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UN Planned Domination of Society Under Agenda 21 with Author Rosa Koire

UN Planned Domination of Society Under Agenda 21 with Author Rosa Koire


RNC Adopts Resolution Exposing Agenda 21
It has been reported that the Republican National Committee passed a resolution exposing Agenda 21 for what it is: a disregard for American freedom, private property rights, and a key player in the Leftist move toward a one world government.

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Additional info bump.

The Delphi technique developed by the Rand Corporation: The scum of the earth.


Now kick Mike Medved off the airwaves, back to the democrats...

And kick Romney back into the democrats.

The RNC needs to do this immediately & get rid of these left behind communists. Perry already went out the door.

Agenda 21 is all this Romney nonsense.
He is liberal trash and the Tea Party knows it!!!

Among Agenda 21 projects:

are the Keystone Pipeline- project will render, to a foreign country, a huge path of privately owned property to create a physical dividing line extending north to south creating an eastern and western United States. Because the dividing line is owned by a foreign power, like Guantanamo, our Constitutional standards won't apply. Travel between the east/west will be hampered by security measured granted to the foreign power.

Another issue is the Governors Association support of school voucher programs to create charter schools that implement a curriculum developed by the Federal Dept of Education.

Both of these programs are being sold to idiots as conservative programs but are 100% federally funded.

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Agenda 21 has arrived in Montana. We are in a big battle.

Recently the Polson Community Foundation accepted a $250,000 “no strings attached” grant from the Orton Family Foundation. Unfortunately it appears to be yet one more vehicle with which Agenda 21 is being implemented in our communities.


Tuesday Mar 27 | Posted by: roboblogger
Planning Board hears about Agenda 21

Board member resigns By Michael HowellWith no subdivisions to deal with, Wednesday's regularly scheduled meeting of the Ravalli County Planning Board was set to hear a presentation from Commissioner Dan Happel of Madison County about Agenda 21.But first came the prayer.Planning Board Chairman Jan Wisniewski opened the meeting by asking for public ... (more)