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I thought it might be limited to corporate owned media but...

then I walked downtown and saw the Watertown Daily Times newspaper in the machine. The front page was plastered with Rick's image. I then came home and looked the paper up on-line and good lord!
I will give them this, they simply reported the fact that the guy came to the area and spoke to crowds of 70 :o) and quoted some who attended. They also mentioned that Newt and Mittens were in the state as well. But, of course they made no mention that Ron Paul came to UWM and had 5,200 attend. So, I did the best thing I could and commented on the article. I was polite but simply stated the case for Ron and pointed out how Rick or the rest would do anything about the "patriot" act, sections 1021/1022 of the 2012NDAA...how Rick voted to extend the patriot act as well as what it really meant. I spoke about the budget and the issues with the other three...you know the rest.
Anyway, I thought for sure that once we got away from the corporate owned media that Dr. Paul might have a shot at some coverage but I was proven wrong. Thank God for the internet!
I will be interested in seeing what crap gets pulled tomorrow at the polls.

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