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Doug Wead on Al Jazeera: Ron Paul Is Untouchable and Pure, He Would Never Sell Out to Mitt Romney


Doug Wead is the BEST surrogate speaker for Ron Paul. He never fails to say what I need to hear.

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Become Doug Wead my friends.

FYI, I'm just posting this

FYI, I'm just posting this here to get eyeballs of whomever it may apply to.

I'm from southwestern Michigan and am looking to move some Ron Paul slim jims (issue cards) to northwest Indiana, especially the South Bend area. I'm willing to deliver about seventy-five dollars worth of them for just twenty-five bucks, all of which will be going to fund more campaigning. The campaign saves the shipping and production costs which do nothing to help the campaign, you save a lot of money period, and I can move left over inventory that would otherwise go to waste and help fund my Uncle and I for delegate campaigning in Michigan. Win-win-win= win for all.

Let me know if you're interested, thanks!

The Mass Media Will Likely Be Shocked Out of their Denial by May

I'm pretty sure that Doug is referring to a May surprise when Ron Paul starts racking up the delegates to the national convention as states begin to hold their conventions. The media will likely be shocked out of their denial. We'll see. ;)

I Hope He Is Right

Romney would be another ploy of the republicans


Wead and Paul are on diff pages?

Paul just said in an interview to Bob Schieffer that he has 'not made up his mind on supporting romney.'


There Are Some Things

....a wise man says and other areas he stays away from. We are supposed to be able to read between the lines.

Ron Paul has made it clear he is not Old Party as it has transformed itself and never will be. He has said very clearly that he wants to *save the Republican Party."

What he does not say is that he wants to save it by transforming it from the inside. That requires us and that is what *they* are afraid of.

Doug and Ron ARE on the same page.


GOP believes it is fine the way it is...

and make it clear that it cannot and will not be changed, hence its nomination of Romney.

I think people ought to believe Romney and gop estab in what they are saying in no changes and sure we'll let you in debates under certain restrictions like you can't run a third party or take your followers to a non-gop platform elsewhere and ignoring you otherwise - now, isnt' that a sweet deal that gop is giving.

GOP wants to save paul followers, by completing its assimilation into Romney.


We Will NOT Be Assimilated

...into the Old Matrix. We are forming a New Matrix. Resistance is futile.

(...that "assimilate into Romney" gave me the creeps, lib!)



also gives me creeps.

think another avenue is in order now for the 'new matrix' you are talking about, or at least that runs side by side with gop race.


Here's Hoping



ALjazeera throws a bone out to us...

Maybe it was David Frost and not the management of AlJazeera that "allowed" Doug Wead on...the reason I stopped watching Aljazeera is because there were a couple of editorial opinions that slammed President Paul.

I Don't go to DRUDGE, don't watch any MSM...you know why? They are like a debilitating poison. Once in a blue moon listen for a minute or so to Glenn Beck...but I keep a barf bag handly...have not used it yet 'cause I only listen for about 60 seconds...then I get that feeling...and leave quick.

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Why is Doug talking about Canyonville Oregon?

Because Doug is Chairman of the Board of the Church that had their water rates doubled by the City. This is personal for him.


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The temptation of women

This is the second time I've heard Wead talk about Paul resisting "the women".

Is this some really legit struggle inside the beltway? And even so, should we even suggest that Paul had to actively resist? Even some of us non-super-humans don't have to make a big deal that we weren't philanderers.

And at the risk of being cheeky, I bet the ladies would line up now much more than in the 30 years he was incorruptible in the house.

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Always a Pleasure

to watch a Doug Wead interview. He's always merry, yet is indomitable. Will always remember his classic remark that went something like "if Ron Paul gained the ring of power he would throw it into Mt. Doom"!


Sorry, but I'm still a little skeptical

of Doug Wead. He was a Special Assistant to the communist George H.W. Bush, who sold us out to the United Nations by signing us on to Agenda 21, which is destroying our personal liberties, especially our property rights, more and more every day. How much did Wead have to do with that? He was a Bush insider (daddy and son) for over 20 years and was a key player in the 2000 election, which brought us the Patriot Act, among other atrocities. I honestly don't know how Ron Paul can trust that he has, all of a sudden, done a 180. Also, if you listen to what he is actually saying in this interview, it is, "There will not be a brokered convention and we agree that Romney is in the lead."

"May future generations look back on our work and say that these were men and women who, in a moment of great crisis, stood up to their politicians, the opinion makers, and the establishment, and saved their country." Ron Paul

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A job

I wonder about this too. I wonder if when he went job hunting this election season and thought about which candidate other than Romney (who perhaps wasn't offering any jobs) would be able to payroll campaign staff consistently through the long haul.

Looking back at the field when it was eight people, Paul would've been the #1 non-Romney to ensure a budget until the convention and probably until November even if Paul doesn't get the nomination and decides to do something else (another rally, start another liberty organization, 3rd party, etc.)

This said, watching Wead is a delight and he seems smart. He doesn't present the issues as his own, but as Paul's.

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David Frost is doing the interview.

I didn't know David Frost does a show on Al Jazeera. Younger people may not know who he is, but he was one of the world's most well known hosts in the 60's, 70's and early 80's. He interviewed all the presidents.


Yea, The last Interview Was With Frost Was With Benazir Bhutto

Really not a good omen.......Ha!

It must be said...

The most chuckling you'll see in an interview today.

Nice to see Doug on TV again

Luckily the establishment doesn't own Al Jazeera yet.

Don't be so sure

They have completely changed over the last year.

Their coverage on Libya was horrible and bias and since they have tried to move into an American market, they have slowly become worse and worse. And look who owns them.

That's not to say that they're not better than all American media outlets, but it is to say be skeptical when listening to them.

White Knight?

Are you for real? Why are all MSM looking the other way around. Please have your interwebitubes on and research on Ron Paul. He's the only candidate that should win the GOP. He can restore the party by bringing in young voters, restore the constitution, have sound monetary policy, sound foreign policy and the main goal of beating OBAMA. Stop wasting your energy the white knight is Ron Paul ! Ron Paul or Nothing.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

The White Knight

that the media likes to bring up may be a reference to the CFR logo that depicts a man on a white horse. Wouldn't put it past 'em.


the mindset is...

"we need someone who is principled, someone who can have a clear contrast to Obama, all these candidates suck so bad, we don't have anyone to choose from..etc,etc" Open your eyes guys, the white horse is already in the race!

They don't realize Ron is the

They don't realize Ron is the white knight because the MSM doesn't talk about his positions but instead smears him. So to people who aren't internet-connected AND inspired to look him up, he's just another politician.

Word-of-mouth (and word-of-net) eventually converts people, who stay converted. But even though that's an approximate exponential and thus constantly accelerating, it takes time. The primaries are NOW. It's going to be close.

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"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

Good Find Fishy!

Thanks for posting...

same here

same here

That's like mixing Bacon and Kerosene!!!!

I'm sorry but what?
I just couldn't help but laugh.

There's no way in hell Paul would sell out to Romney.
And I've heard he has tried to buy him for VP 3 times already.

Really? How very funny!

Hello, there! And I quote you: (No idea where you got this information from):

"And I've heard he has tried to buy him for VP 3 times already."

What makes me so happy: #1: RON PAUL WOULD RATHER DIE THAN "SELL-OUT".


And: The Icing On The Cake:

Both The Democratic Party along with The Republican Party and ALL OF THE MEDIA have FOREVER LOST ALL TRUST...FOREVER.

No recovering from that...EVER!


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