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Ron Paul rounds to end media Blackout!

Wow, this is one of the most inspiring videos that I have watched in a long time!

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How exactly will it end the media blackout?

Please explain.

This works much better than a busness card

people throw them away.
Give people a round and they can pay it forward.
This is also a great opportunity to raise money for those special causes!

The idea is to have them and share them!

These Ron Paul Rounds are self-replicating, trackable, artistically attractive, numismatic valuable, conversationally interesting, politically enlightening, infinitely reduplicating, and, for practical purposes, indestructible, BUSINESS CARDS capable of funding rEVOLutionary enterprises (and households).

morning bump

wake up

so, the idea is to do... what?

They look nice, but we have to be practical. What are we supposed to do with a copper round costing $2 which has no face value? That's a bit spendy to be throwing them around like slim jims. What will a friend be able to do with one if I give it to them?

"What is the plan?"

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Total K.O at the end....Another perfect Knock Out!!!

Keeping this up top.

got to

love it!

I just had to watch it several times!

What a great video


You're tryin' to sell those rounds a little to hard there Frank


I got Kony 2012 vibes from that video. He said purchase too many times I think.