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Funny Story Must Read!

I recruited my cousin a retired Military officer to get involved in becoming a delegate for Ron Paul. Well he did and was elected at his precinct caucus and here is where the funny part comes in.

His second round county convention was held this weekend and the secretary of the GOP District asked if anyone could help volunteer for certain things within the GOP District. So he talked with the secretary about a week ago saying he could help out. Well they started his county convention and he hears his name being called during the discussions. The vice chair convening the convention says all in favor vote I and every one said yes. So my cousin was wondering what the heck they voted on, so he decided to wait until the convention was over to find out.

Well they then asked for nominations for delegates and he gave his speech and was elected to become a delegate to the district & State convention and his convention they took 65% of the delegates.

So when the convention was over he went to find out why his name was called for a vote. It seems the secretary after talking with my cousin a week ago that maybe his vast military and management style he was capable of being the Chairman of his Senate District. So without talking to him about this she had put his name up for nomination as the Chairman.

He is now Chairman of a large state District and will be heading to the District & State conventions to elect Liberty minded individuals!

I hope that puts a little humor in your day and keep fighting to become delegates.

In Liberty!

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That is indeed a weird story!

That is indeed a weird story! Interesting, and cool, but way weird they would vote for someone who had not even said he would do it..LOL

I keep trying to tell people get involved.

First step is delegate then get elected to your BPOU and you be amazed how the old GOP guard changes. We know have a lot of Liberty minded folks in Central Committee member roles. It sure runs smoother and fairer with those folks at the helm.

Seems more like a

Fantastic, and very excellent story!
Who says you don't hear good news anymore?
Thank You both!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

just show up! (90% of

just show up! (90% of politics and life:)

That's my motto

Just show up everybody!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Just goes to show, ya never know.

Keep talking about Ron Paul and the cause of liberty to everyone you meet or know. Encourage them do their own investigations on the net. Ya never know when some of them will turn out to be top notch supporters getting out the vote and turning into delegates and chairpersons!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Funny..But Also HUGE

...reason to show up.

AND, kudos to YOU Northstar for recruiting your cousin (you obviously did a stellar job of that!)

AND, kudos to him, but not only for showing up. Obviously, he was impressive as he volunteered and gave his background.

Best personal story of the day...by far. These stories from the field are so motivational, instructional and encouraging. They keep balance on the RP as far as the task at hand.

We can go so much farther than *saving* the Republican Party. We are on our way to actually creating a party that represents the peoples' best interests and liberty for all. We will change the party from the inside.


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I can feel the heat

coming from the brush fire you started.
Thanks brother, start another.

Good news is always good for

a much needed "pick me up".
Thank you!


Unexpected win!!!!!

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