicans Eagerly Accommodating Sell-Out Neocons.

Good Post..You Beat Me To It...


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Good article. I enjoyed the behind-the-scenes

details and focus on the spirit of RP's supporters.


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seems a month or two late?

seems a month or two late?

Why is it that Reason Mag p*sses me off?

I know why they boil my blood. Reason is "supposedly" libertarian, but they keep deliberately attacking Dr. Paul. I think the Reason libertarians are so used to being the fringe element that has been shat on for so long, that they just can't stand the fact that a "genuine" libertarian/Republican/constitutionalist such as Dr. Ron Paul not only makes sense, but is also kicking butt and in the limelight. Reason libertarians are sore jealous losers and a bunch of LINO's (libertarians in name only).

Reason just cannot handle the fact that Dr. Paul is actually MORE libertarian than they are. Gee! how sad!

Yeah and reading the ever

Yeah and reading the ever snarky comments by the holier than though reasonites works my nerves. Just stay in your ivory towers and vote for Johnson and see what you get.

Not all of the writers and

Not all of the writers and articles are bad. But this should help explain some of the reasons why they are not necessarily always supportive of Ron Paul....


A friendly cover story is an attack?

Jeez, you guys. A couple of Reason writers have expressed skepticism about Ron's campaign or were snooty about it. Yes, it pissed me off too. Give them hell, for sure. But c'mon. Reason just gave Ron a glowing cover story and Brian Doherty wrote a full length book for a major mainstream publisher about us and it isn't snooty or skpetical. So, give some credit where credit is due. Reason is a great mag and they've done us a favor here, dammit!

Sheesh, but it took them over

Sheesh, but it took them over 5+ years. I guess better late than never. Still, I couldn't help but notice the reserved and amused tone of the article...I wouldn't exactly call it glowing even if it wasn't detracting either. An update would have made it a bit more relevant. Its not so informative coming out at this time without covering the delegate strategy and would have been quite a bit more supportive had it done so. I'd say Doherty is the more reasonable writers at Reason but the rest and their accolites can stay in their ivory towers and rot.

Tells you something, doesn't it?

Reason, CATO, Heritage Foundation, these are the approved libertaian conservative outlets. They constitute the "right wing" of the false right wing-left wing dialectic framework people are supposed to think within. Ron Paul is OUTSIDE this engineered dialectic framework constantly drummed into us and forced on us by the media, the educational establishments, political "leaders". Judge the fruit...and Ron Paul is the litmus test.
Are they bona fide? How do the treat Dr Paul? That's all ya gotta know.


Last presidential cycle was when I gave up my 10+ year subscription.

I don't miss it at all.


They never attack Ron Paul, I

They never attack Ron Paul, I read their articles everyday. They just don't believe he can win.


Reason magazine is terrible.

Reason magazine is terrible. They have been down playing Ron Paul since the start of the election. Yes they spit out libertarian points of view but then they always are sure to say how Paul can't win. They act just like the mainstream media. They are ridiculous. This article displays their pathetic tactics, we should all vow to never read their magazine again.

Reason stabbed us in the back in 2008

before the New Hampshire Primary with its NON EXISTENT "investigation" of the politically correct socialist rag The New Republic and its allegations of racism, homophobia, sexism, and antisemitism. The fact is, TNR has always been at war with the Ron Paul newsletters. Yet the writers over at Reason did not explore (USING REASON) the question "Is this racist?" "Is this anti-Semitic?", etc and attempt to place anything into context. No it was not an effort to explore the question, put things into context. It was a in-your face witch hunt, and Ron Paul was the evil witch. Reason's writers regurgitated TNR outtakes and then went on as if that was proof enough. They did this "article" (hit piece) two weeks before the New Hampshire primary.

Here is the bottom line. Reason is full of California Politically Correct homo sexual "libertarians" who are Pro-Choice and have since 1985 joined the Left's Politically Correct movement that has redefined all the terms. By 1995, when PCness finished its national sweep across American Intellectual life, the Reason's gay-boys and girls "were all-in". Thus, to find homosexual behavior repulsive or bothersome yet "I'll support your right-to-be, but not champion your lifestyle" - was a libertarian position that was not good enough for the Reason types and Cato went along with this PC movement without question. Meanwhile Lew Rockwell and Mises institute never went the PC direction, nor did the Ron Paul Newsletters, nor did Pat Buchanan. All have since been vilified as "racist" etc.

What has happened since 2008 is that Ron Paul, THE LIBERTARIAN, now forces Reason and Cato to deal with Ron Paul and his popularity, bringing in millions to the philosophy. Like Rose Wilder Lane, Ayn Rand, and Milton Friedman before him, Ron Paul has become the newest "GATEWAY libertarian", the "Pied Piper": into the movement. If Reason Mag and Cato want a future -- this is what each has realized -- they dam well better speak well of Ron Paul. That is where they are today in 2012, "making nice" -- but not apologizing and certainly NOT questioning their PCness. They don't question WITH REASON any of their positions. We do, we do it all the time here at the DP. They don't questions the LEFT's PCness and certainly are too cowardly to take on TNR. Sad, real sad. Sad for Reason and Cato... so we are taking the battle for liberty where it needs to go, and it has no future in its political correct world that sings lullabies to seriously troubling issues of Abortion and Immigration. Ron Paul wrote a book, directed to libertarians, explaining why being Pro Life was more in line with the libertarian philosophy than their Pro Choice position that they adopted from the Left. And Ron Paul has explained the nuances of immigration that must serve the dual masters of granting human liberty across borders WITHOUT granting access to our existing liberty and creating conditions for liberties destruction. Earth to Reason, its not always about "fear of brown people", its more of fear of the destruction of the liberties we do have, a take over, much like this Muslim takeover of the UK: http://www.dailypaul.com/224331/sharia-law-in-the-uk-too-muc...


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I think really it comes down

I think really it comes down to is the federal reserve and the foreign policy. A lot of the PC stuff is just kind of an excuse, it seems to me...maybe this is flow down from their ownership, but there is not necessarily support for abolishing the fed, and not all are as non interventionist as Dr. Paul. In a nutshell, they like him but...except on foreign policy and except on the fed, and because he's too socially conservative.

I know this has a lot to do with Cato and Reason being tied down by the Koch Brothers, so i expect it. But in general if those in the liberty movement can't practice what they preach about tolerance in accepting both social conservative libertarians and social liberal libertarians, then how do we expect to demonstrate to the masses that this is a good policy when it comes to states rights and the federal government staying out of it.

And in 2011


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True Libertarians NEVER Give Up!

True freedom fighting libertarians, especially when it doesn't look like they can win, will never give up the fight and admit defeat, NEVER! Even if they know it's a losing battle. That's how you can distinguish a true libertarian freedom lover from a fake one. Reason magazine is NOT libertarian!

Just another neo-con co-opted rag


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is garbage


"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL


"a shockingly successful campaign".

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Gee, that's nice..

Gee, that's nice..