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A Warning From Washington's 5th District


I showed up to delegate for Ron Paul last Saturday, and want to share my experience in hopes that it helps Paul delegates in other areas. Because I was not prepared for the level of dirty politics at play.

Roughly 400 of us take our seats, and the Party leadership uses a projector to announce a list of pre-assigned delegates that are automatically nominated for the state convention. There were 141 pre-assigned nominees, with no indication of which candidate they support. You are there to vote for nominees who support your preferred candidate, so obviously you need to be informed of who they support.

But the first order is to allow additional nominees to be voiced in the auditorium. So roughly an equal number of Paul delegates, and Romney delegates nominated themselves, and voiced the candidate which they support. The number of Gingrich/Santorum supporters present was significantly less. Supporters of a candidate would cheer & whoop when a nomination voiced support for their candidate, so you got a vague sense for the level of support in the room based on the noise. I was delighted that the Paul whoops & hollers were challenging that of Romney. A very good sign!

After the nominee process came to a close, we are left with a list of 141 pre-assigned nominees, and 36 additional nominations. You can't vote on nominees if you don't know who they support so Ron Paul delegates, and a few Santorum/Gingrich delegates motioned to make it transparent who the pre-assigned delegates were in support of. Mitt Romney supporters in the room vehemently denied the motion, and immediately pass a motion to deny all further motions. An act almost as immature as the offensive supporting speeches given by Romney supporters, who said outright that Paul supporters were attempting to hijack & delay the process. Really? By requesting to know what the nominees represented we are the ones hijacking the process? It was shameful, and another tactic to shut down any chance of a fair & honest Caucus.

The Romney supporters then passed out sheets of paper to one another with a list of the nominees in support of Mitt Romney. So only they had inside information detailing which delegates supported their candidate. The vote was done, Romney dominated in a room that was roughly split based from what I could tell by cheers throughout the day.

After this dismal experience I am extremely unlikely to participate in any future Caucuses, and definitely will no longer donate to the Republican party. I have no interest in a voting format that adds confusion, and room for dirty politics, or a party that isn't legitimately interested in representing the will of the people. Especially after we had worked hard at ensuring an equal representation at the previous Caucus, despite holding a Ron Paul majority in our precinct. No more! Dino Rossi was present as a delegate, and he sat through all of this without any effort to help shape an honest Caucus, and went along with the Romney tactics, so maybe it's a good thing that he never had success with his gubernatorial or Senate campaigns.

So if you're expecting an honest, transparent process you may be surprised by the dirty tricks at play. Get in touch with the Ron Paul campaign, and find out the names of delegates going to Caucus for Paul beforehand.


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Join a meetup, look for

Join a meetup, look for people in your area that donated, contact the campaign, get together BEFORE and hold a mock caucus, make your plans ahead of time so that WE can be the ones that walk in and move the process so fast their heads are left spinning! Have names ready for delegates, never volunteer who you are supporting, it's like putting a target on your back! All the old timers are just republicans, they come to this every time and represent the party most of the time, not a candidate. If you practice beforehand, you can be ready! You must stay three steps ahead. NEVER vote for a pre-selected list presented by the leaders! If you don't know who supports who and you are just late to get up to speed, vote for the youngest delegates there! If you are just totally unprepared, look around and vote for the delegates all the youngest participants are supporting if it's a voice vote.

Let This Be a Lesson To EVERYONE!

1) Contact the Campaign
2) Contact the Campaign
3) Contact the Campaign!!!!!!

If you were a delegate you certainly got a call from the campaign but probably wrote it off as a telemarketer selling something. Big mistake.

So many of us RP supporters are lone-wolf types and we don't really like organizing with anyone else (myself included). Unfortunately when it comes to politics, We MUST know who is on our team! We NEED to talk to each other. As the saying goes: If we don't hang together, we'll hang separately.

If you have a Web connection and know about the Daily Paul there is absolutely NO EXCUSE to have gone to a convention in the dark without knowing who to talk to and who to get information from (in 3 seconds I googled your CD and found 3 groups of delegates and alternates that put on training sessions SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU). It's unfortunate if there wasn't a RP table there but my guess is that there probably was someone organizing but you didn't take the time to CONTACT THE CAMPAIGN.

The DP isn't going to give you a list of people to vote for--it's ALL done at the local level. GET INVOLVED! When you are, you will never have to worry about the kind of experience you had.

PS--RP probably did a LOT better than you think.

PPS--THANK YOU for showing up! Thank you VERY MUCH. Next time, Contact the campaign before the first caucus so you know what's going on--and if there is no organizer, DO IT YOURSELF! Make the calls, talk to people--figure it out! You're a RP person so you DEFINITELY have the mental wherewithal to do it!

For though you think you know the thing, you have no certainty, until you try. -Sophocles

Can you get hold of the rules for this meeting and identify

what rules were not followed...like possibly the disclosure of who the delegates support...and write the state GOP?

What can be done if they did not follow the rules?

And we are proud of your hard work and for doing good. Hold your nose and move forward.


Whoops! Hold on

just a minute.

In the state of Washington, and probably in others, it is not the Romney supporters or the supporters of other candidates who are the problem. We battle against the entrenched party members who tenaciously cling to the power and influence their party positions afford them. Ordinary neighbourhood folks are not our enemies. The so-called party hacks will support anyone who helps them remain in power.

And they are afraid, so very afraid in Washington. That fear makes them more dangerous than usual. They are afraid and vicious and vengeful. Many saw evidence of that . . . in the 5th (King County). . in Snohomish . . . in Skagit . . . in the 41st (King County) . . .

