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Advance of the Police State, Courtesy of the Supreme Court!

Wow. They really did a number on the American public on this one....


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Still Coming Up to Speed!

I am still coming up to speed on libertarian thought processes, so please do not be offended by my question. I have only been awake for about a year now and didn't find Dr. Paul until a few months ago. I am just wanting an understanding of how to think differently about this post.

My immediate thought was, well, if I was going to be put in jail...wouldn't it be safer for everyone if I did not have a weapon or something?

Now if I was just being pulled over...I sure wouldn't think a strip search appropriate. But if I was going to be put in a cell, for some reason I think it would be OK. But believe me, I wouldn't want that to happen!!!

I have an open mind about this so please let me know how you come to your conclusions. Thanks :)

They do it already. Any

They do it already. Any crime, if you get held anywhere other than the temp holding cell, they strip search you. At least here, and this place is pretty free.


Under no circumstance is a strip search, legal OR constitutional

....At any point. Inside prison jails especially.

Forget what all the democrats said in the school class rooms, the unlawful and invasive strip search is a violation of the FOURTH AMENDMENT in any area it is ever applied!!!

The 4th Amendment protects any person from "illegal, unlawful searches or seizures of any form"

If anyone was about to do that to me, I'd invoke the fourth, tase them outright & put it on video calling the lawyer to the scene immediately. It is all-together unlawful.

If someone MAY have a weapon on them, it is lawful to give them a full patdown over the front of their clothes. Only *IF* you have given consent, by proclaiming that. If they do it anyway, refuse your consent.

Pat-downs will catch any weapon or foreign object, unless you are ludicrous enough to believe a criminal would hide a knife in his ass? Its almost outright impossible anyway, as metal detectors catch everything- even armpits.


Not sure if this is what you're looking for as an answer, but this language here "even if the officials have no reason to suspect the presence of contraband". I take it that previously there are reasons to why you're being striped searched, and now they don't need a reason. I mean that sounds reasonable IF you've committed a serious offense, and MINOR CHARGES is another case...Considering the definition of strip searched...

Then again, I'm no law expert to know how broad can "minor offense" be interpreted...

(plus, recently, the 5-4 votes in the Supreme Court IRKS me, happens in the FEC vs. CU case... and trust me, I read the Syllabus for that decision, they went completely off topic when stating the reason for the ruling, which left me with "Huh?" in the end...)

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Thank you for the reply. I

Thank you for the reply. I appreciate the time you put into answering my question.

Adding insult

to injury.

And just think-this is the

And just think-this is the same court that's concerned enough about your liberties to overturn Obamacare...hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Yeah, imagine that...