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Shocked: My Congressman Knocked on My Door Today!

I answered the door in my 'trading pajamas' since I hadn't dressed all day. It was about 6pm and I thought the guy who rang the bell was a salesman.

The Congressman had people walking ahead of him ringing doorbells and when they got a door to open the Congressman would go to that door.
I was shocked when I saw the Congressman walking up my driveway. I am voting for his opponent. But I can understand why people vote for bad candidates who get out and press the flesh.

I felt special that this guy "took the time to come to my house".

Naturally he had to tell me stories about how he and Ron Paul are buddies because he saw the Ron Paul yard signs.

He's a previous news clip about him;


This video shows Congressman Murphy when confronted by KDKA News reporter Andy Sheehan with of the incriminating evidence that his District Office employees were (illegally) working on his campaign. Congressman Murphy, R-PA, snatches the document from the reporter and refuses to give it back, all on camera. Who knew the phrase "DO Door to Door" could lead to such trouble.

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Most of the time this would be a good thing, actually....

Then you all know your Congressman cares about where he lives, and is NOT out of touch with you folks.

There are a few in Congress now who are like that. Tea Party folks mostly except the Bachmann wing...but either way, they are greatly outnumbered right now.

But under the circumstances, it also isn't a good thing if its just some free loading salesmen. Most of the time we would be ecstatic to have a congressman who visits their community however, because they are "one of us" & thus won't ever be corrupted by foreign lobbies, thugs or drug smuggling.

Usually when they have that Ron Paul seal of approval, they stay as honest as you or I strive to be. But then the corporate suits also do the same thing, mostly to sleaze their way into office so they can destroy all our rights.

Can you tell the difference??? Look up the record for anyone, who in your town runs for office! Know what they're up to, and you won't ever regret it.

My congressman sent me a form letter that didn't even attempt

to address the issue I raised with him.


does that frequently.lol.Also e-mails full of gibberish,but it is somethind to continuously let him know some constituents care about real issues.Hold their feet to the fire.

I get those all the time.

I get those all the time.

My congresswoman fixed me a glass of tea last week. EOM


Haha! Blame the staffers for

Haha! Blame the staffers for doing door to door canvassing cuz they "took it upon themselves" to do extra, tedious work. Sounds likely...

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