Stand strong. Stand firm. Be courageous. Hope is on its way. It is not over. Don't back down.

Watch one anothers' backs.

Phil. 4:13

shhhhh,,,,but i took a slot

shhhhh,,,,but i took a slot in skagit-lone wolf style but i made sure to be communicating with the paul AND santorum campaigns/delagates

"After this dismal experience I am extremely unlikely..."

Lee, it's because of experiences like this we need more people like you involved. you have to continue to go back and make your voice heard. you have to push back or we might as well all give up right now. be advise though: if you give up now, the bad guys win. consider this experience a scouting mission. you went and found out first hand just how corrupt our system really is. the founders of this country designed it so we could have a bloodless revolution whenever it became necessary to clean house. this was a strategically brilliant move on their part, something they learned from experience. it is because of that brilliance that America has the chance to adapt and survive any attack on her principles. do not allow these crooks to disenfranchise you, that is their intention. it is psychological warfare otherwise known as PsyOps. I realize how extreme that sounds but you have to understand that they are afraid of you. of us. that is why they are trying to shut us out of the system. they are happy and cozy with the status quo. well gee wizz, that's too bad because Doctor Ron Paul has news for them: time's up.

Lee, do whatever you need to do but get your foot in the door. you may have to be like Michael Westen or James Bond, but if that is what it takes, then so be it.

Truth, Justice and the American way.

We can't be afraid to join forces with

Santorum, Gingrich supporters within the system. The Romney defeats HAVE TO REALLY COUNT, or he will get 1,144.

Santorum and Gingrich will never reach 1,144, so don't worry if you need to join forces with them.

why didn't the Paul campaign

why didn't the Paul campaign get in touch with YOU guys instead?


Because the campaign doesn't know all the Ron Paul supporters. Unless a Ron Paul supporter signs up for the campaign there is no way the campaign can determine if that a voter is a supporter. The campaign doesn't have the staff to determine every county in every state.

This is where local organizing becomes more important than the campaign. The supporters need to talk to other delegates, go to republican meetings, do research on other delegates, go to meet ups, etc... etc...

oh I understand that, but I

oh I understand that, but I thought the campaign would have like 1 guy or girl who would act like an organizer. I mean that seems to be what's lacking. Someone who has a Ron Paul sign where all the delegates can gather before voting and have the game plan laid out for them. I guess I just assumed that the campaign would know and have the email address of at least 1 guy or girl whom they would let know what the plan was or should be and then that person would gather and organize at the event. I didn't mean to insinuate that the campaign had to do or know everything.

What's the problem? After the

What's the problem? After the GOP forces Romney on everyone and he loses by a wide margin, the GOP is done and buried.

The suits at GOP HQ still

The suits at GOP HQ still don't get it (maybe they do and have some other motives). They will lose, and lose big, with anyone but Ron Paul.
It is as plain as anything in politics has ever been. But they are clueless. It's almost funny how stupid they are.

I consider it tragic and

I consider it tragic and indicative of their delusional mindset.

Good Advice

Don't let them run good people off. Look what corruption has done to the GOP! Romney people are absolutely dirty tricks. That alone would make for a really bad presidency. Romney is a predator, a company raider. Like the fish, when the head stinks the whole thing stinks. He is failing badly in this election.

Don't get mad when you are beaten.

Beating is a form of teaching. Pay attention, learn the lesson well.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Yes, important to get in touch with the RP campaign first.

But they win when we drop out. Nobody said this would be easy. The solution is not to give up and drop out when it doesn't work; the solution is to work harder and TAKE OVER. That's the only way change will happen. And it will likely go through this cycle again, because humans are human (with some seemingly exceptions, such as Ron Paul;). But giving up doesn't help at all; this will be a lifelong battle for all of us who are now knowledgeable (remember Ron Paul's quote about those of us who know now having a responsibility to act!). Live and learn, as they say.

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Sounds just like North Dakota

How is it that we have no leadership at these conventions? Not criticizing neccessarily, just dumbfounded...

Just finished reading the Snohomish Cty account where we had the strongest delegation (32%) but ended up with less than 20% of the delegates.

Our delegate strategy is not working out well.

I think we are to be those leaders...

Can't really wait around for others to lead. We know what needs to be done - if it is not being done and needs to be done, it is our responsibility to do it.

How do you think this country got to where we are? We put our faith in our leaders instead of leading and being involved at all levels...lets not continue with that mistake.

You are to be the one that fights, that stands in the gap, that says NO when someone tries to tread on our rights. You are the one that must stand up - even if you stand alone.

And Dr. Paul has done this for 30 years as that example to us all... he didn't quit, he didn't leave, he didn't stop - he just kept on doing what was right - all alone. We at least have each other. WE ARE, WE NEED, TO BE THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW - those of us who really want liberty and freedom and understand what we have been given.

Get up, dust your knees off - we have all been there many times - get your foot out the door and keep on working it. You work not just for your future but for the future of America, your kids and grandkids, the future of freedom for all men everywhere.

"Let it not be said that no one cared..."

STAND, FIGHT, and we will get there!


Bump . They are just short of

Bump . They are just short of criminal..

It's hard to fight

It's hard to fight organization with disorganization.

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Thanks for the warning


Wait till state level conventions.

Look at North Dakota and possibly Iowa.
The GOP can make rules however they want.
Ron is getting stripped of delegates.
The national party wants NOTHING more than to get Paul AND Santorum out of the way.

thanks for the report

You did good, even if you were prevented from doing well.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.